Mutated Tao Chapter 484: Dragon (Thanks to the meat bun leader for the reward!)


Chapter 484 Dragon (Thanks to the meat bun leader for the reward!)

Across the eunuch, Emperor Liang showed off to Li Huowang with a proud look on his face, “Brother, are you scared? You didn’t expect that I would actually be the emperor!”

“See Your Majesty.” Li Huowang saluted him. He originally wanted to go back safely, but it was obvious that the young emperor did not intend to think so.

“Hey! Thank you for reminding me last time. If you hadn’t told me, I would have been deceived by that person! You have a good heart and are a good person. Become an official by my side in the future! You can be any official you want. You can mention it to me.”

“Absurd! These are the words of a foolish emperor!” The words of the Imperial Master instantly changed Emperor Liang’s face, and he suddenly did not dare to be too presumptuous.

It seems that even though he is the emperor of Liang Dynasty, there are some things that he cannot make the decision.

“Your Majesty, did you forget what you were going to do today?”

Emperor Daliang stood obediently and replied solemnly: “The sacrifices are all here, so I will go to the imperial temple today to pay homage to the late emperor.”

“Of course.” Daliang Guoshi’s heavy eyelids drooped and he stopped saying anything.

After being frightened by the Imperial Preceptor, Emperor Liang did not dare to delay the official business, but it could be seen that he was very surprised by Li Huowang’s appearance. Let’s have a good chat!”

The Imperial Master’s lips trembled, but in the end he did not speak out to scold him. However, he had already made a plan in his heart to go back and have a good talk with the Empress Dowager.

Li Huowang wanted to refuse, but a group of old eunuchs surrounded him and made it impossible for him to leave. After glancing at the back of Daliang Imperial Master, Li Huowang had no intention of doing anything extraordinary.

Although this was a bit beyond my expectations, making friends with the emperor was really not a bad thing, but it just happened at the wrong time.

Following the grand battle of Emperor Daliang, Li Huowang started to circle around the Daliang Palace.

During this period, Emperor Daliang looked back from time to time, obviously full of curiosity about Li Huowang. Especially after Li Huowang helped him during the Shangsi Festival.

But Li Huowang didn’t think so. He just wanted to get there quickly and stop causing trouble. Miaomiao was still waiting outside.

Li Huowang originally thought that they would go directly to the so-called Imperial Temple, but he did not expect that they would actually go back the same way and walked into the round arch door before.

The so-called chief **** had already knelt in a row with a group of young eunuchs, respectfully welcoming the arrival of Emperor Liang.

On the Eight Immortals table in front of them, seven jade plates the size of basins were lined up in a row, with various things placed on them.

Among them are crystal clear flower bones in bud, white eggs with a soft surface that is constantly twisting, and a piece of meat that is cooked to your liking.

All kinds of different things are placed in the bowl in different ways, but the last jade butterfly is different. There is nothing there, except for some black smoke floating out from time to time.

Li Huowang immediately understood that what was placed on the last jade butterfly was the evil spirit he had captured. The thing he had worked so hard to capture was actually a tribute to the dead emperor, just for display. of.

For a moment, Li Huowang felt that his previous efforts were not worth it.

No wonder the Emperor of Liang came as soon as he handed over the spirit. He had actually been waiting for it.

“Take them all.” The eunuchs in the row next to Li Huowang walked out with their heads raised, holding the jade plates high above their heads, and followed Emperor Daliang towards the temple.

After walking for another two-quarters of an hour, when Li Huowang smelled the scent of sandalwood with his keen nose, he knew that the Imperial Temple had arrived.

From the outside, this so-called Dalianghuang Temple is no different from an ordinary temple, except that it is larger and more solemn.

When they came to this place, the unobtrusive Emperor Liang obviously restrained himself a lot. After solemnly bowing to the imperial temple, he walked in with the eunuchs and maids.

The imperial temple is very large, and it is surrounded by neat candles, which makes the room a little hot. Some old eunuchs without eyes or ears kneel in the corner, knocking on wooden fish and chanting Buddhist scriptures day and night.

Just when Emperor Daliang was kneeling on the futon and worshiping the neat rows of memorial tablets in the imperial temples, he was pulled up by an old eunuch.

“Huh? What’s wrong? Aren’t you here today?” Li Huowang heard the surprise in Emperor Liang’s words. He seemed surprised by this too.

When the old **** said something in his ear, he stood up helplessly, and then led a group of people towards the back of the tablet.

The bright yellow silk hanging on the wall was pulled open, and a majestic black stone door appeared in front of them. The black stone door was carved with a nine-headed dragon with teeth and claws, which looked lifelike.

When the eunuchs slowly opened the huge stone door, a chilly air hit the back of the neck.

The maids all stopped. Only the man moved his legs and walked in. Even Zhibei stopped him.

Seeing this rule, Li Huowang couldn’t help but ask in his heart, “Is this the ancestral hall of the Daliang royal family?”

As he questioned, they walked in. It was so large and empty that even the footsteps echoed.

The whole place is funnel-shaped, with high sides and low center, and the decoration is full of royal luxury.

There is glittering gold everywhere, even the lowest coffin, which is as huge as a house, is made of gold. Nine golden dragons of different shapes are wrapped with chains, pulling the golden coffin in all directions.

As soon as he came in, Li Huowang was immediately shocked by this strange scene.

“Nine dragons pulling the coffin?” Li Huowang thought about it carefully and felt that it was not like nine dragons pulling the coffin, but more like nine dragons were trying to divide the coffin into pieces.

“Wow~! This place is so big!” Emperor Liang looked around curiously.

But after looking around for a while, under the guidance of an old eunuch, he placed seven kinds of tributes on the ground, and bowed and kowtowed three times to the coffin in the center.

Li Huowang originally thought that he also wanted to worship, but he found that even the eunuchs around him did not move. It seemed that they were not worthy of worshiping here.

“Then the dead Emperor Liang was buried here? I thought he was going to be buried in the mausoleum.” Zai Wangdao Huanhuan on the side spoke.

While Li Huowang was carefully examining the extremely gorgeous patterns on the huge coffin, he suddenly realized that something was wrong.

As Emperor Liang continued to kneel down, the huge golden coffin slowly opened.

“Father?” Emperor Liang was stunned for a moment. Because the coffin was at the lowest position, standing on the outer circle, he could immediately see what was inside. “Father!!”

Emperor Liang rushed over excitedly, but was blocked by several old eunuchs. “What are you doing!! My father is still moving!! He is still alive! Why do you want to lock him up!”

“Your Majesty, this is the dragon vein! The foundation of our beam must never be desecrated!”

What Emperor Daliang saw, Li Huowang also saw. Emperor Daliang, who had fought to the death with Zuo Wangdao, was **** with chains engraved with dragon patterns.

Although he was wearing a large royal robe embroidered with dragon patterns. But it still couldn’t hide the strange changes on his body, the dark golden dragon scales, and the dragon whiskers twisting like tentacles.

What makes Li Huowang even more chilly is that he is not alone. He is stacked on top of another person, and the people under him are also stacked on top of others, one after another, layer upon layer. It seems endless.

The inside of the coffin looks extremely dark and dark. The emperors of all dynasties were chained to death in mid-air and neatly stacked into an upright corpse strip.

Li Huowang also discovered that the corpse was not stationary. It was twisting with some kind of roaring sound deep in the coffin, as if it was trying to break free from the chains. They act as if they were a tethered dragon?

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