Mutated Tao Chapter 447: Niuxin Village


Chapter 447 Niuxin Village

Liu Huowang, wearing a bamboo hat and holding his horse, stood silently on the roadside, looking at Niuxin Village in the distance.

A few months ago, he was in this same position. At that time, he stood here, thinking about how to explain to Bai Lingmiao that he had killed her whole family.

He was still in this position today. He stood here, thinking about how to explain to other people in the village everything he had experienced during his absence.

My goal was achieved. I no longer had to be disturbed by hallucinations. I was obviously going to see them again, but I didn’t know why I felt very uneasy at this time.

Compared with the coldness of winter at that time, Niuxin Village was obviously much more lively in spring. The fields around the village were full of working people and cows.

Those people are young and look clumsy, but they seem to be working very seriously, but I don’t know why these people don’t look good.

“Woof woof!” The steamed bun’s cry pulled Li Huowang’s eyes back from the distance and looked at the big yellow dog behind him. It arched its back, grinned, and barked at Li Sui in the woods.

Although Li Huowang trained it many times, Mantou seemed to have given up on this matter and always had strong hostility towards Li Sui.

“Dad, why is it barking at me? I like to play with it, but it doesn’t like to play with me.”

Li Huowang looked at Li Sui at this time. Its wriggling tentacles were tightly wrapped in a large raincoat, and his head was covered with a large bamboo hat with black gauze.

If people who don’t know the details judge from appearance, Li Sui, who is wearing a raincoat at this time, looks like a short but extremely fat man.

“Since it doesn’t want to play with you, then go play something else and don’t provoke it.”

In the past, Li Sui needed to suppress the hallucinations in his heart, but now it is no longer needed. Li Huowang couldn’t find a way to deal with Li Sui for a while.

Just let it be self-reliant? Li Huowang really couldn’t open his mouth. He had taught it word by word since it had spiritual consciousness until now. It would be false to say it has no emotions, even if it is a terrifying evil spirit.

Although it looks scary, it is very simple-minded and can be easily deceived. In this world, Black Tai Sui is just a medicinal herb. If you let it out, it will be kidnapped by others soon. .

For the current plan, we can only raise it like steamed buns. Fortunately, it is relatively easy to raise and it is not a burden.

“When you enter the village, be sure not to take off your raincoat and never extend your tentacles from it, so as not to scare other people.”

“Dad, I understand.” Li Sui responded obediently.

As its tentacles continued to twist, it followed Li Huowang towards the village, leaving a shallow line of mucus under its coir raincoat.

The two of them were leading a horse and a dog. They were obviously not just villagers, so they immediately attracted the attention of the people in the field.

“Senior Brother Li!! Senior Brother Li? There’s no need to poke fun.” Bei Qian walked out of the field without hesitation, and a round-faced woman followed him curiously.

Seeing an acquaintance whom he had not seen for a long time, Steamed Bun immediately ran over, shaking his head, and pounced on the sheep child.

Yang child hugged the steamed bun and asked impatiently to Li Huowang, who was leading the horse: “Brother Li, where are you going during this time? We all miss you, are you okay!”

During his questioning, more and more people gathered around Li Huowang. When he returned to the gate of the Bai family compound, basically the entire village was here.

Gao Zhijian looked a lot bigger than before. Standing in the crowd, he felt like he stood out from the crowd. He opened his mouth and stuttered as if he wanted to say something, but Gou Wa beat him to it.

“Senior Brother Li! Look! This is my wife. If you look at her belly, she will give birth soon! I am going to be a father!! Hahaha!”

Gouwa’s joyful laughter didn’t last long before he was pushed by Chun Xiaoman and staggered. “Senior Brother Li, you are finally back. During this period, Miaomiao often talks about you and worries about you.”

Zhao Wu, leaning on a pair of wooden crutches, said excitedly from the side: “Senior Brother Li, when you were not here, I helped you take care of the money in Niuxin Village. Not only did we not sit back and have nothing, we still have something to lose.” Make less money!”

Everyone was talking happily about various things. As for what Li Huowang said before leaving, they had long forgotten all about it.

Li Huowang felt inexplicably relaxed when surrounded by these people, and the string in his heart no longer had to be stretched all the time.

“Maybe this is the feeling of home.” Li Huowang thought to himself.

“Hehehe~hehehe~ Little Taoist Master, you are back. Come on, come on, you have taken a long trip, and you can use the brazier to get rid of evil spirits.” Lu Zhuangyuan smiled and placed a brazier at the door.

Of course he is happy. With this master here to control him, he feels much more at ease. Moreover, he is still his boss, so it is more legitimate for him to live in this village.

When Li Huowang stepped over the brazier and walked into the Bai family courtyard, he saw Bai Lingmiao leaning against the wooden window on the second floor, looking at him with a smile on his face. It was as if it was someone else who had left him in anger.

“Come back? My child, go and pull out a sheep and a pig from the fence and kill them. We will eat on the flowing water mat tonight.”

“Okay!” Yang child immediately agreed excitedly, put down the buns in his arms, turned around and rushed towards the kitchen.

Under the shouts of Lu Zhuangyuan, who was very discerning, other people went over to help. They were killing pigs and watching pigs being killed. The huge Bai family compound became much quieter for a while.

“Is this Brother Li’s confidante? Then should we avoid him?” Zhuge Yuan suggested very considerately as he looked at Li Huowang going upstairs.

“What are you avoiding! You’re new here and you don’t know what happened between them at all. The next thing is interesting. I’m just waiting for this time.” Hongzhong was about to follow him excitedly, but But he was stopped by Zhuge Yuan.

“Brother Zuowangdao, let’s forget it. This is not what a gentleman would do.” Zhuge Yuan blocked him.

“I am not a gentleman to begin with. I am just sitting and forgetting the truth. I am a liar!”

However, no matter what he said, Zhuge Yuan never let him get close.

When Li Huowang walked up the stairs to the second floor, Bai Lingmiao walked up generously and took off his weapons and heavy torture bag like his wife.

But just when she was about to say something, she stared at the short winter melon behind Li Huowang with some disgust, and thought to herself: “Who is this person? Why did he follow him to the bedroom? He doesn’t have any sharp eyesight at all.”

“He is Li Sui, Li Sui, and his name is Niang.”



Bai Lingmiao’s full words were immediately interrupted by the name Li Sui, and she looked up at the strange man wearing a raincoat in front of her in shock.

“Tell me clearly! Where did you come from such a big child! Did that little **** named Yang Na give birth to you!”


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