Mutated Tao Chapter 457: Mutation (Thanks to the silver lord Xiang Wanglin for the reward!


Chapter 457 Mutation (thanks to the silver lord Xiang Wanglin for the reward!)

“It’s just that I’m blind. I’ll always think of a way to replace these eyeballs. If you really can’t replace them, please trouble Li Huowang.”

Bai Lingmiao continued talking to Ershen.

“But in case I really die one day, you remember, keep an eye on him for me, don’t let him seek death and life like a woman.”

“No, I can’t die now, I have to give him children first, how many do you think is better?”

During the conversation, noises came from the village, Bai Lingmiao frowned slightly, and quickly returned with Ershen.

Soon they got the news from the people in the circle that Gou Wa’s baby was born.

This was originally a happy event, but when the child was carried out of the bedroom and saw the child’s appearance, the person who was about to congratulate him stopped talking for a moment, and Gouwa was even more numb.

The baby’s body was covered with patches of white spots, just like Gouwa’s face, it was congenital with vitiligo.

After looking around, Luo Juanhua, who was acting as a stable woman, walked to Gouwa and carefully sent her to Gouwa’s arms. “It’s a girl.”

Gou Wa’s face turned extremely pale in an instant, and he almost couldn’t stand still. “Why is it a girl. Why is it still a girl? How can I get married?”

Chun Xiaoman, with an extremely uncomfortable expression, put his arms around Bai Lingmiao lightly, and said with a trembling voice: “We are the kind of people who are in short supply. Apart from being ugly, it will also bring disaster to future generations. Forcibly keeping future generations behind Harm others and yourself.”

“I mentioned it to Gouwa before, but he always feels that he is different, hey.”

Bai Lingmiao’s complexion was fair, but when she heard this, she took on a tinge of dead gray.


Li Huowang followed the rugged mountain road all the way up the mountain. When he came to the deep cave again, the flat cave in the past had become strange and strange.

Some are distorted, some are weird, and there are even various sculptures in some places, Yang Na’s, Sun Xiaoqin’s, Li Jiancheng’s, and these are all masterpieces of Li Huowang’s cultivation process.

This is all caused by his unconsciousness. Even if he is asked to do it again now, he may not be able to do it.

Finding a relatively flat place in this cave, Li Huowang began to sit cross-legged and began to cultivate again.

He held his breath and concentrated, and began to push the innate qi wrapped in the divine light in his body towards the root chakra of the seven chakras.

After such a long time of hard work, the innate energy has begun to move, and he wants to take advantage of today’s opportunity to achieve it in one step.

Li Huowang began to enter a state of ecstasy. At this moment, he didn’t have any distracting thoughts in his mind except moving the innate qi to the position of the root chakra.

The process is slow, but the innate qi is indeed moving.

This process was very thrilling, the divine light from both eyes wrapped and moved, Li Huowang even let the innate qi escape a few times, so that he was forced to return to the hospital bed in the real world.

Hard work pays off, under Li Huowang’s full attention, he felt the innate qi in his body gradually overlapping with his root chakra.

In an instant, Li Huowang felt the divine light enveloping the innate qi swell suddenly, and it quickly surged out of his body and dispersed towards the surroundings.

And everything touched by this halo can be known inside and out.

Even the earthworms in the soil, and the smaller worms on the earthworms, he knows it clearly.

This feeling is very wonderful. At this moment, Li Huowang felt that he no longer had only one pair of eyes, but that he had countless pairs of eyes. These eyes nested inside and outside each other, forming a circle.

As long as you think about it, you can see everything around you clearly.

However, this feeling came and went quickly. When Li Huowang opened his eyes again, his body fell directly from the suspended state to the ground.

After switching positions and landed steadily, Li Huowang looked around. For some reason, everything he saw now was obviously the same as in the past, but he always felt that some details were different.

Suddenly thought of something, Li Huowang picked up a stone from the ground, and slowly closed his eyes. “This is an apple.”

This is not just lip service, Li Huowang began to believe with all his heart that he was holding an apple in his hand.

Swollen veins appeared on his forehead, and Li Huowang’s expression became ferocious, and the hand holding the stone trembled violently.

A quarter of an hour later, when Li Huowang opened his eyes suddenly, he found that the apple in his hand was still there!

The excited Li Huowang put the apple to his mouth, took a big bite, and felt the sweet and sour juice appear in his mouth.

As he kept chewing, the apple juice became more and more, but gradually, the taste of the juice began to change, the sourness and sweetness disappeared quickly, and it began to turn into a pungent rust taste.

Li Huowang opened his mouth, and spit out all the gravel that cut his mouth, along with the blood.

Looking at the stone apple with a gap missing in his hand again, Li Huowang raised his head and said to Zhuge Yuan: “Brother Zhuge, you see, you can achieve this effect after just practicing these days, just wait for me a little longer , will definitely revive you.”

“Brother Li, don’t rush this moment, take your time, you should go back and rest quickly, you have been in seclusion for four days and four nights this time, and your body may not be able to take it anymore.”

“What? So long?” Li Huowang stood up abruptly, feeling dizzy for a while, but Li Sui, who was waiting by the side, rushed over immediately and supported him with his tentacles.

“Take me home, I’ll take a break first.” Li Huowang just finished speaking, and passed out instantly.

When he woke up again, he found that he was already lying on the bed, and he was woken up by choking when Bai Lingmiao took water with his mouth.

“Are you awake? Are you hungry? I’ll bring you something to eat.” For some reason, Bai Lingmiao looked very pale.

However, Li Huowang didn’t have time to think about this. The only thought in his mind was eating, and he even felt that he could eat a cow at this moment.

Li Huowang sat up, picked up the white rice and ate it in big mouthfuls. In his eyes, ordinary rice is as delicious as delicacies from mountains and seas.

Soon the bowl of sticky rice was finished, and Li Huowang began to eat the remaining two dishes and one soup.

Seeing Li Huowang’s eating speed, Bai Lingmiao felt that this was not enough, so he stood up and walked downstairs, planning to bring some more.

Eating and eating, Li Huowang saw a pair of blood-red embroidered shoes parked in front of his eyes.

“What? What’s the matter?” Li Huowang looked up in surprise and looked at the two gods in front of him.

“Brother Li, can you help us..”

Li Huowang chewed the water spinach leaves in his cheeks and swallowed them. “Come on, what’s the matter? What’s the matter between us?”

The two gods stood there, their pitch-black and slender nails tangled together, looking very hesitant and tangled.

Seeing her behavior like this, Li Huowang quickly got a lot of useful information from it.

“What? You wanted to talk about this alone? Miaomiao didn’t agree?”

“I know that you are one person and two bodies, but you can also have your own plans. Tell me, what is it, I will definitely help you.”

Just as the two gods were still struggling, suddenly the bright room just now became very dark.

“Huh?” Li Huowang stood up, walked out of the window, poked his head out to look at the extremely dark sky outside.

“Is it dark?”

“No.” Zhuge Yuan’s expression rarely became very solemn, “Brother Li, it’s not dark, it’s noon now, this is one of the natural disasters, the dog eats the sun.”

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