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What happened on Wanggu Continent, Xu Qing, who was walking into the ruins at this moment, did not know. But he faintly felt that the sky in the afternoon seemed to be a little more red. Other than that, nothing unusual.

And the extra red is very light, and it is difficult to make people think.

So he just looked up and glanced back, and continued to look at the ruins in the ruins.

This ruined city is different in style from the city where Xu Qing went. The roof structure here is dominated by tic tac-toe, large and small, high and low. While it looks very neat, it also contains a certain meaning of a rule.

At the same time, although the entire city has experienced the invasion of years, it can still see luxury and sophistication.

Every floor tile has a pattern, every house has a spiritual stone, every long street is paved with white jade, and every river channel is pasted with gold leaf.

It’s just that these luxurious things have lost their brilliance in the erosion of heterogeneity, and the weathering has seriously lost their value. Only when the eyes of future generations are swept away, can the once glory and wealth of this city emerge in the imagination.

But after the imagination is over, what comes into view is the dung of various birds and beasts on the ground, a large amount of silt, and sometimes long insects crawling through the mud on the ground, and countless sawtooth weeds growing.

All of this makes the city’s devastation fully reflected in every detail, especially when Xu Qing saw the word “Ziqing” on a remnant tablet.

“The map in the Xixian Pond describes that this is the Prince’s Mansion of the Ziqing Shangguo, where the prince lives.”

Xu Qing was walking on the street, stepping on the mud, looking at the cluttered footprints on the ground, he raised his head and glanced around and noticed that in some buildings, there were monks passing by. There are not many monks here, but it seems that there are people all year round.

From some information about the ruins in the sect, Xu Qing knew that the monks have always been here. They came from all over Nanhuang Continent.

Some are sect cultivators, and some are loose cultivators. Due to the large size of the Huangjing and the abundant resources, even if it is dangerous, it has become a place for many cultivators to obtain resources.

After all, living in a chaotic world, all things have to fight, especially those small sects and small powers and loose cultivators. Every improvement in their cultivation, every improvement in combat power, is mostly through bloodshed and escaping from death again and again.

This kind of suffering is the same as that of major monks, but the level is different, and the danger is relatively higher. Browsing *browser *search*: @…fastest update…

And the ruins have existed for many years, so it’s still safe, so it became the place where Xiu came to Huangban to get resources.

Xu Qing’s arrival has attracted the attention of many people, but they are all quickly withdrawn with just a glance. Most of the people here are cautious, and they are especially wary of others.

Xu Qing’s character is the same.

At this moment, as he walked forward, his eyes swept across the sides, alert to the danger and maliciousness that might come, and his speed continued, getting faster and faster, galloping toward the center of the ruined city.

It didn’t take long, and as far as he could see in front of him, a temple with a familiar shape appeared. Unlike other buildings in the city of ruins, the top of Taicang Taoist Temple is round.

If you look down from the sky, you can

Seeing this entire ruin, there is only one circular building whose position belongs to the center.

With this arrangement, it is conceivable that when this place was prosperous, the status of this temple must have been extremely high. Xu Qing stared silently, raised his footsteps and approached.

From a distance, he saw outside the temple, scattered like dozens of monks in different clothes, both male and female.

Some of these people are in groups of two or three, and some are alone. They are all located where the gate of the temple can be seen. Although they all cross their knees, they sometimes look up into the temple.

Most of the cultivation bases are condensed and condensed, and there are occasional foundations that do not have the fire of life. Only two old men with gray hair and wrinkled faces have reached the level of fire.

The two elders who built the foundation with one fire, and the three or five foundation builders in the crowd who didn’t open fire, they are quite reasonable here. After all, it is not impossible to perceive success. For them, it is like a step to the sky.

But other condensed Qi Great Perfection exists here, which makes people look a little strange at first glance. But after Xu Qing swept over, there was a faint answer in his heart.

Because he came to the moment, he felt a greedy wisp of greed from the crowd

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Malicious, and then after sensing his breath, he quickly retracted it like a bird frightened.

At the same time, there are some rotten bones in the surrounding grass. Here is the Taicang Taoist Temple, the place where you can feel Taicang’s sword.

But here, it is also a place where the phoenix forbidden cultivator eats the weak and eats the strong, and is extremely vicious.

With the help of the fame of Taicang Taoist Temple, monks come here from time to time. If they are strong, they will be fine. If their cultivation is not enough, they will die here and lose everything.

Dozens of people outside the temple, in Xu Qing’s judgment, even if they deliberately form a group of two or three, it cannot change the fact that they are a gang.

Seeing this scene, Xu Qing thought about it and walked over step by step.

Dozens of people outside the Taoist temple gave each other a subtle wink, but in the end they didn’t dare to shoot Xu Qing. They can exist here, and their eyesight is naturally possessed, and it is faintly seen that Xu Qing is not a good stubble.

At this moment, as Xu Qing approached the temple, he saw some unfamiliar statues in the temple, and he also saw the holy Yunzi meditating cross-legged under the statue.

The dazzling light emitted by the golden robe is very dazzling, and the canopy above its head is flowing like water, which is very eye-catching.

Now his eyes are closed and his whole body is cold, as if all emotional fluctuations are superfluous with him.

Xu Qing paused, browsing *browser* search*: @…the fastest update…he was vigilant in his heart, he didn’t pay much attention to Sheng Yunzi in the sect, but he didn’t expect the other party to come Feeling here.

