Mysterious Noble Beasts Chapter 678: : The beast is even more outrageous than the owner



After hearing that the overlord of the universe is coming, Shi Yu first let the Rin Fanfu Zijian Special Forces add a layer of luck BUFF to prevent them from getting into the cosmic disaster by mistake, and then let the insects take the lead by tampering with the magnetism. I returned to “King King Star


King Wang Xing, Donghuang Realm, Shi Yu once again used the panda senior as the coordinates to teleport, and once again succeeded in scaring the panda senior.


Lin Xiuzhu patted “Pat the table, and trembled with anger: “Take me # as the teleportation coordinate again, right! Do you know it’s scary.”


This is not easy, and it was originally a range teleportation, who knows that every time the wine will be randomly teleported to your side… cough cough… I just want to ask you about the “arrangement of the Ten Thousand Races Ranking Tournament… and I have heard that the overlord of the universe Here comes “Shi Yu looked at the ceiling, looked through the ceiling, looked at “is” empty, and changed the subject.


“Well…” Mentioning the overlord of the universe, Senior Panda was stunned for a moment, nodded and said: “Almost all super **** beings have noticed”, the overlord of the universe seems to be because of you: and the sun **** Coming to the battle, I want to be a spectator.”


“Really…” At this time, Shi Yu, who didn’t know the real purpose of Saibosi, was also a little bit jealous. The attitude of the maintainer of the universe.


Relying on the relationship of Wa God alone is not necessarily strong. After all, Wa God can only be “equivalent to a part-time job”.


This time it is said to be watching the battle, but there is probably something else to watch about a battle at the peak of the super gods for the strongest in the universe. When Shi Yu was talking with Senior Panda, a figure immediately descended on the office of the “Ten Thousand Races Committee”. In the hazy shadow, Goddess Ma stepped out and “returned”. “God Wa said to Shi Yu: ” Overlord of the universe, I have already asked for it


“Don’t worry, it should have no malicious intentions this time, come here, you” feel free to prepare for you: your own crimes are good intentions… Although I don’t know why you are doing this competition.”


“Is that so??” Shi Yu laughed, “burning his head,” and said: “Then it’s fun. If that’s the case, I won’t visit the overlord of the universe to curse people.”


“Sun God General is not weak, even if he is not as good as me”, he is also “one of the strongest” in the super **** level, if you “go with the victory in mind”, “let you” be careful, that iron-eating beast . “


” I know, don’t worry. ” Shi Yu said.


After God Wa left, Senior Panda came out of Youshu, patted Shiyu’s shadow pocket, and said, “Hmm?? It’s Eleven, aren’t you here?” In the middle, Chongchong popped up, turned his head, corners of his mouth, and cut, he knew eleven, and didn’t greet Chongchong. “Eleventh just finished exercising, I made it back to the Beast Familiar Space to let it sleep and rest.” Shi Yu said.


Continuous refining of white holes and black holes, although it is not very difficult for Eleven, but because Shiyu they chose “white holes and black holes” that are more powerful, so Eleven consumes a lot of time now There is not much left, so you have to let Shen Baobao fully assist it to speed up and take a rest.


“You” are ready to play, come on, now the price of Lan Xinglu’s “Iron Eater” has even reached her level 11 energy crystal… Countless super gods can’t ask for it .”


“What.” Shi Yu was stunned, one piece, a super **** resource, an iron-eating beast? 2 so expensive?


It’s not extreme, it’s great for some super gods. As far as the clan is concerned, the super **** power, a “true” that invites super **** resources is nothing compared to it, and the iron-eating beast is relatively rare. Blue Star is “exclusive.” You “will win this time”, and it is estimated that you can “raise!” Senior Panda rubbed her palms and said, “Of course, we didn’t sell it. The main reason is that the powerful “Iron Eater” is just you.” , this one, I’m afraid that others will buy “go back and cultivate them badly. They will be abused in the end.” Buying “buy” Jiaxiu is different from seller’s show, and it is easy to get bad reviews. “


!L…. Shi Yu said: “Well… that’s a problem, let them grow and be hospitable, unless it’s the astrological family environmental protection association, who is closer to Lan Xinglu out of the wine… Otherwise, food It is best for the Iron Beast to be exclusive to Blue Star. “


The iron-eating beasts of the demon gods evolved stronger and evolved, so the Environmental Protection Association also fell in love with the iron-eating beasts and came to Starbucks, the king of the world. The iron-eating beasts have a wide range of employment. Immediately afterwards, Shi Yu chatted with Senior Panda, “Talk, then go back” his own


“Rest in the residence, waiting for the Ten Thousand Clans Ranking Tournament to start.


