Mysterious Noble Beasts Chapter 677: : The prophetic dream of the overlord of the universe



Chaotic divine body, yin and yang control……


It is far from the limit of eleven, let alone the Chaos Road conceived by Shi Yu, just the two skills of star refinement and weapon control can be strengthened ten more times.




After completing the fusion of yin and yang control, the whole team was paralyzed, Shi Yu lay on the ground and said: “There is still time, Rin, it should be enough to take Eleven to find a black hole or a white hole to refine.”


“Boom.” Eleven was eager to try.


Rin said while recharging: “If it was before, it might be a little bit reluctant, but now Eleven has learned the control of Chaos Divine Body and Yin-Yang, refining black and white holes, and cooperating with refining stars, it should be just a matter of effort for it .”


“That’s fine.” Shi Yu grinned.


If Eleven can refine black holes and white holes, it will be completely stable.


Black holes and white holes are the two most powerful cosmic disasters. The stellar population is powerful, right? But even for stellar life, you have to go around when you see a black hole.


Perhaps only peak stars like Sun God General can ignore black holes, but they only ignore some weaker black holes.


In the universe, those who are not afraid of black holes may be the cosmic behemoths.


Among them, the dark cosmic behemoths can also use weaker black holes as food, and they are also the only race that can naturally master the power of black holes.


No way, although the Xingxing clan is the strongest clan in the cosmic sea, compared with the cosmic behemoths, space zergs, and polluting races, they are still inferior.


The cosmic sea formed by King of the Realm + Starry Sky Ten Thousand Races (including the Star Race) = Giant Beast Empire = Polluted Land = Zerg Hive, and the Giant Beast Empire is the paradise of cosmic giant beasts, and the cosmic giant beasts are powerful It is also a matter of course.


Looking at the entire universe, stars are definitely not the strongest race.


However, even a family of cosmic behemoths cannot simultaneously master the two opposite cosmic disasters of black holes and white holes.


Cosmic level may be possible, but at their level, there is no need to use this as a nirvana. And now what Shi Yu wants to do on Eleven is to refine black holes and white holes at the same time.


This point, even the ancestors of the Star Refining Clan, dare not think about it. They can refine stars at most, but Eleven is different. Apart from Star Refining, it has other skills.


As Rin said, now Eleven has a chaotic divine body, which is inherently immune to the power of black holes and white holes. At the same time, it has the control of yin and yang, which can reconcile yin and yang and reconcile their balance, so it is easier to control.


Shi Yu wanted Eleven to control them, not because of their destructive power, but because black holes and white holes contain the nature of time and space.


Nowadays, most races have moves that simulate black holes, but they are all based on the dark system. If it is stronger, there are only multiple space systems. But in fact, the main attribute of black holes is time and space, including white holes. With these two astral weapons in hand, Eleven’s control over the power of time and space will also be stronger.


Qi also confirmed this point. It has always felt that the combination of black holes and white holes is a bit close in nature to the space-time shuttle it masters, but it is more stable without its skills.


If you master it, by then, it will be more helpful to break through the universe level on the 11th.


At this time, let Eleven try the water first. If the difficulty is not too high and the effect is good, you can also let other pets try refining. If it is too difficult for other pets, you can only let them refine into other high-level stars.


Chongchong and the others don’t know, but Qi and Bulu probably can succeed, purely because of their racial advantage.


The Dark King and the Beast King are indeed eyeing the universe sea.


The Dark King covets the territory of the universe sea, and wants to pollute it into his own territory and complete evolution, while the Beastmaster covets the complete realm king, and wants to completely devour the realm king and complete evolution.


As long as they succeed in getting what they want, they can all reach the second level of the universe, possessing the strength comparable to the cosmic overlord Cypers.


Now is the best time. Firstly, the King of Realm expended a lot of power to help Shiyu travel, and then the Super Queen accelerated the cohesion of the source of transcendence in the universe, resulting in poor vitality of the universe, which directly gave the Dark King an opportunity to take advantage of it. , further weakening the universe and the king of the world.


For the next battle, the Dark King and the Beastmaster are both paying attention to the situation in the universe sea.


