Mutated Tao Chapter 458: Natural disaster


Chapter 458 Natural Disaster

“The Tengu eats the sun?” Listening to Zhuge Yuan’s words, Li Huowang frowned and stared at the dark sky above his head.

“Could it be a solar eclipse?” Li Huowang speculated confusedly.

But Li Huowang soon denied this possibility. When he was in the first grade of elementary school, he was lucky enough to see a solar eclipse.

Even if it is a solar eclipse, the sun in the sky is not completely dark, but only has a layer of halo left. It will never be so dark.

The violent sound of “哐哐哐哐哐”, accompanied by Lu Zhuangyuan’s shout with a hint of singing, rang over Niuxin Village. “The Tengu is eating the sun~ Hurry up and beat the gongs and drums to scare the Tengu away~!!”

It’s okay if the sound doesn’t ring out, but when it does, the whole village becomes panicked.

Li Huowang put one hand on the window, jumped directly to the first floor, and followed the sound.

Not far away, I saw Lu Zhuangyuan and his group, holding lanterns and playing **** the musical instruments they used for singing.

“Okay! Stop everyone!” Li Huowang snatched the gong from Lu Zhuangyuan’s hand.

“Little Taoist Master, you may be good at other things, but in this matter, you really don’t have the experience I have. This is the Tengu eating the sun! It was my Third Master who led a villager to beat the gong to drive them away. Tengu! ”

Li Huowang frowned when he heard the other party’s solemn words. “This thing is useless! Let everyone in the village gather in the Bai family compound! Count the people!”

“But if you don’t beat the gong, what if the dog really eats the sun?”

“Go away! If you keep talking nonsense, believe it or not, I will throw your sister into the house and burn her home!”

Lu Zhuangyuan seemed to want to say something more, but seeing Li Huowang’s serious look, he immediately took his son and apprentice to find someone.

Watching them walking away with their lanterns, Li Huowang finally had the time to raise his head and ask Zhuge Yuan carefully.

“Brother Zhuge, is this really a natural disaster? Are you sure it’s not something else?”

In this crazy world, he would not be surprised if other crazy things happened.

Zhuge Yuan looked sideways at the upper left corner and recalled. “It shouldn’t be wrong. I once recorded this dark natural disaster in a small note.”

“Brother Zhuge, about this so-called Tengu eating the sun, is there anything else recorded in the note?”

“No, but Brother Li, the point is not this natural disaster, but the time. Do you remember the year and month of the last natural disaster?”

“Last year.” Looking up at the dark sky again, Li Huowang remembered the natural disaster he had experienced.

The decay disappeared last time, so everything in the world no longer deteriorates or decays. Although the process is neither fast nor slow.

This is why Li Huowang is so calm now. Although it is called a natural disaster, except for the death of his master, nothing else from his last experience had any impact on him.

“Yes, but natural disasters have always been recurring for decades, so why are there another natural disasters in just two years? Brother Li, people who don’t know the rules are bound to be in trouble, and there will be monsters when things go wrong!”

Li Huowang’s heart skipped a beat when he heard Zhuge Yuan’s words. “You mean that Bai Yujingnei at this moment.”

Before Li Huowang could finish speaking, Zhuge Yuan with a solemn expression interrupted him directly. “Brother Li, since you are a newbie and have begun to practice cultivation again, you should try your best to mention those things as little as possible in the future, so as not to…”

Li Huowang immediately understood what the other party meant and took back what he said.

He stood there and pondered seriously for a long time. It was not until Lu Juren came over with a lantern to report that everyone in Niuxin Village came, that he stopped thinking.

Li Huowang raised his hands in the air. “Brother Zhuge, no matter what happens over there, I think we should survive this natural disaster safely first.”

“I don’t need to consider those things at all, because no matter what I do, I can’t decide anything.”

“No, no, everyone is responsible for the rise and fall of the world. Please let me think about it, think about it.” Zhuge Yuan tapped his forehead with the folding fan in his hand and stopped talking.

Seeing Lu Juren gasping for air and looking at him in fear, Li Huowang walked towards the Bai family courtyard without explaining anything.

When he returned to the Bai family compound, Li Huowang saw many people kneeling on the ground, worshiping in the darkness around them. In this environment, fear makes people always want to find something to rely on.

“Child, do you have enough food?” In this case, Li Huowang didn’t plan to go out, so he planned to take them to stay in the Bai family compound and wait for the dog food day to pass.

“Senior Brother Li, don’t worry, it will definitely be enough. There is still last year’s old rice in the rice bank, which is enough for us people to eat for two or three years. There is also a well in the yard, so we don’t have to worry about eating and drinking.”

Li Huowang nodded and rang the aisle bell from Chun Xiaoman’s waist. The harsh ringing instantly attracted everyone.

“Don’t panic! This is just a natural disaster. It will be gone in a while. We can just wait”

As Li Huowang spoke, other people in Niuxin Village, although their faces were still frightened, were much better than before.

In the end, when Li Huowang ordered Yang Xiaowa to kill the cow and eat its meat, their attention was immediately drawn away by the choice of whether to kill the cow or eat the beef, and they had no time to think about it.

“The boss among the reds is great! The boss among the reds is great! Playing with these people is like playing with a bunch of idiots!”

Did Li Huowang directly ignore the ridicule of the hallucination sitting and forgetting the way? He said to Zhuge Yuan again: “Brother Zhuge, how much effort do you think the Supervisor Tiansi will have to spend this time to suppress this natural disaster?”

“Although Supervisor Tiansi said it was to resist natural disasters, I really doubt whether they have any way.”

The occurrence of natural disasters means that the commanders and commanders are fighting for the way of heaven.

After seeing Doulao’s amazing strength, Li Huowang really doubted that a mere mortal organization was really qualified to participate?

Or maybe the words said by the so-called Supervisor Tiansi are all bragging?

“They do, but the battle between Supervisor Tiansi and Zuo Wangdao was a dead end before, but I don’t know if they are busy enough now.”

Li Huowang felt very complicated after hearing this. In the past, his attitude towards Jian Tiansi, who was not caring about human life, was always repulsive.

I really didn’t expect that I actually hoped that they would be able to operate normally as soon as possible.

After all, no matter how bad they do and how many people they kill, they are indispensable to the people of this world.

“Brother Zhuge, what you said before is out of the ordinary. The two natural disasters are so close together. The Supervisor of Tiansi will definitely come forward to solve it, right?”

“Although this is indeed the case, the Supervisor of Daliang actually mixes with the royal family. Xiaosheng can’t trust them.”

“Even if the beam is fake, according to the ancestral teachings, Jian Tiansi must not have any collusion with any secular forces, and he must not assist the royal family in seizing the city. That is all a matter for military strategists.”


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