Outside of time Chapter 250: Welcome to the upheaval!


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What appeared in front of Xu Qing was a huge blue lake. The water looked very clear, but if you looked closely, you could see that the water here was frozen.

There are some colorful vegetation around, which is very messy, and even the top of the cave where the lake is located is full of moss.

A damp meaning is very strong here.

Xu Qing’s eyes swept around, no matter whether it was the previous inspection of the shadow eye or his perception at the moment, there was no danger here, but Xu Qing was still alert, carefully walked towards the lake, and looked towards the bottom of the lake after approaching .

Under the clear frozen lake water, the bottom of the lake is clearly visible. After a glance, Xu Qing was silent. The bottom of the lake is covered with countless bones and rubble.

From the skeleton, there are men and women, densely covering the place as far as the eye can see, as if a few years ago, this place experienced a tragedy in the world.

“I found this place by accident. I’ve been here many times, and I haven’t encountered any danger. The bones at the bottom of the lake have not changed in any way.” Wu Jianwu leaned over and glanced at the side. Kindly, explain quickly.

Xu Qing nodded. After careful observation, he found that the frozen water here was slightly different from the immortal jelly recorded in Master Bai’s Pharmacopoeia.

Especially next to this lake, the aroma from the lake water covers the entire area, and the mouth and nose are full of sweetness. It’s okay to smell it at first, but after a long time, there will be a feeling of nausea to the extreme.

This does not match Xianjing’s description.

But Xu Qing guessed that before the drastic changes, there was a high probability that this place a few years ago was a pool filled with immortal energy.

The lake water here is probably transformed by the immortal energy mentioned in the pharmacopoeia, but it has undergone inexplicable changes later, so the formed things look like immortal jelly, but also different.

It is a mutated fairy jelly.

Xu Qing doesn’t know the specific function, but he thinks it should have a lot of research value. So I looked back and was about to take some more.

But at this moment, Xu Qing suddenly let out a small yawn and looked carefully at the bottom of the lake.

The life fire in the body was burning at this moment, and the cultivation base broke out, forming a sea of ​​fire storm.

Wu Jianwu on the side opened his eyes wide and was pulled back by Xu Qing’s aura, but he didn’t know what happened. “What’s the matter!”

As soon as Wu Jianwu opened his mouth, Xu Qing had gathered the power of life fire into his eyes, making his eyes seem to surpass the stars at this moment, emitting a dazzling light, staring at a position at the bottom of the lake.

There, among the bones and a lot of rubble, there was a large stone, which gave Xu Qing a sense of familiarity.

“What are you looking at? Is there anything good in here? Unfortunately, the water in this lake is so strange that I dare not go down. I have tried to find a way to fish out the bones inside, but I can’t do it…” Wu Jianwu Noticing Xu Qing’s gaze, he spoke quickly.

But before he could finish his words, where Xu Qing was staring, the stone that made him feel a little familiar, as if caught by an invisible big hand, suddenly moved, pulled outward, and slowly shuttled through the lake. Zhizhi was dragged out and floated in front of Xu Qing.

Seeing this scene, Wu Jianwu gasped.

Xu Qing looked up and looked carefully

Inspecting the boulder, he found a familiar reason after a while. That was the breath of Tai Cang’s sword.

This stone contains the charm of Tai Cang’s sword. This made Xu Qing very strange and put it away.

The shadow also returned silently, and it was just that it took out the big stone in the past.

At the same time, as the large stone was taken out, its previous location revealed the broken stone tablet originally hidden below.

As the surrounding lake water slowly fluctuated, the silt on the stone tablet dispersed toward the edge, revealing some writing and patterns on it.

Xu Qing looked immediately.

“Ziqing Shangguo Washing Immortal Pond?” Wu Jianwu, who was beside him, also noticed it, read the handwriting clearly, and exclaimed.

Xu Qing was also surprised. After checking it carefully, he noticed that the pattern on the stone tablet seemed to be a map of Nanhuang Continent.

It marked the place where the emperor’s capital of Ziqing Shangguo was located, which is the current Zitu. At the same time, there is also the mark of the Immortal Washing Pond, and there is a mark next to it, which reads the Prince’s Mansion.

Looking at its location, it was the place where Xu Qing wanted to go to the ruins of the Taicang Taoist Temple.

Xu Qing stared at the lake, the origin of this place is clear, and at the same time the name Ziqing Shangguo

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, also reappeared in Xu Qing’s memory.

The first time he heard about Ziqing Shangguo was in the former Ziqing capital of Zitu, and Chen Feiyuan told about the eight major families.

It was only then that he knew that a long, long time ago, such a country with a strange bloodline existed in Nanhuang Continent.

“Can coexist with magic weapons…”

Xu Qing thought of the feeling Chen Feiyuan gave him at that time, obviously weak, but strong.