It’s just that what these two cosmic emperors didn’t expect was that they didn’t believe that the universe sea could not detect the abnormality, but this was the case. Yu’s pet beast fights the ranking battle of ten thousand races?


Is there any conspiracy in it.


No matter how the think tanks of Polluted Land and Giant Beast Empire analyzed this move, they couldn’t figure out the reason.


“This time Yu……”


On the Throne of Darkness in the Polluted Land, the King of Darkness is very repulsed by the existence of Shi Yu and the Empress.


It hates the two guys who came across from the previous era and interfered with the progress of this era.


If it remembers correctly, there used to be a bald traveler who was against it many times.


Now, after billions of years, another traveler who contracted to purify the protoss appeared, and he was destined to be his enemy in the future. The Dark King couldn’t be happier.


After all, if the opponent wants to step into the universe level, he must compete with it.


The most important thing is that the only universe-level traverser is also on the opponent’s side, which makes the Dark King feel that he cannot let this group of traversers grow any longer.


At this time, it is the best choice to team up with the Beastmaster to launch an attack on the Cosmos Sea.


The Dark King is even ready to face the Super Empress and the Realm King at the same time, but at this time, the only thing that makes them afraid to make a move is another character.


The overlord of the universe.


Although it is said that the overlord of the universe is also at odds with the super queen, and there is no possibility of being in the same camp as the super queen once sealed the super queen, but so long has passed, this time the super queen was born as the cosmic overlord There was no expression on the other side, and this ambiguous attitude made An Wang hesitate.


“Your Majesty the Dark King.”


“You asked us to observe the territory of the overlord…the overlord of the universe finally made a move.”


“The opponent’s destination should be sure to be… Cosmic Sea, Kaiwang Planet!”




As a black-robed figure appeared and reported the information, the Dark King burst out with a huge aura and said: “I see.”


“That guy finally made a move.”


“Then, whether the war will continue or not depends on this guy’s attitude.” Half a month later.


In the universe.


“It’s time for us to come back!”


On a battleship from the Overlord’s Territory, a top-level god-level black bull read the universe newspaper and said excitedly.


“Seventh Universe Throne Candidate Shi Yu’s No. 1 General Eleven, VS World King’s No. 1 General Sun God General.”


“True or not.” Zijian, the captain of the Zijian Special Forces, grabbed the newspaper and was slightly surprised after reading it.


This guy really doesn’t stop.


Since the overlord’s territory left, in fact, it has not been a few years, and the Zijian Special Forces has been staying in the overlord’s territory for supplies.


But during this period of time, too many things have happened, and they have even been heard in the overlord’s territory.


First, Shi Yu’s glory challenged to kill the four holy super gods, and then Shi Yu killed hundreds of epoch gods, hundreds of super gods, and became a candidate for the throne of the seventh universe. The bombardment of this news directly stunned them.


They originally thought that Shi Yu’s 13th heaven in the overlord’s territory and the record of passing the glory challenge were already against the sky, but they didn’t expect that Shi Yu would be even more brutal after returning to the universe sea, which made them regret it a bit. At that time, I didn’t come to watch the fun together.


But it’s not too late now, the examiner of the Honkai God Niu Jiemeng is no longer afraid to go home. He is the one who gave the exam to Shiyu. limit yourself.


“Sure enough, it’s right to come back.” After confirming that Eleven is really going to PK with Sun God General, Zi Jian swallowed and said, “Accelerate, accelerate, accelerate.”


“However, can it be done, just rely on a pet beast, and fight that sun **** general…”


“I guess it’s enough, but as long as we fight against it, it’s enough to prove Shi Yu’s terror.” Jamon said.


Obviously, they are also not optimistic about Shi Yu’s single beast challenging the Sun God.


“Captain!! Captain!!”


However, as soon as they finished speaking, there was a “boom”, and the entire battleship shook, and at the same time, the voice of the navigator came.


“It’s not good, we have strayed into the field of black holes, and it is a supermassive super black hole.”


The terrified voice of his subordinates made Captain Murasaki, who was holding the newspaper, and the Honkai Bull next to him startled.