Although Xu Qingxiu is good now, he likes to suppress with absolute strength when doing things.

So after Xu Qing thought about it, although he was attracted to the other party’s life lamp, there was no need to plunder and conflict for no reason, so he did not step into the temple, but planned to find a place outside where he could see the idol and try it. comprehension. But the tree wants to be quiet.

At this moment, the holy young man in the temple seemed to be investigating, his slender eyes slowly opened, and his indifferent eyes were not mixed with any emotion, like two sharp knives falling directly on Xu Qing outside the temple .

The moment I saw it,

Without a word, he raised his right hand and waved it outward.

Suddenly, nothing was distorted in front of him, and fluctuations appeared out of thin air from all directions, rolling up the dust on the ground, and converging in an instant, forming a stone sword.

As soon as the sword came out, the momentum was astonishing, and the sword qi emanated one after another and fell on the ground, making a sizzling sound, and gullies appeared on the ground.

Seeing this scene, the two old people who built the foundation with one fire, their expressions changed greatly and they quickly retreated.

They knew that with their own strength, facing this great sword that was formed at random, even if it was just scratched, they would definitely die.

The rest are the same, fast backwards.

The moment they retreated, the tip of the sword in the temple turned, pointed at Xu Qing, and rushed towards Xu Qing with a whistling whistle.

The speed was so fast that it made a sound of breaking the sky and a series of ripples and fluctuations. In an instant, it shuttled through the temple gate and reached Xu Qing, stabbing between the eyebrows.

Xu Qing’s complexion sank, and she raised her right hand to hit the incoming stone sword. A loud bang.

The stone sword collapsed and was torn apart. When it landed in front of Xu Qing, a storm swept all around. Wherever it passed, the ground weeds broke and the soil flew like a dust storm.

Fortunately, the dozens of monks evacuated quickly, otherwise they would be affected and there would be no possibility of survival.

In the dust storm, Xu Qing’s face was ugly, she raised her head and looked coldly at the temple, and her eyes met with the Holy Young Master in the air.

“What do you mean?” Xu Qing said slowly.

Sheng Yunzi looked as usual. For him, doing things is entirely up to his own preferences. If he wants to do it, he will do it, and if he wants to kill, he will kill. Especially in his heart, the human race of Nanhuang Continent is not worth mentioning.

The Xu Qing in front of him, he didn’t know at first, even if he paid attention to him because the other party suppressed Sima Ling, but he didn’t see it, he just planned to raise some as nutrients.

He learned about Xu Qing and saw Xu Qing’s photo after listening to the training given to him by the disciples of the Rising Cloud Sword Sect.

Just now, he just did it casually, but the other party was unscathed, which made a strange light in his eyes, and the thought of swallowing Xu Qing was raised.

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But after thinking about it, he still felt that he swallowed it at the moment, and the taste was a little worse, so he said lightly. “It’s you who, while I’m away, browse *browser *search*: @…the fastest update…get my junior brother?”

“After returning, immediately send him three bows. Xu Qing, please remember, if he loses a hair, I will break a finger of you, no exception.”

Sacred Yunzi calmly sent out the general words of commands. After he finished speaking, he ignored Xu Qing and closed his eyes and meditated.

Everyone outside the Taoist temple held their breath, looked different, and looked at Xu Qing and Sheng Yunzi

They have already discovered the identity of Sheng Yunzi during this period of time, and they have also realized the domineering of the other party. At this moment, they can see the strength of his shot

At the same time, through words, I also know Xu Qing’s identity. “Seven blood pupils sequence Xu Qing?”

“This is the arrogance of Qixuetong

“Then how to face the people who look at the ancient continent, you still have to bow your head.”

Xu Qing stood at the door, glanced over the neck of Sheng Yun, and then looked at the canopy of the life lamp above his head

, a cold light flashed in his eyes, and the murderous intent was strong.

The ancestor of the King Kong sect in the black iron lottery, seeing this scene, took a breath, he did not dare to reveal it easily, for fear of being noticed by the real dragon of another script, but he sighed strongly in his heart.

“In the texts I read, the enemy is often bullying the protagonist, and then the protagonist is forced to be helpless, unable to bear it, so he can only fight back.

“Perhaps the devil is different here. With his character, once the enemy shows a little murderous intention, he feels that his life is threatened, and he does not need the enemy to take action, and he will be filled with murderous intentions.”

Xu Qing didn’t know the thoughts of the ancestor of the King Kong Sect, but he knew that there was a gap in combat power between himself and Sheng Yunzi, so he didn’t act rashly at this moment, but turned around and found a downwind position to sit cross-legged. Start poisoning without revealing a trace.

He wanted to kill this Holy Young Master~IndoMTL.com~ because of the disciple of Rising Cloud Sword Sect who was caught by him at Yeji Headquarters. When he suppressed him at the time, it was not just his hair that he lost. The smash on the ground caused the bones of the body to shatter in many places.

According to Sheng Yunzi, a hair is a finger, and if you break so many bones, you are going to kill people.

“Then I’ll kill you first!” Xu Qing narrowed his eyes and hid the killing intent without revealing the slightest bit of it. While continuing to release poison, he was also observing the surroundings, looking for the figure of the opponent’s guardian. .

Seeing this scene, the ancestor of the King Kong Sect secretly said in his heart.

“Devil Xu is releasing poison. This is the rhythm of his first shot! This is a battle between two storybooks, and this is a battle between real dragons!”

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