Mutated Tao Chapter 485: Ji Lin


Looking at the weird scene in the coffin, Li Huowang, who was standing outside, couldn’t help feeling a little nervous, as if he had seen something he shouldn’t have seen. “Is the Daliang Royal Family going to kill me to protect the secret?” Li Huowang, who had experienced all kinds of hardships, couldn’t help thinking the worst. He began to raise his vigilance in his heart and kept thinking in his mind,

Be prepared for whatever happens next.

Zhuge Yuan on the side comforted and said: “Brother Li, don’t panic, the royal family has dragon veins. It’s a well-known fact, but I really didn’t expect that the dragon veins of the girder would be like this. Maybe that’s why. The reason why this false girder was able to overwhelm Daqi back then.”

No matter what Li Huowang was thinking at the moment, there was nothing unusual about the entire golden and majestic imperial temple in front of him.

The only thing that changed was Emperor Daliang’s urgent shout. “Are you all deaf! Hurry up and save my father! I am the emperor now! Do you still want to disobey orders!”

However, facing his order, those old eunuchs just lay on the ground trembling, and did nothing.

“Ahem. Lin’er” a painful and exhausted voice made the tearful Emperor Liang look at the top of the “Dragon Vein”, which was his father. “Lin’er, don’t embarrass them, I made them do this, cough cough…”

Until this time, Li Huowang didn’t know the name of the young Emperor of Daliang. The royal family of Daliang had the surname of Ji, and his name was Ji Lin.

When sending the previous Liang emperor to the execution ground, Li Huowang still remembered that the man scolded the emperor on the dragon veins, his name was Ji Man.

“But father, why is this, you are still alive!” Ji Lin looked at the chains trapped in his father’s flesh and blood, as if he felt the same way, tears rolled in his eyes in distress.

Ji Man’s voice gradually became quieter, as if there were some things he didn’t want outsiders to know, but Li Huowang’s keen hearing could hear what they were saying clearly.

“You don’t understand that this is the only way to keep the luck of our Daliang Dynasty. This is our fate,

When you reach my age, you will understand.”

“Father, but…but…” Ji Lin of the young man was a little confused at the moment. He wanted to say something, but he didn’t know how to express it.

“I actually died a long time ago, but I was forcibly revived by this dragon energy. You can only ascend the throne after I die. You should be happy.”

Speaking, Ji Man, who was in a large character shape, grabbed the chain at hand and pulled it violently, and brought the remaining stack of emperors to the side of the coffin.

He stretched out his scaly dragon-clawed hand, and pulled Ji Lin to his side violently, his voice also became harsher. “Do you know why, before I die, I want to pass on the throne to you, not the upright eldest prince?

“My child doesn’t know.” Ji Lin replied with a sob.

“Because you are ugly! In order to win favor, you dared to give your own brother a chin at the age of six! Other princes can’t compare! But you are not enough, if it is me, you should be red on the top of a crane!”

Speaking of this, his tone instantly became extremely cold. “Lin’er, when you go back, kill all your brothers.”

“What?!” Ji Lin’s face turned pale in an instant, and if his father hadn’t pulled him by the collar, he might have collapsed on the ground on the spot.

“Of course you don’t have to do anything, but then don’t blame other people for doing it to you first. They have people around them to assist you. Although you are the emperor, the enthronement ceremony has not yet been held. Everything is subject to change. Remember, if you want to achieve great things, your closest relatives can be killed!”

Hearing these words, Li Huowang frowned. It seemed that Emperor Liang planned to use his sons to refine Gu.

Whoever is the strongest and most vicious can become the next Emperor of Liang, but will the person selected in this way really be a generation of Mingjun?

“Remember, Lin’er, a widow is a loner. If you want to be emperor, don’t trust anyone except yourself, including your mother.”

As Ji Man let go of Ji Lin’s imperial robe, the heavy golden coffin slowly closed with a roar.

For a moment, the huge mausoleum fell silent, except for Ji Ling’s rapid panting. Even though it was very cold here, the cold sweat on his forehead was still dripping.

“Welcome to the gods~Remove the dishes~~!” An unknown old **** sang, and the eunuchs who had been like wooden figures before began to move. The cumbersome memorial process, but Li Huowang at this time is like a spectator silently watching everything in front of him.

After a while, when the sacrificial ceremony was over, the eunuchs lined up neatly and left silently, not waiting for the emperor on the ground to get up.

As for Li Huowang, who was standing aside, he glanced at Ji Lin, who was slumped on the ground, and followed the **** out.

He believed that in the face of such great changes and choices in his life, the new emperor might be busy in the next period of time, and he probably didn’t have time to talk to himself, a small person who had met once.

When he walked from the cold and oppressive mausoleum to the warm imperial temple surrounded by candles, Li Huowang suddenly had the feeling of going from the underworld to the underworld.

He was just about to walk towards Lian Zhibei who was waiting at the door, when a majestic voice came from behind. “Season disaster!”

“Ji calamity?” Li Huowang was stunned for a moment, and when he saw Zhuge Yuan beside him, he immediately realized that this was the name that the other party had changed for him. “The other party is calling me.”

“Brother Li, don’t panic, this Great Liang Guoshi can’t see through Xiaosheng’s tricks, he can’t know your real name, and naturally he can’t figure out what you have done in the past.” After Li Huowang gave Zhuge Yuan a grateful look, Turning around, he walked towards Daliang Guoshi who was standing there with his hands behind his back, “Ji Ji pays homage to Mr. Guoshi!” Li Huowang saluted the other party’s back very seriously.

“Since you are Geng Banner of Supervisor Tiansi, then you should know some things, what should be said and what should not be said?” The national teacher raised his wrinkled hand and kept counting.

“I understand.” Li Huowang stood there watching his heart, and he was not at all surprised that the other party wanted to beat him.

On the contrary, if the other party said nothing at this time, Li Huowang would feel uneasy.

“Ji Ji, since you are the master of the Aojing Sect, why did you join the Supervisor of Tiansi? I remember that you ignorant people have been forgetting the world of mortals and daydreaming about becoming immortals? “

After Li Huowang thought about it seriously, he still used the same rhetoric as before.

But facing this person, Li Huowang didn’t even intend to lie, but wholeheartedly believed that he was the Ji disaster who avenged Zuo Wangdao for the dead elder.


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