Immediately, Captain Zijian, who had canine teeth and long purple hair, opened his mouth and yelled, “You bastards, what are you doing? You can’t detect the boundary of a super-large black hole and just break into it!” Come in???!”


Zijian was numb at this moment.


For the black hole disasters that exist in the starry sky, they have a domain. If they are outside the domain, they cannot observe the situation in the domain. Therefore, ordinary warships cannot see black holes, but when they see black holes , which also means that they have broken into the domain of black holes, and they can completely wait to die.


Compared with ordinary fleets, black holes are more threatening, but for the warships of the Space Overlord Legion, there are corresponding detection methods, navigators can also accurately predict the location of the field, avoid this kind of disaster, there is no reason to directly break into such a Terrible place.


Encountering this thing is much more fatal than encountering disasters such as starry sky storms and cold silence.


In the battleship of the Zijian Special Forces, there was a mess. Countless people lay on the protective wall, looking at the dark red world outside, and felt that the battleship was being madly attracted by the power of the black hole, and they gradually lost control of the battleship. control.


“Days…” The Honkai Bull was also numb, and said in a daze, “Old man, you are right, I shouldn’t join some **** overlord army. Is it okay to wear it?”




Facing life and death, Honkainiu resolutely abandoned his dream.


“It’s over.”


After sensing the horror of this black hole, even a star-level life would be devoured, Captain Zijian turned pale.


At this time, the psychological quality of the navigator of the Zijian Special Forces is good. She is still trying to control the battleship to break free from the black hole attraction, but how can this kind of thing be possible, but she keeps shaking, a miracle… .Appeared.


Under her inconceivable expression, the huge black hole in the black hole field in front of her seemed to be shrinking and shrinking. After carefully observing through the battleship detector, she showed an inconceivable expression.


I saw a black and white bear family flying in the most dangerous center of the black hole, completely ignoring the super gravitational force of the black hole. , next to the white light ball, there is another black point, which seems to be the key to shrinking the black hole…


“That…isn’t…” Seeing the familiar face, the navigator of the Zijian Special Forces felt like he was dreaming.


At this moment, other people also felt that the attraction of the black hole was shrinking. Before they could react, the battleship “boomed” and the surrounding sky seemed to change. , a piece of nothingness and chaos, replaced by a black and white panda, floating in the starry sky, looking curiously at the two black and white light clusters in his hand.


Zijian and the others also discovered this panda at this time. She looked at the black ball of light in the hand of the iron-eating beast, her mouth was wide open. On it, one can feel a mass comparable to tens of billions of ordinary stars, and it feels that this small light cluster is enough to destroy everything and instantly kill hundreds of super gods.


“That’s… the black hole just now??”


“But, how is it possible.” Captain Zi Jian looked at Eleven in bewilderment after the catastrophe.


“Isn’t that guy…Shiyu’s beast eleven?” Examiner Jemon was lying on the protective wall, exclaiming: “That guy is holding the black hole just now?? “


When it exclaimed, suddenly, a familiar figure appeared in the battleship, saying: “What a coincidence! Why are you, I still say that some unlucky guy broke in…”


Captain Zi Jian and Jie Meng turned their heads suddenly, and a group of crew members looked at Shi Yu who appeared, their mouths opened slightly, it was indeed this pair…


“What the **** is going on!!” Zi Jian suddenly went limp and said.


Shi Yu looked at Zi Jian, and also sensed that Hao Xiang, who had collapsed and fainted, coughed slightly dryly: “Blame me, blame me, I’m helping Eleven refine the black hole, so the boundary of time and space here is a little messed up , may have made your detectors malfunction…”


Refining, refining black holes?


It’s not that they can’t accept it, but Fan Shiyu said that his cosmic behemoth is in the refining black hole, and everyone can accept it, but the iron-eating beast, no matter how you look at it, it has nothing to do with the black hole. Can it be refined? Is this scientific?


“Refining the black hole…what do you want…” The corner of Jemon’s mouth twitched and said: “It’s not for the battle with the Sun God General, let’s prepare for the battle in advance… …”


“Hey, you guys know it too.” At this time, the outside world, Eleven has eaten the refined black holes and white holes like jelly beans, tearing apart time and space, Came next to Shi Yu.