This time, the “Ten Thousand Clans Ranking Tournament” will still be held in the different space of the second world. For this battle, Eleven and Sun God will “cut the competition” in the second world for half a month before and after the duel… The game has stopped.


At the same time, “hundreds of super god-level cosmic crystals were prepared as a backup energy” source, just in case. Rotten. What…


The black pearl of the overlord of the universe made people realize that this showdown is not easy, and they are looking forward to how Eleven VS Sun God will be.


In the past two days, the influence of Shiyu World is recuperating, and there is not much “movement, although the confrontation is eleven, he” is just a shadow of the battle, but if he consumes too much in the past two days


Eleven in the Beast Master Space can’t rest well and do 2~1…it’s equivalent to sleeping and decorating at home…


Just like that… the peaceful time passed, and in a blink of an eye, it was the day of the duel.


Whether it is a super god: good, god-level: good, or even a demigod: good wine, as long as you know this battle, you are paying attention, and if you have money, watch the battle with a special device. The problem of money, squeezed to the venue of the Ten Thousand Clans Ranking Tournament to watch the live broadcast of the low match, nothing… I can only wait for the result at home silently. “…” I placed my bet, I placed my bet”


At this time, a group of people from Donghuang also gathered in Hei, and came to the “Ten Thousand Races Committee” of Luo Yixiuzhu, and started a private bet. Lin Feng said: “I” just bet, 1~2 Within hours, “win or lose, eleven wins, press 2 super **** resources!” “2~3 hours, eleven wins, 2 super **** resources.” Kongdi follows.


Emperor Wu, Empress, Dragon Emperor, Lu Qingyi, Jewel Cat, Owl, etc. are all here, if outsiders know the “situation” here, they will definitely have black lines on their faces.


Because this group of people are all betting on Shi Yusheng, and the betting “specific content, it turns out how long it will be on November” is high, and whoever guesses “closest” will take away “other people’s possessions”


It’s rare to have a day off… I also played “Such a Big Shadow Me” for 30 minutes. “Jewel Cat looked at” Predictive Owl, and at the same time kept wishing that Eleven would resolve the battle at this time.


The last shadow In the end, there are only 2 days left to know that the owl did not place a bet. I saw the witch smiled and said: “In 10 minutes, eleven wins, you guys and I will delete the stars, and the clan will play.” It’s a big bet.” Everyone: ???


“Within 10 minutes?” Senior Panda said, “Teacher Tuna, you are “serious”, you “this is the shadow of divination???” “The secret must not be revealed.” The prophetic owl snorted. “Shout.” The jewel cat didn’t believe her. She was a super **** peak “Weili”, but she was a new super **** jumping stick owl. Soon, Emperor Wu’s voice came, and he said with a serious expression: “It’s about to start


In addition to Shao him, his “Wishing Iron Beast” is also watching the battle together, wanting to see how the peak iron-eating beast clan does not have the boost of the beast master, and how the combat power will perform.


The time soon came to his competition time. In order not to take up too much space, the minimum threshold for watching the game was limited to: demigods, in an instant, up to Lu Ming, Jieshenlong, observers, etc. At the peak of super gods, the core is the backbone of the world kings such as Bing Ling, down to Kahn, Ming Gu, Fanba of the Lianxing Clan, Green Dragon, Son of the Demon Emperor, etc., who are related to Shiyu and Shiyu. Generations, all poured into the battle room and watched the venue from the perspective of God. The venue is a starry sky venue.


A gigantic sun hangs in the sky.


A moment later, in the middle of the day, a human-like figure walked out. It was the figure of Yuan Jiasu, whose whole body was filled with white and red flames. The “core incarnation, the core incarnation, the most notable” is the majestic “sun pupil” with five rounds on the left and right in its pupils. Hum.


