Nine Star Hegemon Body Art Chapter 2: Scumbag


The medicinal liquid melted into the abdomen, and Long Chen hurriedly guided with his mind to spread the medicinal liquid into the limbs and bones.

Usually, when a martial artist absorbs medicine, it is integrated into his dantian, and then lost to all parts of the body, but Long Chen has no spiritual roots, and his dantian is empty, unable to store energy.

You can only disperse the medicinal power in each cell. Although these medicines are ordinary herbal medicines, with the combination of Long Chen, they exert extremely powerful medicinal effects.

As the medicinal power poured into the body, countless pores slowly opened, and every cell, like a person who was about to suffocate, frantically absorbed the spiritual energy of this world.


There was a muffled sound in Long Chen’s body, and the originally closed meridians were instantly opened, and Long Chen couldn’t help groaning.

Other people use the qi of Dantian to slowly open the meridians, and progress step by step without any pain.

But Long Chen can’t do it. He needs to use the energy of the outside world, just like driving the sea water to pour back into the river field. The ferocious power is not something that anyone can withstand.

“It hurts, well, I remember this pain” Long Chen gritted his teeth, if someone hadn’t stolen his spiritual roots, how could he use such a crazy method?

“Bang bang bang…”

The continuous explosions in Long Chen’s body, the meridians are opened one by one, and each time the meridians are opened, Long Chen will experience a severe pain.

When the meridians of the whole body were opened, Long Chen almost fainted, and after a full hour of recovery, Long Chen recovered.

Now that the pain has passed, Long Chen feels that the pores all over his body are open, and as he breathes, the invisible spiritual energy between heaven and earth is slowly being absorbed by himself.

“Very good, the meridians have been opened up, and I can finally practice”

Long Chen felt the body, and now the meridians were opened, and he could naturally absorb the spiritual energy of heaven and earth through the pores, nourish the body, and make the body stronger.

Although the meridians have just been opened up now, after the transformation of spiritual energy, Long Chen is full of power.


With a punch, with the whistling wind, a smile appeared on Long Chen’s face. This pain was not in vain.

Ordinary people practice, they must first enter the Qi-sensing realm, and only after they can sense the aura can they enter the Qi-gathering realm.

And Long Chenjian took a slant and found a new way to open the pores through medicinal power, forcibly arousing the power of the spiritual energy of heaven and earth, running through the meridians, which is equivalent to entering the Qi Gathering Realm in one fell swoop.

However, this Qi Gathering Realm refers to Long Chen’s body being nourished and entering the Qi Gathering Realm. Because there is no Dantian, he cannot condense the cyclone, so he is not really in the Qi Gathering Realm.

“Although the meridians have been forcibly opened up now, the dantian can’t store the infuriating energy, fight with others, and can’t last for a long time. It’s still not good.”

Long Chen searched for a long time in his memory, and suddenly, among countless alchemy techniques, he found the only memory of martial arts—the Nine Stars Hegemony Martial Arts.

What surprises Long Chen is that the Nine Stars Dominant Body Art is just tailor-made for him. It is a secret technique that unlocks the secrets of the human body. It cultivates not Dantian, but Nine Stars.

The nine stars are the nine secret treasures in the human body. If the nine secret treasures are opened, it is equivalent to opening the nine dantians. Seeing this, Long Chen almost didn’t jump up.

However, when he saw the back, Long Chen’s heart suddenly became cold and cold. That is the cultivation of the Nine Stars Hegemony Art, which requires the consumption of countless medicinal pills.

The condensing of the first star, Fengfu Star, will cost countless energy. If the energy is absorbed by external force, even if it is a hundred years, it will not be condensed.

If you want to condense the first star, you must use medicinal pills, and the amount of medicinal pills is terrifying, otherwise, you can’t practice at all.

But now the Long family’s family is in dire straits, and they don’t have the financial resources to buy medicinal pills, not to mention that the pill he ate cannot be regarded as medicinal pills.