For a long time, Xu Qing retracted his gaze, took out some of the mutant immortal jelly here, turned around and left the place where the lake was without staying there.

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Outside the entrance of the mountain crack, Wu Jianwu was sent all the way here. At this moment, he threw his hands and looked at Xu Qing eagerly, hesitating to say anything

“I won’t tell other people, you can rest assured.” Xu Qing gave Wu Jianwu a meaningful look, and his body turned into a long rainbow in a flash.

Leaving Wu Jianwu alone, standing there with a melancholy face, worrying about gains and losses. After a long while, Wu Jianwu gritted his teeth.

“I can’t control that much. Although Xu Qing is domineering, he should also be a person who keeps his promises. It’s a big deal… I won’t return to the sect for a short time. If I don’t nurture my precious son, I will never Stop!”

Wu Jianwu was obviously stimulated by Sheng Yunzi’s suppression of Yifeng. At this moment, his eyes were red, and he suddenly turned back to his grotto, and continued to take care of those beasts with big stomachs.

If it’s getting late today, the bright moon is in the sky, the phoenix is ​​locked in the moonlight, the trees seem to have turned into ghosts, and they look extremely ferocious.

Xu Qing’s figure shuttled through the dark jungle, his body undulating and jumping at a fast speed. Regarding Wu Jianwu, he had no intention of talking nonsense to the outside world.

In this chaotic world, everyone has their own way of living. Although the other party has some quirks, he didn’t target him, and even brought him to Xianjing, so Xu Qing didn’t bother to pay attention.

He just felt that the world is so big that there are no wonders.

“But it’s also possible that Wu Jianwu’s other purpose is hidden in this incident.” Xu Qing shook his head, retracting his thoughts, found a tree hole in the night, inspected it nearby, and set up a protective barrier. Array, this just got in.

Besides preparing for the night, Xu Qing also took out the immortal jelly he obtained.

At this moment, some time has passed, so this fairy jelly is obviously less than half, which makes Xu Qing think of what Wu Jianwu said, this thing will disappear after an hour.

So he thought about it and took out a small bottle, opened it and waved his hand, and the little black worm inside flew out and landed on the fairy jelly, and began to devour it.

Xu Qing observed carefully, but after waiting for a while for the direct-made little black worms to finish eating these immortal jelly, there was no reaction or change, so Xu Qing thought about it, and simply asked this group of little black worms to pick him up All the immortal jelly that came were devoured.

The immortal jelly disappeared soon, Xu Qing observed it for a long time, and finally put those little black bugs back into the bottle, and marked the bottle to store it separately.

He plans to wait a while for them to digest the jelly before going to see if there is a difference.

After doing this, Xu Qing took out the stone with the charm of Tai Cang’s sword obtained in the Xixian Pond, held it in his hand and studied it, feeling its inner charm.

This shocked Xu Qing and closed her eyes. Just like that, the night passed.

The next morning, Xu Qing opened his eyes and the first thing he did was look down at the stone in his hand.

“This item can make me stab at Tai Cang, and my understanding will be deeper.” Xu Qing felt that it was a great gain, and then checked the little black insects that devoured the fairy jelly.

These little black worms that devoured the jelly last night, under Xu Qing’s careful observation with the help of blood, found that each of them seemed to be drunk, motionless and not very active.

But the atmosphere seems to have changed slightly.

This made Xu Qing interested, but now they are not active and Xu Qing can’t see the specifics, so he didn’t bother. After putting them back, he kept the location of the lake in his heart. Just left the tree hole and galloped into the distance.

He plans to go to the ruins where the Taicang Taoist Temple is located, to see if he can have the opportunity to understand the second sword of Taicang. If not, he plans to study the stone all the year round to gain insight.

“The stone has a sharp edge,

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Like the blade, it must be related to the Taicang Taoist Temple, most likely a part of a **** statue! “Xu Qing’s heart analysis.

Time passed, ten days passed.

In the past ten days, Xu Qing has been on the road, occasionally harvesting some poisonous weeds and poisons. At the same time, he has paid attention to the batch of little black bugs who drank the jelly, but they are still sleeping.

“It’s been so long” Xu Qing was a little surprised. If he hadn’t sensed that the other party was still alive, he would have thought he was dead.

“Wait and see.” Xu Qing pondered, looking up at the front.

In front of him, in the distance downhill, there is an ancient city in ruins, as if eternal silence in the years.

It’s the noon of this day, the sun is strong in the sky, but after the leaves fall through the jungle and fall around Xu Qing, they become mottled.

Through this mottled light, to see the ancient city, the meaning of the vicissitudes of life, arise spontaneously

At the same time, at this location, you can also see that in the center of this ruined city, there is a

A tall and magnificent temple.

From a distance, you can only see the outline vaguely, and it is not very clear, but that kind of ancient and mysterious is still mixed in the time witnessed by this city.