The next moment, a “Yin Star” floating in Xingbakong, and another figure also appeared.


When the “Xiong Miao Wang Shiyi came out, and now the meteor” with black and white hair fluttered up, the audience was instantly surprised, because the moment it arrived, Shiyi’s fighting spirit broke out, and there were nine rounds hanging behind it. Although there are only nine rounds of the rotating “Sunday”, the degree of dazzling is not inferior at all


At this time, the sun **** will appear behind the distant phase of “Lunar Sun! How is it possible”, it has only been so long, and it has reached “Transcendence 9!”


Looking at Eleven’s shadow level, Lu Ming, who only sold Shiyu a face not long ago and didn’t bother with Gemstone Cat, was slightly taken aback.


You know, it’s only been 5 years since Shi Yu obtained the original source of detachment.


“Is that transcendence source so powerful?” Lu Ming said silently. He wanted to know that he “is super **** 10″ and the strongest pet beast is also” but “super **** 9, this is still millions of years of hard work and no deep sleep. As a result of time, this Shiyu has caught up in such a short period of time, but I don’t know the situation of Shiyu’s other pet beasts, and how powerful this eleven is.


It stands to reason… the special level that was forcibly lifted up in such a short period of time, the combat power must not match the level. The shame of the pinnacle of the super god.


“Transcendence 9? So fast? It should be that the “power of detachment from the source is mainly divided between yourself and this iron-eating beast.” At the same time, in the shadow battleship of the cosmic overlord, He did not use Kaiwang Xinglu’s “official spectator device. It didn’t know what method it used to make a different dimension appear in midair: a screen. Looking at this screen, the secretary Katni he built was as if he was there, like the scene. Watch the battle and analyze it at the same time.


Katni’s strength is definitely not inferior to Lu Ming, but at this time, the two super gods and peak beast masters did not see Eleven’s “not bad, only the overlord of the universe”, slightly weak eyes, showing a look of surprise .forum


r It’s interesting, has it reached this level? He “suddenly spoke”, which made Katni puzzled.


Because she knows that the question that can surprise the overlord of the universe must not be the “realm” of detachment 9, but other “things.


What is it? She looked carefully at “this iron-eating beast again, wanting to see it clearly. What is special about Shi Yu’s pet beast, and why does the overlord of the universe care so much about it.


At this time, the “level of eleven” undoubtedly made many people feel numb. You must know that a few years ago, this guy was the black **** of the era, and two years later, he would be at the quasi-god level In less than ten years, I went from quasi-god to “Super God 9, this growth rate is simply outrageous, the master is a monster, and the pet is also a monster.


No wonder, Shi Yu dared to let Eleven challenge the Sun God General, Chaoshen 9 and Chaoshen Peak, although it is said that the gap is very large, but from the figures, the gap is already very small, except for those who have really reached the super **** level. , many god-level, suddenly feel that such a small gap can completely fight.


“It’s not that simple, every time Chaoshen transcends, the gap is huge Between 9 and detached 10!” Don’t ask, soon, there will be veterans expressing their opinions.


Of course: Soon some young people retorted: “This group of guys, who are still at the level of Jiyuan Gods, killed the “Super God Peak, eighteen miracles throughout the ages, can you stop using “common sense” and “old tricks” Experience to analyze the match.



“It’s unreasonable! That’s a quantitative change leading to a qualitative change, and there is an increase in the beast master. Now I’m fighting alone!!” Although Shi Yuhuai “I have extremely brilliant achievements, there are still some old antiques. The sin of the general is stronger and more profound, and it is impossible to believe that a rising star can. As a young lion, hunting the majestic “Sun Lion.” .


While many spectators were discussing, Sun God General and Eleven were still performing the breath of super god. Collision, at this time, the one who was most surprised by Eleven’s “volt state” was not someone else, but the sun **** general himself. “It turns out…”


The shadow of this “star” is full of momentum, and the scorching “deterrence” has melted “many meteorites”, leaving only “one sun” in the entire Xingya space.


The sun’s “light, as if shining on the whole universe, huge” national aura, made many gods and demigods, who just watched the battle with “commonly ordered” machines, feel the horror, and it is difficult to continue


Continuing to watch the battle, those who were not determined, even retreated directly, crying and sweating profusely.


