My Magic Has No Attack Power Chapter 153: :The style of painting is very strange



Dwarves have a lot of specialties in their cities. Xiangen has always wanted to get them, but suffers from the rails and minecarts that are difficult to manufacture with technology. The dwarves have them.


Looking across the abandoned rails and minecarts, he has decided to buy technology from the dwarves later, or let them directly help build the rails.


Not every place in the underground has flowing air. Although the dwarves have lived underground for more than a hundred years, they still need some special things to ensure the supply of oxygen.


Xiang En asked Dwarf Heather this question, it is a special kind of mushroom that absorbs heat underground and expels the air.


Material and energy can be transformed into each other. This underground mushroom growing in the magical world can absorb thermal radiation and generate carbon dioxide.


This…is not really unacceptable.


Every dwarf’s home is planted with this type of mushroom, on the one hand to fight the high temperature underground, on the other hand to clean the air.


The dwarves’ subterranean kingdom was an eye-opener for their group, and all in all, it’s been well run and livable.


Passing through the dwarves’ commercial and residential areas, and walking out of the narrow mine tunnel, Xiang Enji’s eyes suddenly opened up.


A spacious square appeared in front of them. The space above the square was very large. The overall shape was circular. The floor was covered with slate. There was a fountain in the middle of the square. The golden sculpture on the fountain was particularly eye-catching.


The sculpture is seven or eight meters high and looks like a dwarf in battle armor and holding a war hammer.


“Hey hey hey! That’s our great King’s Hill, and it was under his leadership that we created the mighty Earth Elf kingdom!”


Seeing that the whole group was attracted by the gold sculpture on the fountain, Heather raised his chest and proudly introduced the origin of the sculpture.


Probably a hundred years ago, the earth elf Dwarf King Hill discovered the underground kingdom, and led some of his clansmen to enter the underground to expand the territory, and finally **** this unexplored and fertile land from the chaotic underground life. .


Earth elf kingdoms have a population of tens of millions, far less than human kingdoms, but far more than their dwarven relatives living on the surface.


If the dwarves wanted to, it would be easy to blow the heads of their relatives.


It’s just that dwarves, unlike humans, aren’t keen on infighting.


After introducing the gold sculpture, Heather led Xiang En around the sculpture and walked into a metal house with hammer and furnace logos on the edge of the square.




There was a slight creaking sound when the metal door was pushed open, and the tightly closed ones were pushed open.


He never drinks alcohol.


“The city lord, you old man! Drinking in this Nima again!” Shi Nan, who smelled the wine, immediately raised his voice and scolded the empty hall with only one desk.


The sound of bang bang came from the room. After a while, the door of the room on the side of the hall was pushed open, and a white-bearded dwarf stumbled out, his face turned red due to alcohol, and the magic crystal above his head shone. It looks like a monkey ass.


Xiang En and the others watched as the white-bearded dwarf slammed his head into the desk, which was also made of metal, because of his flimsy footsteps. It was painful to watch.


“Ouch!” The white-bearded dwarf sobered up after such a collision, and looked around the hall in confusion, “Who, who is looking for me? Ouch, how can there be such a tall person!”


Hernan’s identity doesn’t seem to be very low. When he saw the appearance of the white-bearded dwarf as the city lord, he directly rolled up his sleeves to explain.


After more than a dozen “oh” in a row, the Whitebeard Dwarf, the administrator of Aku City, has understood what happened.


The city lord of Aku sat behind the desk, took out a piece of metal from the drawer, and while scratching it with a carving knife, he said: “It’s a strange thing that a human will come to us, the last time I saw a human being More than 40 years ago, that person fell from the crack, and the body was left intact, tsk tsk tsk…”




Because of the language barrier, only Xiang Enneng can communicate with the dwarves without difficulty, and everyone else looks like Aba Aba.


Xiang En passed the picture recorded in his mind to the white-bearded dwarf to watch, “Lord City Lord, now there is a war sweeping the life of all regions on the surface, and a monster is slaughtering the life of the upper class indiscriminately…”


Receiving the transmission of consciousness from Xiangen, the white-bearded dwarf raised his head with a surprised expression, but soon, he regained his composure and said, “Aw, we and the life on the ground are already two worlds. , I don’t care if I want to, I will write to the king, and nothing else.”


Dwarves live underground at a depth of one thousand meters, and the city closest to the surface is seven or eight hundred meters.


Time and physical isolation make it impossible for them to understand the pain of life on the surface, let alone sacrifice themselves to save others.


Even knowing that the surface was about to be destroyed by monsters, the Whitebeard Dwarf was only surprised, and then calmed down again.


Like ordinary people in Milliken who know that someone on the other side of the world is being devastated by war, they will only be surprised when they hear the news, and let out a few emotions, or else they will post a few impassioned words on the Internet to make them really do something substantial…


Don’t say anything.


Xiang En also just informed these dwarves. He didn’t expect them to really go to battle for the planet, and instead said: “I have a part of the industry on the surface, and I want to establish a trade relationship with Aku City…”


“It’s alright, alright!” The white-bearded old man threw it to Xiang En after engraving the metal sign, and waved impatiently, “If you want to trade, just go to the street and shout, we don’t break the rules so much here, don’t bother I drink!”


Xiang En almost didn’t catch his breath, the dwarf’s style of painting is really… different!


Look at the metal sign in his hand. It has words he can’t understand, and there is a hammer and a furnace on the back. It should be a pass or something.


After leaving the city lord’s office Heather treated the guests and brought Xiangen and the others to a dwarf-style barbecue.


Although the taste is good, it has not yet reached the point of shocking the world, at least compared to the food made by Xiang En, the only advantage is freshness.


After dinner, Xiangen and the others’ dwarf city tour is coming to an end. If they don’t go back, their family will be worried.


Standing on the platform and waiting for the two-hour trip, the Dauphin bug has several win-win solutions in Xiang En’s mind.


Not long after, the Dauphin Worm arrives, and they board the train back home to meet again with the dwarf general Nora.


“Hey hi! My friend, our city is great!”


Seeing Xiang En, Nora asked expectantly.


Xiang En did not disappoint him, and said with a smile: “Indeed! It’s great! We agreed before that I would open a tavern, and I have already decided the opening time. Nora, you must Come and taste our wine!”




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