My Magic Has No Attack Power Chapter 152: : Dwarven City



After the communication in the dwarf way, Xiang En finally knew the specific origin of the group of dwarves.


They are a subterranean dwarf living underground, a branch of the dwarves living on the hills, a clan that knows they can’t beat the life on the surface, so they all enter the underground life.


As early as hundreds of years ago, the ancestors of the subterranean dwarves had entered the underground life. After a hundred years of development, the subterranean dwarves changed their name to the earth elves, built one city after another underground, and captured many similar After being domesticated, underground life like Fins is used as one of the means of transportation for underground passage.


At this time, Xiang En and Sharon have already got into the body of the giant Dauphin. The cavity of the giant Dauphin is not narrow, on the contrary, there are many ropes and leather-supported hanging baskets.


These hanging baskets will swing with the body of the giant Dauphins, always downward under the influence of gravity, providing dwarves with a very comfortable sleeping experience, like a baby lying in a cradle.


Xiang En rashly followed the dwarves into the underground after thinking deeply. After learning that the dwarves actually built cities underground, his curiosity continued to expand, and he decided to make friends with these dwarves.


Send the dwarves the wine they hadn’t drank since they brewed them before. If possible, he would like to buy a property underground. The shelter on the shallow surface was lost, and he could take his family to hide in deeper ones. underground.


The giant worms of Dauphin move very fast. It only takes more than ten minutes for them to go deep into the underground kilometer.


During the period, Xiang En had been chatting with the dwarf general, sharing bread and drinks with him, and the previous few festivals were gone.


The dwarf general’s name is Nova, and he is the manager and breeder of this giant Dauphin.


He told Xiang En a lot of information about the city of Aku, and he also boasted about the brilliant achievements of the “Earth Spirit” to Xiang En.


I often talk about the glory of my ancestors, and I often show off my status.


There are only 12 giant Dauphin worms raised by the dwarves that can be used to transport people. To be the manager of one of the giant worms is already a top-notch status among the dwarves.


When he learned that Xiang En wanted to open a pub where they met, he even patted his chest and promised to solicit customers every day to drink and eat meat, as long as the things were not bad.


There’s also the matter of tunnelling.


Xiang En and their tunnels have been dug in the direction of the capital without much problem. Xiang En even considered the planet to be round and made some minor corrections.


However, the strength of the correction was so much stronger that it caused them to dig deeper and deeper, and even the direction became more and more crooked.


The giant worm tunnel excavated is already more than 600 meters underground. It happened that the giant worm of Dauphin crossed the underground river and entered the corridor of Aku city in a circle, and only then did we meet this time.


Please ask, Nova directly agreed that after opening the road out of the capital, he could rent the giant worms of Dauphin to transport refugees with food.


York and Mila just passed out this time.


Xiang En said to open a path for the Dauphin monster to pass. How big is the Dauphin monster? A long worm stuffed into nearly a thousand dwarves do not feel crowded.


To let such a giant worm walk through… what a wide tunnel!


After arriving at Aku City, the dwarf general Nova pulled a rope tied to the wall, and a piercing bell rang through the giant worm.


Ding ding!


“Get up for me, you lazy bastards! Get out of my bugs, don’t delay Lao Tzu making money!”


With Nova’s loud howl, the dwarves got up from the hanging basket sleepily and lightly drilled out of the insect mouth along the rope.


When they saw Xiang En and others near the exit, they all showed expressions of seeing rare animals, which made the group especially uncomfortable.


“Get out of here! I’ll block your chrysanthemums with stones!” Nova is still shouting loudly. The brutish dwarves like to speak in this way. It’s normal to eat and drink. water.


After the dwarves riding the big bug left one after another, Xiang En and the others left.


Nora will stay in the bug and pick up the next group of passengers who enter the bug to another underground city.


As for Xiang En and the others, Shi Nan and several other dwarves took them to visit Aku City, and by the way, they had to get a pass at least to meet the city lord of Aku City.


After all, the underground city of dwarves has rarely been visited by humans since its establishment, and the last time there was a human visit was the last time.


Those humans who accidentally appeared in the underground city were chased when they were exploring the dens of the underground creatures. They fled in panic, and went through the layers of obstacles to the dwarf city thousands of meters underground. The breath of those people was almost cut off .


The underground city of the dwarves is different from what Xiang Ensharon and others imagined. They thought it would be a dense group of buildings distributed in a vast underground cave.


But in fact the cities of the dwarves were dug out of large underground mines, and they happened to dig into the underground water source, and this was the city that was established.


So after Xiang En and the others drilled out of the tunnel of the Dauphins, all they saw was a platform and various metal buildings erected on the uneven ground in front of the platform.


It’s hot inside the mine, the sound is chaotic, and there are echoes everywhere.


A large number of dwarves stood on the platform waiting to enter the Dauphin bug. When they saw a few human beings drilled out of the tunnel, their expressions were astonished as if they had bumped into their own cuckold scene.


The words with the meaning of groping came one after another, and their eyes were locked on a few humans for a moment.


Several dwarves such as Shi Nan kept pushing, pushing away the dwarves who wanted to approach Xiang En, cursing.


It doesn’t look like a bodyguard, but rather like a staff member preventing tourists from getting started…you know it.


Xiang En and the others didn’t pay much attention to the eyes of the dwarves. After entering the slightly wider mine, they looked around curiously, admiring the buildings and shops full of dwarf characteristics.


Fantastic things always arouse their amazement. For example, the clothes in the dwarves’ clothing stores are mostly made of dripping biological skins and metal decorations and dwarves open clothes. Most of the restaurants in China also set up ovens in the open air to directly grill all kinds of meat. Except for the meat, only a few strange plants are left.


When passing by the barbecue shop, Xiang En and the others smelled the overflowing aroma and could not help secreting a small amount of saliva.


The dwarves in the mine city also showed their surprised expressions when they saw them, and all kinds of comments came to mind.


Xiang En can’t know what these dwarves are saying without deliberately using mental connections to people, but looking at their expressions, he can probably guess what they are saying.


Aku City doesn’t look very big from the entrance. In fact, there are really many mines that have been hollowed out. The tunnels are developed in all directions, and most of them have metal buildings.


The dwarves also know that the place with a lot of traffic is set up as a commercial area. After passing through the street where the Dauphin worm rides, Xiang En and the others rarely see dwarves again. Both sides, including the top of the head, are mostly metal buildings. , Many buildings are also inlaid on the stone walls.




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