However, in this case, only the “meteor” under Eleven’s feet is still intact. It seems to be covered with a layer of extremely heat-resistant “metal”, or the overall properties have been changed. Eleven An Ran’s “Standing on it, the same aura erupted, the thunderous “aura collided with the fiery” aura, and the two sides were evenly matched.


“Roar!!” Eleven roared in the “star” river. He was not afraid of the Sun God General, but his eyes became more and more aggressive. The Sun God General saw “another pair of eyes. The overlord of the universe… …Are you watching?


“Huh? No matter what, since I agreed to this duel, I will do my best to stay.” “You “also” come to the aisle. “Although Eleven showed “extremely strong” strength and did not lose the momentum in the slightest, which made Sun God General look at him with admiration, but it still didn’t think that he would lose. “Oh.” Eleven shook his head.


“Hey. (Senior, you should make the move first, otherwise, I’m afraid you won’t have the chance to make the move.) Eleven said politely. But not much. Everyone: ?? ?


At the end of the eleventh chapter, there was an outrageous sound, and people from all over the world, especially, rang out one after another.


“Huh?” Many stars”life, the “lights” on their bodies flickered violently a few times, as if saying: “Is this little bear crazy?”. “


“Fuck.” Even Lin Feng couldn’t help but speak, and said, “Sure enough, there is such a “beast master” as there is a “pet beast, you are so crazy. But… everyone It is also “clear that without this belief, Shiyu and the others may not challenge indiscriminately.


“Hahahahahahahaha.” At this moment, in everyone’s minds, he is a “Sun God General” with a calm appearance, and he can’t help crying and laughing. This is the first time it has encountered such a situation.


.%… “If that’s the case, then I’ll let me watch, how strong are you, Kageyou who wants to win the title of the first family in the universe.”


The sun **** froze his expression, raised one hand high, and in the next moment, a source of transcendence hanging behind it split into hundreds, thousands; ten thousand; one hundred thousand suns, full of terror and destruction. “The sun.


The horror of this trick is that each sun contains many rules such as immortality, flame, destruction, destruction, etc. There are several top-level rules, all of which are perfect. From the combination to the meaning of a sun fireball. It can be said that each of these 100,000 small suns can “easily destroy several star systems”. But now, the Sun God will perfectly blend several top-level rules into a destructive move, which even many super gods dare not even think about. It takes many years of hard work to accumulate skills.


“Mommy.” The jewel cat watched the battle, only feeling that she was a top player, and she was still a few levels behind the opponent, but Lu is easy to play, she has strong functions! 80-… “Eleven, Hit it!”


Yi’s “provocation was undoubtedly successful”, this move “I don’t know if it is the ultimate move of the sun **** general”, but it definitely brought me “countless people are quite complicated” Aunt Xia, millions of small When the sun sets, it is like the end of the universe. Many people think that the catastrophe of the universe should not be settled here?


Even Snail God, Kanet and the others paid attention to this move, thinking that they had to spend a little effort to defend themselves, but the next moment, Lu Ming, Observer and others were super-topped, and everyone suddenly fell silent. Yes, in the face of millions of stars falling, Eleven is still standing on the limited star, calmly “looking at the influence of the other party…no… any action!” “Are you kidding.” At this moment, Emperor Kong and the others were taken aback, but they were dumbfounded when the attacks came down one after another and completely devoured eleven of them.


Under the terrifying and violent explosion of “light and heat, endless” that permeated the entire Starbucks space, when the afterglow of the setting sun dissipated, the sun **** general’s “attack was like scraping, and the eleventh race was unscathed Standing on the meteorite, shut up all the audience in an instant.) Its body is chaotic and corrugated, like the **** of the universe, not afraid of any attack.


If it weren’t for watching the battle and being able to “feel the horror of the attack” almost personally, many super gods would suspect that the sun **** would be playing a fake match


“This is…” At the moment, the most outrageous shadow is the sun **** himself. Seeing his “attack, he didn’t even burn the opponent’s bear hair, he couldn’t help being shocked. After living for so long, even when When the Yuyue level killed the peak of the super god, it was not so shocking.