“Hey.” After climbing onto Shi Yu’s shoulder, Eleven greeted Jamon and the others.


“I’m now… I suddenly wonder if the Sun God will win.” Examiner Jamon said.


“Me too…” Zi Jian said.


Seeing their stunned expressions, Shi Yu smiled, but at this moment, a voice sounded in Shi Yu’s mind.


It is the Queen of Power.


【Shi Yu, the overlord of the universe, has also come to Realm King Planet. 】


Shi Yu:???


Shi Yu looked at Captain Zijian in astonishment and said, “This time it’s not just you, the overlord of the universe is also here?”


“What?” Facing Shi Yu’s astonishment, Zijian and the others were also very astonished, not knowing what he meant.


King King Star.


In order to pay attention to this special battle, many forces in the universe have gathered here.


However, as a special super battleship appeared outside the king of the world, all the powerhouses who saw this battleship fell silent.


Countless super gods looked at the black battleship with the logo of the demon bull’s head in shock, “Gulu” swallowed.


Some juniors were still wondering why everyone reacted so violently to the battleship of the space overlord legion, but soon some elders covered their mouths and slapped them.


“Look clearly, that logo, that battleship color, that battleship shape, this is… this is the exclusive warship of the universe overlord, impossible, impossible, how could the universe overlord personally drop the critical star .”


Seeing this battleship, not to mention the natives of the king planet, even the members of the cosmic overlord legion stationed in the cosmic sea, such as the super **** Rust of the 177 fleet, are shocked and terrified. I don’t know why The overlord of the universe will visit the universe sea in person.


At this moment, Sun God General, Jie Shenlong, Observer, Lu Ming, Wa Shen, Lan Xing, Shi Di and other powerhouses all looked in the direction of the battleship solemnly.


Generally speaking… cosmic level, they will not randomly enter other cosmic level sites…


At this time, as one of the guardians of King Realm, the figure of Sun God General first appeared outside the battleship, watching the battleship.


A moment later, a human beast master with gray pupils, long gray hair down to his waist, red tattoos on his face, and a half-faced antelope skull came out of the battleship.


Her appearance shocked the universe, because anyone with some strength can feel this guy’s strength, and he is definitely a super **** peak.


In addition to the four generals in the southeast and northwest, the Cosmic Overlord Legion actually has other peak super gods, and it seems that they are still a human race!


You know, the kings and others want to train Shi Yu because the cosmic overlord legion has not had a super **** of the human race for a long time, and the human race is gradually declining. A beast master who doesn’t know the origin of the super **** of the human race will definitely be surprised.


“Welcome to the overlord of the universe.” Although I have not seen the overlord of the universe, and I don’t know why the overlord of the universe came, but at this time, even if the sun **** general is the strongest of the star family, he can’t help but bow down respectfully See you.


“I am the secretary of the overlord of the universe. The overlord of the universe is here to watch the battle between Shi Yu, the beast master of the human race, and the sun **** general of the star family. There is no need for special reception, as long as the idlers leave. “The secretary of the overlord of the universe spoke, the star sea shook, and even the sun **** general showed a surprised expression.


“What—” it cracked in its heart, unable to understand why the universe overlord would pay attention to it, no, it definitely does not deserve the attention of the universe overlord, then, that is to say, the universe overlord is paying attention to its opponent, that Eleven of the Iron-eating Orcs?


It doesn’t understand that even if it was such a grand event as the battle for the source of transcendence before, the cosmic overlord never cared, and the cosmic level didn’t care, but why did he come here in person because of a small race ranking battle?


You know, even it itself didn’t pay attention to this battle, and focused on the movement of the polluted land with all its heart and soul.


The words of the secretary of the overlord of the universe shocked everyone.


However, the Sun God General didn’t dare to ask any more questions, but after confirming the purpose of the other party’s arrival, he left on his own, full of thoughts.


The secretary of the overlord of the universe also returned to the battleship, but besides her, there was another figure descending on the battleship.


When the secretary of the overlord of the universe returned, God Wa had already stood under the throne of the overlord of the universe, looking directly at the supreme being above.