“It’s here.” Xu Qing jumped up and approached the ruins.

And just after his figure stepped into the ruins of a half-pillar incense.

It is very far away from here. On the Wanggu Continent across the forbidden sea, an earth-shattering event happened, which made all the forces in Yinghuangzhou feel turbulent.

The Rising Cloud Sword Sect in the Seven Sect Alliance, the taboo magic weapon in its sect, is using it again today after an interval of nearly two hundred years!

It seems that the seven blood pupils will be destroyed

The reason is that seven days ago, the Seven Sect Alliance issued another order and will to Qi Xue Tong, but Xue Lianzi was still dragging.

One day before the direct control, the Senate of the Supreme Council of the Seven Sects Alliance made a unified decision and sent a special envoy to inform Qixuetong.

The content of the decision, let Xue Lianzi and the seven peak masters tie themselves back to the alliance to make amends within a day. If they don’t come, they will destroy the seven blood pupils.

At the same time, I told all the foreign clans and foreign sects in Qixuetong to leave within three days. If they don’t leave, if Qixuetong continues to go their own way after three days, the punishment will come, and the remaining people of all clans will bear the consequences.

This incident caused a sensation in all directions. A large number of foreigners who visited Qixuetong evacuated one after another, and people from the Seven Sect Alliance also left in large numbers.

One day after the direct control, Xue Lianzi still did not give an answer, so… the Seven Sect Alliance was furious, and the forbidden magic weapon of Rising Cloud Sword Sect exploded instantly.

It turned into a monstrous blood light, shot up from the Seven Sect Alliance, formed a blood-colored seed in the air, and went straight to the north!

It’s not the seven blood pupils in the south, but the north!

In Yinghuangzhou, there is a mountain and a river, which cross over and connect the east, west, north and south of Yinghuangzhou. The mountain is Taisidu’e Mountain, and the river is Yunxian Wangu River. Browsing *browser *search*: @…fastest update…

The Taisidue Mountain connects the north and the south, and the Yunxian Wangu River connects the west and east, and the place where they intersect belongs to the central part of Yinghuang Prefecture, where there is a sect.

This sect is called Shao Sizong, and it is not directly related to the Taisi Immortal Sect, but any major force knows that this Shao Sizong is the minion supported by the Taisi Immortal Sect in order to contain the seven sect alliances.

Therefore, where Zong was located, a dam was built to block a tributary of the Yunxian Wangu River that was supposed to flow along the mountain road and form the sea outlet of the Seven Zong Alliance.

The tributary was cut off, and the overall aura of the seven sect alliances and the degree of heterogeneity scrubbing were greatly affected.

As far as the Seven Sect Alliance is concerned, the young Sizong is stuck in the throat. They have asked for the dam to be removed many times, but they were all intervened by the Taisi Immortal Sect and put forward harsh conditions.

And if the Seven Sects Alliance wants to take action against Shao Sizong, unless the battle can be ended in an instant, it will be blocked.

At the same time, several other forces are also happy to see the infighting of the human race, which has contributed to the fire, making the situation of the Seven Sect Alliance even more unbearable.

And at this moment, the blood-colored seeds transformed by the forbidden magic weapon that erupted from the Rising Cloud Sword Sect were directed towards this Young Sizong!

In an instant, the blood-colored seed traveled through the endless range and fell into the Shao Sizong

within. The Seven Sect Alliance, this is the Ming Xiu Zhan

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Darkness Chencang.

They seem to have a big conflict with Qixuetong, but in fact all this is smoke, in order to reasonably open the taboo, in order to find an opportunity to pull out the fish bone in the throat!

Now, with the fall of the blood-colored seeds, a strange blood tree rises from the ground in this young Sizong and stands towering in the sky.

When the tree flickered, most of the cultivators in the Shao Sizong collapsed and died on the spot.

Sway again, the sect roared, the sky crumbled, the earth shattered, buildings collapsed in an instant, and the dam exploded to pieces.

Without the obstruction of the dam~IndoMTL.com~, the turbulent Yunxian River directly covered it and flowed along the Taisdu’e Mountain Road.

At the time of the three flashes, the blood tree bloomed, and the sound of vicissitudes was heard inside.

“The Shao Sizong killed the disciples of our alliance, the evidence is conclusive, and the entire Shao Sect was destroyed!”

The sky is full of blood, forming a formation. Hundreds of figures appear in it, each of them with amazing breath, violent killing intent, and they all fall!

It’s all too fast.

In order to deter the Seven Blood Eyes, the Seven Sects Alliance had opened the taboo magic weapon in three sects. Although only the Rising Cloud Sword Sect was used at this moment, the other six sects also turned on the forbidden magic weapon at the same time. Over the entire Seven Sect Alliance, the situation changed, and the world shook! !

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