Outside of time Chapter 249: Excuse me



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“Wu Jianwu?” Xu Qing squatted on a tree canopy, with a gleam in his eyes.


This Wu Jianwu had provoked him in the forbidden sea at the beginning, but the other party seemed to be very afraid and fearful.


So after Xu Qing thought about it, he didn’t plan to go there. He planned to go to the ruins where the Taicang Dao Temple was located, but he asked casually.


“What is he doing?”


The shadow spreads on the ground immediately, constantly changing its appearance. It seems that the picture it sees through the eyes is too complicated, so it has changed several times, and finally it is split up to reflect the picture.


In the picture, the shadows are separated into more than ten strands, which are transformed into different beasts, and each beast has one thing in common, that is, the belly is bulging high.


At the same time, the shadow also outlines Wu Jianwu’s shape. The other party is sitting next to a fierce beast, touching the other party’s bulging belly.


This scene made Xu Qing, who was not very curious, also stunned for a moment, showing doubts, while the ancestor of the King Kong Sect on the side took a deep breath.


“What’s the situation, what is that idiot doing? Why are these beasts’ stomachs all up and pregnant?” Having said this, the soul of the ancestor of the King Kong Sect was shocked, and his expression showed an unbelievable expression.


“Master, why don’t we go take a look? I think this idiot is doing something big!!”


Xu Qing was silent. He was not originally a curious person, but the picture was too weird. He planned to see it with his own eyes, so he spoke.


“Lead the way.”


Shadow was excited and quickly guided.


Xu Qing flickered and disappeared into the jungle following the direction led by the shadow.


Not long, Xu Qing saw a mountain.


This mountain is a branch of the truth mountain range that spreads into Huangjin.


Xu Qing glanced, jumped up and stepped on the mountain, and soon on the other side of the mountain, he saw a mountain crack hidden in the jungle.


Zhang Xuzhi long, naturally formed, the location is very secret.


If it weren’t for the shadow leading the way, Xu Qing would have been hard-pressed to notice the gap.


Standing in front of the crack at this moment, Xu Qing looked a little surprised. The concealment here is enough to show Wu Jianwu’s caution, so after he pondered, he stepped into the crack with a guarded body, and quickly moved forward according to the guidance of the shadow. .


This crack is much deeper than Xu Qing imagined, and as it spreads downward, it gradually feels damp, as if the crack runs through the mountain and the ground, leading to the underground river.


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At the same time, there are many fork roads, like a maze. If the shadow has not a precise direction, even if Xu Qing comes in, it will be difficult to find the accurate way.


After a while, Xu Qing reached the end of the crack.


There is a huge underground grotto below the end, and a bat is lying on the side of the grotto, paying attention to everything.


It is the spirit bent over by the shadow.


Xu Qing approached the edge, lowered her head and glanced at the grotto below, her expression instantly lost


More than weird.


In the grotto, there are more than 20 beasts.


These beasts include wolves, tigers, and many other strange shapes, all of which have been subdued and sealed at the moment, lying there with their stomachs bulging high, as if raising a fetus.


In addition, there is a dug out pool in the middle of the grotto.


There is a lot of medicinal liquid inside, which gives off a medicinal smell.


And Wu Jianwu, with a bruised nose and a swollen face, was squatting beside the medicine pool, took out the medicine with a stone bowl, walked to a giant bear with a big belly, and fed it carefully and carefully.


This giant bear looked terrified, trying to struggle but to no avail. Its entire body was sealed, and it lost all resistance, and could not even get up.


Wu Jianwu’s expression was incomparably gentle, while feeding the medicine, he also touched the belly of the giant bear and murmured softly.


“It’s normal to have a little reaction, just bear with it, I’ll rely on you for the rest of my life, and the baby will be born soon.”


“Once the little baby is born, I will be amazing. At that time, I must let Sheng Yunzi know who is the real genius!”


“Who is the eternal genius, I am the only one who respects Wu Jianwu!”


Wu Jianwu gritted his teeth, his expression seemed to frighten the giant bear beside him, he


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The struggle became fierce, Wu Jianwu hurriedly caressed gently, trying to make himself as soft as possible and speak softly.


“Dear, don’t move, you need to rest assured at this time, as long as the baby is born smoothly, you will make a great contribution, and I will treat you well.


Seeing this scene, Xu Qing’s eyes widened-


The ancestor of the King Kong sect was agitated all over, and quickly took out the jade slip and began to take a photo. Perhaps it was too shocking. The behavior of the ancestor of the King Kong sect made some noises.


So in the next instant, Wu Jianwu in the grotto noticed something, raised his head suddenly, and his expression revealed a cruelty.


“My room is dark and yellow, I have nowhere to hide when I shout!”


As he spoke, he jumped up, but in the next instant, he saw Xu Qing with shock on his face.


“Xu Qing?”


Wu Jianwu was shocked, and he was a little confused that he was hiding so deeply, how could the other party still find it, but he quickly reacted, glanced at the beasts with big belly below his eyes, and noticed Xu Qing’s expression, suddenly took a breath.


“Xu Qing, you misunderstood.”