“I have to figure out a way to make some money”

Long Chen pondered for a while, changed his clothes, and walked out of the door. It was past noon at this time, but there were not many figures in the huge mansion, which looked extremely desolate.

Long Chen’s father, Zhenyuanhou, has always been in the wilderness. Over the years, Long Chen’s mother and son have been scorned by everyone in the imperial capital. Although they have a title, they still have a very hard life. Only a dozen people served, because there were too many people, they could not afford to support them.

It can be said that among all the princes, the Long family is the most unhappy family, and Long Chen is the unhappy one among all the princes.

The Fengming Empire’s martial arts are prosperous, and everyone is practicing martial arts, but Long Chen has a special physique and is unable to practice martial arts, which makes him the object of ridicule.

On the contrary to Long Chen, Long Chen’s father Tian Xiao, who was a worldly strong man, guarded the borderland, even if the barbarians were brutal, they could not invade the Fengming Empire for half a step.

Long Tianxiao is a generation of military **** of Fengming Empire, and Long Chen is a waste that can’t even enter the sense of qi. It can’t help but make people feel like a tiger’s father and a dog’s son.

Countless people laughed at him, and Long Chen didn’t care, but a few days ago, Zhou Yaoyang, the prince of the wilderness, mocked that Long Chen was not the kind of Long Tianxiao.

Long Chen was so angry at the time that he was clearly insulting his mother’s infidelity. Long Chen, who had been stunned by anger at that time, brazenly launched a duel with the other party.

But the other party is a strong man of Qi Gathering Seventh Layer. He is an ordinary person who can’t even produce a sense of Qi, and he is simply humiliating himself.

That’s why there was news that Long Chen was knocked unconscious and sent back to the Long family. For a while, Long Chen became the laughing stock of the entire imperial capital.

Out of the Hou Mansion, Long Chen went straight to the Baicao Xing in the imperial capital, where various precious medicinal herbs were sold, and he needed to know the market of medicinal herbs.

Many people along the way saw Long Chen come out and couldn’t help pointing behind him. Long Chen was used to these things.

At the same time, he sneered inwardly, his father suppressed Bianhuang and made extraordinary achievements for the entire Fengming Empire.

But what? Their mother and son were bullied in the imperial capital, and they were almost beaten to death. Is this the reward? A group of people protected by their father, but they look down upon themselves, is this the reward?

Long Chen stepped up his pace. Although he was not afraid of such gazes, he would always be a little uncomfortable, but at this moment, his way was blocked.

“Hey, isn’t this the son of Long Chen? I heard that the one who was beaten didn’t even know his own mother, so why did he run out alive today?”

In front of Long Chen, a 16- or 17-year-old youth in Chinese clothing, with two guards, was looking at Long Chen mockingly.

This person is also the eldest son of a noble family. His name is Li Hao, but his title is not high, and his status is incomparable with Long Chen. However, in Fengming Empire, title and status are secondary, and the most important What matters is strength.

Li Hao is standing in the middle of the road at this time. If Long Chen wants to pass, he needs to go around him.

If I changed the old Long Chen, I should have turned around and left, but today Long Chen looked at Li Hao, shook his head, and sighed:

“People say that a good dog does not stand in the way, it seems that you are not a good dog”

“Long Chen, it seems that you haven’t been taught enough last time, do you still want to be beaten to death and throw yourself off the ring?” Li Hao’s face changed first, and then he sneered.

“So if you are a dog, you are worthy of eating **** next to Zhou Yaoyang.” Long Chen shook his head. For such a person, he didn’t want to waste time. He needed to do business, so he had to walk past him.

“Long Chen, you are courting death”

Li Hao’s face couldn’t help being furious. He couldn’t think that Long Chen, who had always been cowardly, was so tough, he didn’t take him seriously at all, and reached out to stop Long Chen.

