Nine Star Hegemon Body Art Chapter 1: Dan Di memory


“Who am I? I’m Long Chen”

“I am the peerless alchemy emperor who looks down on the world and looks down on Jiuxiao – Long Chen? I am a useless person who can’t be deceived and can’t cultivate – Long Chen?”

There was chaos in my mind, and at the same time, there was severe pain all over my body. Long Chen couldn’t help but stop the chaotic thoughts in his mind and let out a groan.

“Chen’er, you’re finally awake? Great, mother is going to worry about dying, you said you’re fine, why do you want to fight with others”

A warm voice sounded in Long Chen’s ears, and the voice was full of joy and comfort, but after that, there was a hint of choking in the voice.

Long Chen slowly opened his eyes, and the surroundings were blurry. When the picture became clearer, a woman’s face appeared in front of him.

The woman looked in her thirties and looked very beautiful, but at the corners of her eyes, there were several deep crow’s feet that did not match her age.

At this time, the woman was looking at Long Chen with tears in her eyes. She was full of love and pampering, which warmed Long Chen’s heart.

“Child, you’re scared to death as a mother.” The woman’s eyes turned even redder when she finished speaking, and tears rolled down her cheeks.


Long Chen looked at this familiar and somewhat unfamiliar face, and shouted the word with some doubts, with a hint of surprise on his face.

“Child, don’t scare your mother, don’t you even know your mother?” A look of panic appeared on the woman’s face.

At this time, an old man appeared next to the woman, looked at Long Chen and said: “Mrs. Long, the back of the head of Long Chen’s son has suffered a heavy blow, and his thinking may need to be restored. Don’t be too anxious, just give The young master has taken the medicine, but the effect of the medicine has not yet fully dissipated, so let the young master rest for a while.”

Mrs. Long gave Long Chen a worried look, nodded reluctantly, and walked out of the room with the old man with some reluctance.

Long Chen heard the old man from a distance, and whispered to the woman: “Mrs. Long, this time, Young Master Long, he has recovered his life, which is already a fortune, nothing can be forced”

Mrs. Long said in a trembling voice, “Master Yakushi means that my son…”

The old man known as the pharmacist sighed and said, “The back of the son’s head was severely concussed. To be honest, it’s a blessing to be able to wake up, but the sequelae are still very serious. Reasonably…”

Speaking of this, the two have drifted farther and farther, and Long Chen can no longer hear it so clearly, and there is a faint sound of Mrs. Long’s sobbing.

Long Chen looked at the ceiling above his head and felt the severe pain all over his body, especially in the back of his head, which was even more painful.

“What the **** is going on here? I am Long Chen, and Mrs. Long is my mother. How could I have unfamiliar emotions with her?

Where do all these messy memories come from? I seem to be a very powerful big man, but how come I’m a very hard-working scumbag?

Dan Emperor Long Chen? Waste dragon dust? Which one is the real me? Is it that Emperor Pill was reborn, or did the waste merge with Emperor Pill’s soul? “

In Long Chen’s mind, endless question marks roll back and forth. Forget it, no matter what, I am Long Chen, whether it is trash or Dandi, the most important thing is that I am still alive.

Since the two memories are merged together and are not separated from each other, why should I bother with this idiot problem, what I need to do now is to make myself recover as soon as possible.

Feeling my body, I saw multiple fractures all over my body, three broken ribs, and two broken arms, especially at the back of my head, where a large portion of the entire skull collapsed. What a ruthless method.

“Hey, although I can’t gather qi, my divine soul seems to be very powerful, and I can actually sense the range within ten feet around my body”

Long Chen couldn’t help being a little surprised. According to his chaotic memory, he knew that the power of the soul was very precious, especially for an alchemist, it was the most important.

Earn, earned, whether it is the rebirth of Dan Emperor or the integration of Dan Emperor’s memory, it is a big profit for me.

The former is to be reborn and live an extra life, while for the latter, it is to have the soul of a peerless powerhouse. How awesome is that?

But when I checked my body carefully, Long Chen’s face changed:

“The spiritual root was sucked away, and a piece of spiritual bone was missing in the chest. It should have been dug out. There is a hole in my heart? Who is so cruel? The spiritual root, spiritual bone, and spiritual blood have all been taken away. Can’t practice?” Long Chen was furious in his heart.

Now his soul power is very powerful, he can already look inside, and he suddenly discovered the mystery of his becoming a waste.

The spiritual root is a mass of root qi located in the dantian, and it is the root of cultivation.

Spiritual blood is born with a trace of congenital blood, basically everyone has it, but most practitioners don’t know it.

The spiritual bone is located on a person’s chest with a slight bulge. Normal people do not have a spiritual bone, even among practitioners, because there is no one in a thousand, it is a sign of a supreme genius.