“Excuse me.” Xu Qing looked at Wu Jian Wu’s eyes deeply, then turned and left.


He felt that there was a big problem in Wu Jianwu’s mind.


Seeing this, Wu Jianwu was in a hurry. At this moment, he didn’t care about fear. He even forgot to recite poetry. He quickly chased after him and shouted.


“Xu Qing is not what you think.”


Wu Jianwu was extremely anxious and even more aggrieved. After he opened the wish box and obtained the bottle, he was depressed for a long time, and felt a pity to throw it away.


So I kept searching for information, and found out from some clues that the powerful person who left the bottle was an alien monk who followed the ancient emperor Xuanyou.


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So after he lost the first peak to Sheng Yunzi, he vowed to make Sheng Yunzi look good, so he came to Huangjing and began to prepare, to get the blood of the previous era here


Come out.


The reason why he wasn’t in the sect was that he wanted face very much. He was worried that being seen in the sect would cause misunderstandings. no


I thought, I was actually seen by Xu Qing-


Thinking of this, if Xu Qing returned to the sect and spread it out, then his reputation would be completely ruined.


Even in his mind at this moment, the scene of everyone from the sect from top to bottom, looking at him with strange eyes, all this made his scalp explode, and he only felt that the sky was dark and he was extremely anxious.


Seeing that he couldn’t catch up to Xu Qing, he hurriedly shouted.


“Xu Qing, I’ll give you the money, don’t tell anyone else.”


“Everyone has their own way of living, it’s fine.” Xu Qing heard a voice from a distance.


“It’s really not like this!!” Wu Jianwu’s face turned purple, and he became more and more anxious.


“Xu Qing, I will give you 300,000 spirit stones!”


At this moment, Xu Qing stepped out of the crack and went outside the mountain. Hearing this sentence, he paused and turned to look behind him.


Soon Wu Jianwu rushed out from the crack with red eyes, quickly took out the spiritual ticket, and stuffed it directly into Xu Qing.


“Take it, Xu Qing, you must take it. You don’t want me to feel at ease. This matter is really not what you think. I, Wu Jianwu, and I are all short of breath.


Seeing this, Xu Qing silently put away the spiritual ticket and nodded seriously.


“I didn’t see anything.”


But Wu Jianwu is obviously still worried.


“Xu Qing, what’s the matter with you coming to Huangjian this time? If there is anything I can help you, feel free to speak up.”


“I’m looking for poison.” Xu Qing glanced at Wu Jianwu.


“Poison? I know, I’m familiar with this place, I’ll take you there!” Wu Jianwu hurriedly opened his mouth when he heard this.


“No need.” Xu Qing shook his head and turned to leave.


“Xu Qing, don’t leave yet, wait for me, I’ll fetch it for you, okay, there is a place under this mountain, there is definitely a poison you need!!” Wu Jianwu said, hurriedly facing the Cracks run.


He really wanted to poison Xu Qing, and he felt uneasy if he didn’t do it. At this moment, without waiting for Xu Qing’s consent, he disappeared into the crack and roared into the depths.


In a hurry, he didn’t notice that in his shadow, he appeared


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One eye was opened, and he was looking around with a thief.


Xu Qing thoughtfully, looked down at the shadow under his feet, the shadow quickly formed a shape on the ground, showing Wu Jianwu’s whereabouts and the surrounding environment as much as possible.


Soon the shape of the shadow changed, and you can see that Wu Jianwu, who it described, jumped from the pool of the grotto after entering the crack all the way, and swam deeper, straight through a secret passage, into a larger space.


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In that space, there seems to be a lake, but the overall shape of the lake described by the shadow is like a huge human face, and the fluctuations are slow, as if the lake water is very thick.


After Wu Jianwu left, he dug out some material directly from the lake, put it in a stone bowl, and turned back.


The picture of the shadow is drawing


The above is a bit incomplete. While Xu Qing pondered, Wu Jianwu came back.


“Xu Qing, do you think this suits your needs?” Wu Jianwu said, handing a stone bowl to Xu Qing.


Xu Qing’s eyes swept over, and suddenly froze.


There are some frozen objects in the stone bowl, which seem to be liquid but not liquid. The color is azure blue.


“Immortal jelly?” Xu Qing was moved, he recognized this object.


In Master Bai’s pharmacopoeia, this item was mentioned. This is not a poison, but a very rare catalytic substance. According to Master Bai’s research, he thinks that this substance is very likely, which is consistent with ancient records. The immortal energy is somewhat related.


“Under this mountain ~IndoMTL.com~ there is a strange lake, which is full of this stuff. I took some out after I discovered it, but it dissipated in an hour at most, no matter how it was stored, it was not enough. Let me take it back to the sect, and this thing is harmless to the human race, but once I gave the beast a mouthful, and the beast rotted and died. I think this should be a poison too.


Wu Jianwu quickly explained.


“Take me to have a look. Xu Qing pondered, and spoke slowly.


Wu Jianwu led the way without saying a word.


At this moment, no matter what Xu Qing asks, he will agree, so this is a secret place that he will not tell others on weekdays, and now he does not hesitate to gallop along with Xu Qing: he will soon reach the underground lake.


Where the lake is.


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