Mutated Tao Chapter 456: Trouble


Chapter 456 Trouble

“Well, it’s very annoying to live in a busy place, so I want to find a remote place to live.”

“It doesn’t matter. What’s the relationship between the two of us? Don’t worry. Since you occupy this land, then when I go back and tell you, this land and this village will be yours. No one can make any excuses.”

“That’s right. Wasn’t this big group of White Lotus sect just blamed for their idle talk? Since you killed them, then their territory should belong to you.”

Although Liu Zongyuan seemed to want to sell off Li Huowang’s face, these words seemed a bit harsh in his ears.

Liu Zongyuan glanced at the door carefully, tilted his body slightly in the direction of Li Huowang, and said in a deliberately low voice: “Hey, did you hear about the incident in Beijing? People in the company are very unstable now. ”

“Well, I heard about it. It seems that Zuowangdao arranged for us to join together.”

“It’s not just that. I heard that they fought in the palace for three days and three nights! Our emperor was seriously injured by Zuowangdao and was about to die. I’m afraid he won’t be able to make it to repair the mausoleum now, but Zuowangdao can’t help but Not good, most of them died, even one of the dice died!”

“Huh? Is the news reliable?”

“You are asking this question to look down on people, right? Have you forgotten that I am from the Moon Gate? Who in Jiangnan Road is as well-informed as me?”

Li Huowang frowned slightly. It seemed that after he left Shangjing, the two forces did not give up. Instead, they fought to the death.

Seeing the strange expression on Li Huowang’s face, Liu Zongyuan quickly comforted him, “Don’t worry. It’s nothing. It’s just the death of the emperor. The prince has been waiting for him. As long as he dies, he will be killed immediately. How should we deal with it?”

“Brother Liu misunderstood. I’m not worried about those big shots. They have nothing to do with us. I just think the world is in chaos.” Li Huowang said, taking another sip from the tea cup.

“Yes, it’s chaos. It’s all created by people. What do these big shots think? Can’t they live a peaceful life? They have a mouth on top and a broken leg on the bottom. If I hadn’t been greedy for supervising the sky. I would have given up on the things in the company that my grandmother did.”

“Erjiu, it’s better for you to be open-minded and go straight to this remote village without picking up any errands or ordering any errands. The new photographer didn’t think you were there.”

After Li Huowang quickly turned around in his mind for a few times, he immediately felt that this person from the Tiantian Division needed to be won over. It would be beneficial to him to have such a friend in the Tiantian Division. In case this line is used at any time Be prepared for any trouble.

“Brother Liu, I am really relieved to hear that there are so many casualties and casualties in your mouth. Don’t leave yet. I’ll be the host. We won’t come back until we get drunk!”

“Okay, I’m just hungry! I have no intention of being polite to you, I’m just waiting for your words.”

After hearing Li Huowang’s instructions, Yang child tried his best, and even took out the jar of Zhuangyuanhong. After the meal, Liu Zongyuan ate and drank happily.

At the end of the wine table, he was drunk and linked arms with Li Huowang, looking like he was going to kill the chicken and burn the paper.

However, Li Huowang saw that the various emotions and sufferings in him were not what he showed.

Zuowangdao always believes that everyone has several faces, but some are inspired and some are not.

As for Liu Zongyuan’s duplicity, Li Huowang actually doesn’t care, and so is he.

Liu Zongyuan, who was drunk, got up early in the morning and once again tried to dissuade Li Huowang, who was deliberately sending him off.

“Brother Er, just send it here. You can go back first. Are you really not going to take on the errands? If you don’t take on the errands for a long time, your status will be reduced.”

Li Huowang shook his head slightly, “Think about how many people have died during this period. The world outside has been very chaotic recently. It’s better to avoid the limelight. Brother Liu, I still want to advise you, don’t be too desperate. Your life is yours, but if you die, you will lose everything.”

After Liu Zongyuan heard this, he thought about it very seriously, solemnly arched his hands towards Li Huowang, reached into his arms and took out a few curved pieces of bamboo with half to full moons engraved on them.

“Brother Er, take these. If you want to contact me or something, tie this to the carrier pigeon. It will definitely be able to find me. The rounder the moon, the faster it will go.”

“Okay, I have been in this village recently. If you want to find me, just come directly.”

Seeing Liu Zongyuan turn over and jump into the woods without a trace, Li Huowang took out his Jian Tiansi waist badge again and looked at it.

It seems that this level of identity is still useful, otherwise today’s matter may not be so easy to solve.

“Emperor Liang died again? This is already the second death, right? He was really diligent in changing.”

The Emperor Liang, who had never shown his face, flashed in Li Huowang’s mind. He looked so noble and domineering at the time, but he didn’t expect to die so quickly.

But the thought soon disappeared, and Li Huowang turned around and walked towards Niuxin Mountain.

As for the life and death of other people in this world, he actually doesn’t care at all. He just wants to protect his own three-quarters of an acre and live a stable life in this crazy world.

Li Huowang is not even interested in the longevity that everyone in this world longs for, although as a mind element, there is no limit to taking Yangshou Dan.

But if it is endless pain and torture, what is the difference between that kind of eternal life and the eighteen levels of hell.

What if you are still alive and everyone else you care about dies, that situation is simply more terrifying than death.

Not long after Li Huowang left, Bai Lingmiao and the two gods poked their heads out of a house and said happily: “Fortunately, Li Huowang is here. If he hadn’t been there, I’m afraid the Supervisor Tiansi wouldn’t be like this.” It’s so easy to get fooled.”

“But it seems that he has a lot of connections in the Tiantian Division. Should we tell him about the threat posed by the Xian family to us? Maybe we can find a solution through him in the Tiantian Division, what do you think? ?”

Hearing Bai Lingmiao’s words, the red hijab on Ershen’s head swayed from side to side as she shook her head.

“What? Still think it’s troublesome for him? We’ll tell him when things get big, then that’s trouble! There’s no need to hide some things.”

“What about your eyes.”

Bai Lingmiao was startled by Er Shen’s words. She gently raised her hand and looked at her own palm as white as jade with her pink and white pupils.

At this moment, in her field of vision, she could only see three of her fingers, and the rest was blocked by a vast expanse of white catkins.

Bai Lingmiao’s tone was very calm. “My parents have asked others in the past. A white-haired devil like me will one day be blind in both eyes, and generally his life will be short.”

“My parents tried many methods at that time, but none of them worked. Maybe this is my fate. Who made my fate bad?”


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