Long Chen frowned slightly and was about to speak when suddenly a figure came over and scolded Li Hao: “Li Hao, you are courting death, what are you, you dare to threaten my brother”

The person who came was a very tall man. He looked like he was eighteen or nineteen years old, but he was nine feet tall, more than a head taller than the two of them. His aura was very scary.

“Shi Feng, I have nothing to do with you here, you’d better not mind your own business”

When Li Hao saw Shi Feng, he couldn’t help roaring with some sternness. Shi Feng is also a prince, and his identity is similar to him, but Shi Feng is a powerhouse of the eighth level of Qi Gathering, and he is only a third level of Qi Gathering. .

In addition, Shi Feng is born with divine power. Generally, among the same rank, few people are his opponents. He does not have the courage to challenge Shi Feng.

“Brother Long Chen, I heard that you were beaten by that **** Zhou Yaoyang. Brother, I will vent your anger.” Shi Feng looked at Long Chen and said angrily.

Long Chen looked at the big man in front of him and felt a little warmth in his heart. Shi Feng was the only one in the entire imperial capital who treated him like a brother.

“It’s okay, my revenge, I will avenge it myself, you can rest assured” Long Chen smiled and patted Shi Feng’s shoulder.

Seeing what Long Chen said, Shi Feng felt that Long Chen might not be able to save face, so he didn’t mention it again.

“Let’s go, go for a walk with me” Long Chen smiled, and he was going to take Shi Feng with him.

Seeing the two of them, Li Hao actually regarded him as air. He couldn’t help but get angry and scolded: “Long Chen, you bastard, if you have the seeds, just challenge me”

Long Chen just took a few steps, his face suddenly sank, murderous aura surged up in his eyes, and he turned his head slowly.

“Are you going to challenge me?” Long Chen’s voice was very cold, like an ice ball, making people feel chills in their bones.

Li Hao couldn’t help but fought a cold war with Lingling. He felt that today’s Long Chen was a little weird, but the big words have been released. If he is timid at this time, he will become the laughing stock of the entire imperial capital.

What’s more, he usually bullies Long Chen a lot, and he acts entirely on experience, without caring about the fear that arises in his heart.

“Yes, do you dare to fight?” Li Hao said loudly.

“No problem, but I want to increase the bet” Long Chen thought for a while.

“Raise the bet? Haha, your Long family is almost overwhelmed. What are you betting on with me? Use your house, or become a slave if you lose?” Li Hao sneered.

But he didn’t notice that, a cold smile appeared on the corner of Long Chen’s mouth, that smile with a little bit of yin.

“Brother Shi, how about lending me your treasured sword?” Long Chen said.

“Take it”

Although Shi Feng was a little reluctant, he still handed the long knife over.

Long Chen nodded, secretly remembering this feeling in his heart, and said to Li Hao: “This treasure saber, although it is not a high-quality product, is also worth 8,000 gold coins, and now I think it is worth 5,000 gold coins. , if you win, you can take away the treasured sword, and if you lose, give me five thousand gold coins, how about that?”

Li Hao’s heart moved, the knife in Shi Feng’s hand was made of fine steel, and it came from a famous family. Eight thousand gold coins, it was absolutely worth it.

Now Long Chen, a fool, dares to use this thing to block, he has long been happy in his heart.

But he sneered: “I wonder if someone will turn around and deny the account if you lose?”

“Don’t worry, I, Shi Feng, always say that one is one” Shi Feng sneered.

“Okay, then go to the ring to sign a contract. I won’t call you Li Hao if I don’t beat you up today,” Li Hao said with great joy.

Long Chen’s face was calm, but there was a gloomy look in his eyes. Li Hao was just a dog by Zhou Yaoyang’s side, and he was not in the eyes of Long Chen. conspiracy?

But no matter what the conspiracy is, there will always be a day when Long Chen and his party go straight to a ring outside the imperial capital.

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