“Hey. (Senior, let’s make a” unique move, don’t try it!.” Eleven felt the “enhancement of physical strength, continue. Chaos Divine Body


Immune to all regular attacks, and absorb them into your own body


Eleven also finally knows how to play tactics. I plan to let the opponent’s ego be consumed first, and at the same time strengthen myself, and then attack. If you start fighting directly, it may not be able to “quickly solve the Sun God General.


At this time, when I saw this outrageous “iron-eating beast, it ignored the attack of the “sun **** general”, many of them were as strong as ice spirits, and they all started to be dazed, wondering if they were dreaming …”It must be the Sun God General who is merciful…”Some old antiques can’t believe it, and plan to see the Sun God General attack the second round. At this time, the “Sun God General, dignified to the extreme” does not dare to underestimate this one Panda.


The Chaos Divine Body is mysterious and unpredictable. Except for the “cosmic level”, opponents of the same level can’t see the mystery of “this move”.


Such “poor information is enough to make the sun **** general big. The brain is almost annoying” me, but even if it knows dozens of “physical constitutions, it is mostly incapable” because the planet: the life of the planet is the most Relying on the “race” of the rules of the universe, it can be said that against the stars, “Chen, Eleven is better than the cosmic behemoths now.” I admit it, your strength is hi.




Sun God General still intends to continue to attack, but this time he will not use the scattered and casually concentrated “attack” just now, but take a deep breath. All the power of the body seems to be extinguished and sucked into the body by it.


Not only that, near Jiewangxing, countless “interstellar stars” that have not bred “life consciousness” suddenly flashed at this time, revealing Gao Han’s “brilliance, which completely illuminated every area of ​​Luowangxing , let people show “surprised” expressions, knowing that the sun **** will start to move for real


At this time, the sun **** will directly evolve itself towards the main body, directly transform itself into the sun, and become a “super fireball that gradually expands its alliance, devouring towards eleven,


The sun has always been a symbol of warmth, but when you get close to them, when they are truly swallowed by the stars, they will turn into the most terrifying existence. At this moment, the sun **** will be the body Devouring it also shows that it completely regards Eleven as a difficult target. Wrapping Eleven in its body is also its strongest attack method.


However, what people didn’t expect was that even though the sun **** showed his “absolute” belief in female strikes this time, Shi Yi still did not move, and let this terrifying “guy” swallow himself.


That’s it…one second…seconds go…


Helios General has completely engulfed Eleven, being engulfed by the strongest star, even if it is a flame cosmic behemoth, it will not feel the slightest happiness. , it cannot be “resisted” by devouring flames alone.


But the battle has progressed to this point, and the most incomprehensible scene is the emergence of the country. Even so, although the “Zhou Xing” at the foot of the eleventh was finally reduced to ashes, the eleventh This little iron-eating beast seemed to be swimming in the sea of ​​the sun, and there was no trace of a broken defense on its body at all. Such a terrifying “sun engulfed it, it was unscathed! Eleven did not break the defense at all, but the sun **** will break the defense.” With.


“Impossible”. Wrapping Eleven in the body, feeling that Eleven has not reacted at all to his fierce “rule attack”, it has tempered its “mentality” for billions of years, and it almost collapsed. Even if it attacks Kaiwangxing, Jiewangxing will It is impossible to be unscathed. What is going on.


In the space overlord battleship, the cosmic overlord’s “secretary is also very incredible, only the cosmic overlord rarely raises some interest” and said: “I” have heard that in the ancient era, there are strong people who want to “get rid of the shackles of the universe and trace the universe” Origin, what to open up?” The Dao of Chaos, wanting to transcend all the rules of the universe, did not expect, really: Someone can succeed in cultivation, although it is not perfect, “it is perfect, but it has already begun to take shape.”




Chaos? How is it possible! There is such a skill…” Katney said.


“Certainly impossible” exists, impossible. Living beings can cultivate chaos and transcend the rules of the universe, so they are only dimension-dimensional, but they are only dimension-dimensional. If you want to defeat the sun **** general, it is enough to do it.


“At that time, Yu inherited all the essence of the “top training system” from the previous era. It should be the “strongest fire seed” selected for work in the previous era. The overlord of the universe is looking forward to and growing up Eleventh battle.