And the spiritual bone on Long Chen’s chest is obviously missing a piece, which is clearly a trace of being dug away.

Long Chen’s face was extremely ugly. If it wasn’t for his memory, he wouldn’t know that his body had been manipulated.

It stands to reason that although these three things are precious, once they leave the human body, they are useless. If you want to harm yourself, why bother? Such a method simply makes life worse than death.

But anger is anger, but now those three things are gone, anger has no meaning.

“Better not let me know who did it”

Long Chen can’t help gnashing his teeth, it’s too yin damage, he has a spiritual bone, even if he thinks about it with his butt, it is an absolute genius.

Now, because of this despicable bastard, I have made myself a waste that cannot practice cultivation, being bullied by others and being looked down upon.

When Long Chen was furious, the door was gently pushed open, and a pretty girl who looked thirteen or fourteen years old walked in. It was Long Chen’s personal maid named Bao’er.

“Master, it’s time to take medicine”

“Medicine? What kind of medicine are you holding in your hand?” Long Chen asked with a slight movement of his nose.

“This is Madam. The Tiger Bone Pill, which I obtained after spending a lot of money, can heal your trauma very quickly, Master,” Bao’er replied.

After speaking, he opened a small delicate box in his hand, revealing the medicine pill inside, and said, “It is said that this medicine medicine came from the hand of the medicine master Yun Qi, and the medicine is very powerful, young master, let Bao’er serve you and take it. bar”

Long Chen looked strangely at this thing in his hand, can this thing be called Dan? Three flat and four not round, like meatballs.

Let’s not talk about the shape, Nima, this color is black and has no luster. If it wasn’t for the faint medicinal fragrance, Long Chen even suspected that it was a sheep dung egg.

After watching for a long time, Long Chen sighed. He was able to waste more than 80% of the medicinal properties of a medicinal pill. This is also difficult for this “master”. Long Chen wondered how he did it? Rotten can also be rotten to this level.

Dan is divided into five grades: low grade, middle grade, high grade, top grade and excellent grade, and the ball in his hand clearly does not belong to the five grades. Long Chen suddenly realized that this is a defective product at all. Abandoned pills, usually alchemists would never sell such pills, because people who couldn’t afford to throw them away would often turn them into medicinal liquids, or just throw them away.

“Master, don’t be in a daze, Madam sold all her jewelry for this treasure pill, you should take it quickly,” Bo’er urged.

Long Chen couldn’t help but feel a pain in his heart. In his impression, his mother loved him very much, and the level of love had reached the point of pampering. Basically, his mother would not refuse anything he wanted.

For him, my mother was heartbroken. When Mrs. Long was young, she was a generation of beauty. She was only in her thirties at this time, but just by looking at the deep crow’s feet in the corners of her eyes, she knew that she had paid for Long Chen. too much.

Looking at the pill in his hand, although it is a defective product, the medicinal materials are good. Even if the impurities account for 80%, there is still no problem in treating his injury.

Take the pills, Long Chen ordered Bao’er, don’t reveal his news, including his mother.

Although Bao’er was a little puzzled, out of trust in Long Chen, he nodded obediently.

After taking the medicine, although Long Chen could not use the cultivation base to refine the medicinal power, he guided the medicinal power to his wounds through his powerful soul power, and the recovery effect was extremely fast.

The next day, Long Chen slowly opened his eyes, a smile appeared on the corner of his mouth, and he moved his muscles and Very good, although the pills are not very good, the quality of the medicinal materials themselves is very good, except for the back of the head, Most of his injuries had recovered, and it was more than enough to treat the trauma, so he slowly walked to the mirror.

Looking at the handsome, handsome young man in the mirror, Long Chen said solemnly: “From today, my Long Chen will no longer be the old Long Chen, I want to rise”

Although the body is still a little weak, there is no problem with walking. Long Chen walked out of the door, and the sun was rising outside.

Long Chen thought about it for half an hour, called Bao’er over, wrote a series of medicinal herbs’ names for her, and asked her to get the medicine.

However, Bao’er looked a little embarrassed. Long Chen’s heart moved, and he immediately understood that now the Long family is very poor, and Bao’er can’t get money from the accountant.

Otherwise, my mother wouldn’t, and she sold her jewelry. It was her dowry at the time, and it was very precious. Today’s Long family is really too desolate.

Finding the pocket, there are still more than 80 silver coins in it. Although it is not many, it is enough to buy these medicines.

Bao’er is very diligent. In less than an hour, he bought the medicinal materials. Long Chen immediately started to prepare these medicines in different proportions and put them into a pot to boil.

Three hours later, the thick medicinal liquid has already given off the medicinal fragrance. Long Chen looked at the bowl of cheap medicinal liquid with a smile on the corner of his mouth.

“My dragon dust rises, let’s start with this bowl of medicinal soup”

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