“Master Saibosi, are you here because of Shi Yu? Or because of…”


“Oh, it’s you, long time no see…” A lazy voice came from above the throne.


“It’s you.” The secretary of the overlord of the universe came in, and after discovering God Wa, he obviously knew God Wa.


“Unexpectedly, you are still alive, Katni.” God Wa was the most surprised by her existence. One, it’s a pity that let alone the universe maintainer, even the universe level failed to reach it.


God Wa thought that the other party was dead, but unexpectedly, he was still alive.


“You’re not dead, so of course I won’t die.” Katney, the secretary of the overlord of the universe, said.


At this time, she also looked at Saibos. In fact, she was also very puzzled that Saibos wanted to visit the Universe Sea in person.


“Indeed, I came here for that Shiyu.” The overlord of the universe looked at Wa Shendao.


“Is it to regain that plan?” Wa Shen said, if this is the case, Yu will undoubtedly have the biggest backer in the universe at that time, but she always feels that the arrival of the overlord of the universe may not be a good thing.




Sure enough, the overlord of the universe said: “I have given up on that plan for a long time, and, in essence, this Shiyu is not the human beast master I trained. Genius, no interest.”


“What’s more, it’s with that guy.”


The overlord of the universe said: “Even if he bears the special source of transcendence and possesses a two-epoch cultivation system, I am not optimistic about his achievement as the maintainer of the universe.”


“But it’s interesting.”


“Not long ago, I had a prophetic dream, a prophetic dream that I couldn’t control.”


The secretary of the overlord of the universe and God Wa looked at Saibos solemnly. At the level of the overlord of the universe, what would his prophetic dream be?


On the throne, Saibos laughed loudly and said: “I actually dreamed that I had a protracted war with that iron-eating beast of Shiyu, do you believe it?”


“What??” The secretary of the overlord of the universe said in disbelief: “And the other party’s… pet beast??”


“No mistake.”


“Although the memory of the dream is now chaotic, I should remember that I am not mistaken. I did fight the iron-eating beast simply, and it didn’t get any help from the beastmaster. Then compete with me.”


“Interesting, tell me, will this dream come true in the future?”


“Impossible, absolutely impossible.”


The secretary of the overlord of the universe seemed to have endless admiration for Saibosi, she said: “Master Saibosi, how could there be life with you… And, you are still fighting alone…”


If that’s the case, doesn’t that mean that Shi Yuguang, a pet beast, may have the power of a cosmic overlord? How is this possible.


“In my opinion, the iron-eating beast’s highest future is to reach the sun **** general or…” She looked at God Wa, and reaching the height of this super **** peak is the limit .


“Perhaps.” The overlord of the universe said, it recalled Eleven’s eyes full of fighting spirit when it was carrying out the glory challenge and resisting its deterrence, said: “However, if the super queen also wants to cultivate a universe Maintainer, then, I will have a battle with this Shiyu.”


Becoming the maintainer of the universe becomes the master of the universe, and as a creature in the universe, how could the overlord of the universe allow his living environment to have an additional master? That’s all, the key point is that Shiyu is not its direct descendant.


However, it does not reject Shi Yu and others working hard for this. It failed to cultivate the universe maintainer, but it wants to see if the super queen can be successfully cultivated.


Regardless of whether the training is successful or not, before Shiyu contracted the universe, Shiyu must first pass its level. If even it cannot be defeated, let alone the contracted universe, it will directly pass Shi Yu kills, and Saibos, who has been bored for a long time, has long since changed his interest from cultivating the human race to slowly practicing and waiting for the universe to restart, and finally to fight against the will of the universe.


But before that, it really hopes that Shi Yu and the others will grow up quickly, stand in front of him, and satisfy himself first, but the premise is… Shi Yu has passed the level of Dark King and Beast King first , when it comes this time, it will also show its position that it will not intervene in any cosmic disputes. It intends to serve as a spectator to see the powerhouses of the last era competing with the powerhouses of this era.


“So, Lord Cybos, you want to be the ‘examiner’ for Shi Yu and the others to become the maintainers of the universe?” God Wa asked.


“‘Examiner,? You can say that.” The universe overlord said.


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