At this moment, Eleven ignores what the sun **** will attack: move, shock the star;


“I don’t believe it!!” At this moment, no one doubts that Sun God will be playing a match-fixing match. Because at this time, the big stars in the entire cosmic sea flickered, just like it crossed countless stars to kill the four saints and super gods. They all looked up at the sky and didn’t understand what happened.


However, no matter how hard the sun **** will work, the bamboo fungus can’t cross the “gap” of class. Eleven, who is developing the power of the rules of the universe, has been steadily improving. Of course, due to the “existence of the chaotic body, it is impossible for outsiders “Looking at its required state clearly, its current” physique, it has long been beyond the peak of the super god, can already be described as quasi-cosmic level. Maybe the hard power has already surpassed the level of “Snail God”, and briefly reached the realm of “Super Queen” before the fusion of Lily. It’s just that the two sides have cultivated: one is the spirit, the other is the body.


It’s still a bit difficult to defeat the Sun God General in front of him with pure physique… But Eleven, he doesn’t just know the Chaos Physique. After being strengthened by the enemy, Eleven took a deep breath in the sea of ​​the sun, and slowly stretched out his arms. Yin and Yang reverse!!!


The body entity is yang, and the regular energy is empty. Eleven directly converts the powerful “” body into the power of the universe rules!!


Although I am sorry to use the sun **** to use the old man as a stepping stone, but for the Xuantie beast clan’s “glory, fair competition” “under the circumstances… 11 is still rushed!!!!




Under everyone’s dumbfounded “expression, the engulfed Ct 1, in the strongest star”, a “real” small black hole appeared on the palm of one hand, and a real “real” black hole appeared on the other palm The “small white hole” and the terrifying fluctuations on both sides directly made the Sun God tremble and all the spectators’ hearts trembled.


Because of the “yin and yang conversion, star refining” weapon; the weapon controls multiple strengthening “black hole, white hole weapons, at this time it can be said to be the universe’s treasure level” and the body artifact is enough to reach 1% of the universe level The kind of Weili is extremely terrifying.


“Are you kidding me…” At this moment, Sun God will be completely dumbfounded”, and suddenly understand a little bit, “What is the worry” that faintly appeared in my heart a month ago? That is not the attack of the polluted land, And when he took aim, it was this ten thousand race ranking battle!!


How will the sun **** general: I didn’t expect that I was not severely injured on the battlefield, but…in a promised “inexplicable” “children’s competition”… bang


Eleven clapped the black and white holes in his palms. When they approached each other, it was like the creation of the universe and the extinction of the universe.


Under the bright “brilliance, the second world collapsed directly, outside the king of the world”, a broken “sun figure”, like a fragmented “flame” swaying in the strong wind, floats in the boundless river…


“Abaa Baba…” At this moment, everyone was dumbfounded, “Is that iron-eating beast a universe class!!!


A group of sneakers, in the polluted land, with the help of the giant beast empress and her own cosmic emperor, the “dimension pollution super god” and the giant beast super **** who watched the duel “investigate the enemy’s situation” also fell into a slumber.


Made, what’s the situation? This is the extremely domineering “Sun God General… and that black and white bear… It’s really just a human beast that hasn’t been buffed by the leg beast master… Shi Yu’s: fierce The name is terrifying, but that is based on the fact that he boosts the beast and all members fight together.


At this time, watching Shi Yu single-handedly smashing the “p in the top of the super god: counted as the legend of Dashu” the sun


God generals, many super gods of different races, their bodies trembled a little at this time. How do you feel, this pet beast is even more outrageous than “the master is so strong alone”, if it can also have the boost of the beast master, it will be against the sky? “Is this… the strength of the candidate for the throne of the seventh universe.”


At present, the Dark King and the Beast King, he is “like the overlord of the universe” about Eleven’s strength, and he is extremely surprised that the Dark King has not seen it for a few years. Even if it is the overlord of the universe, the “growth speed” back then was not as fast as that, not even half as fast as this pet beast.


Feeling the shaken “hearts of the crowd, the dark king is silent in his heart, the enemy should be hurt by both sides, inquire about the enemy’s situation, and increase the morale of the “plot, why don’t you follow the script now”


“Grass.” At the same time, I know that Eleven is very fierce, but I don’t know that Eleven is so fierce. Go on and go to work, gambling dog will die.


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