Mutated Tao Chapter 448: Ankles


Chapter 448 Anklet

Seeing Bai Lingmiao’s reaction, Li Huowang seemed a little speechless. “What nonsense are you talking about. As I told you, it is the black Tai Sui used in my body to suppress hallucinations, but now I don’t need it to suppress hallucinations, so now it comes out of my body.”

Speaking, Li Huowang picked up Li Sui’s bamboo hat, revealing clumps of black sticky tentacles underneath.

Hearing this, Bai Lingmiao immediately noticed the most important information, with ecstasy on his face. “Oh?! So, you don’t have to fall into hallucinations anymore?”

“No, I still have to go. The matter over there has not been handled properly, but now I can barely control it.”

Bai Lingmiao was overjoyed immediately, and seemed much happier than Li Huowang. “That’s great! You are the first among us to heal your own defects!”

Looking at her joyful smile, Li Huowang felt a little guilty in his heart. She undoubtedly cared more about herself than he did about her.

After thinking for a while, Li Huowang took out a gold ring wrapped with a red string from his arms, bent down, and gently took off Bai Lingmiao’s white shoes.

“I still remember that when you came out of Qingfengguan, you had no money to buy food, so you melted your gold anklet and bought me buns.”

Looking at the golden anklet on Bai Lingmiao’s jade-like white ankle, Li Huowang said with a complicated expression: “I said at the time, when I have money, I will buy you a bigger one. Sorry, this one Too many things happened on the road, and I didn’t have time to buy it for you until now.”

Bai Lingmiao blinked her white eyelashes slightly, then said nothing, just bent down gently, and snuggled into Li Huowang’s arms.

Li Huowang looked at Bai Lingmiao’s body, joy and love covered up desire and evil among the ten emotions. At this moment, she was the same as when the evil spirit did not enter her body, without any change.

Just as Li Huowang was caressing Bai Lingmiao’s beautiful hair, smelling the fragrance of her body, and enjoying this rare peace, Li Sui next to him moved to the table next to him, rolled it up, and held up two eyeballs Watching intently.

“Dad, what are you doing?”

It is very curious, because it has never seen such a thing, and Li Huowang has never told it about it.

“Is your son having trouble with his brain?” Bai Lingmiao, who buried his head in Li Huowang’s arms, asked in a low voice.

Laughing softly, Li Huowang let go of Bai Lingmiao, walked up to Li Sui and whispered a few words to him, and soon Li Sui was at a loss, crawling out of the open wooden window like an octopus, Went to find steamed buns to play.

When he closed the window and turned around, he saw the excited Bai Lingmiao pounced on him.

Li Huowang hugged her in a panic and was about to speak when he was blocked by the other party’s softness and slipperiness. At this moment, Bai Lingmiao’s desire was obviously much brighter than others.

After a long time, Li Huowang was lying on the bed, hugging Bai Lingmiao, who was wearing a white lotus apron, enjoying the tranquility after the storm, and whispered about the experience after the two separated.

Bai Lingmiao, who was nestled in Li Huowang’s arms, curled up, playing with the red thread gold ring on her ankle fondly while listening.

But while talking, Li Huowang stopped talking when it came to the fact that the practice of self-cultivation can be faked.

“If both sides can become true, then Bai Lingmiao and Yang Na, isn’t my behavior bad for them?”

Li Huowang was troubled. He had never thought about this problem before, because he always felt that one of the two sides must be fake, and it was a waste of time to think about this problem.

“Say it, why don’t you say it?” Bai Lingmiao gently arched her full head of hair into Li Huowang’s arms.

“It’s nothing, there’s nothing to talk about in the hallucination. When I’m not around, is Niuxin Village okay?” Li Huowang changed the subject lightly.

“That’s it, what else can I do? I hired some people to plow the fields for you. There is too much land in the village, and they can’t plow it with the dog boy Zhao Wu. Besides, they are not dry. Materials for farm work.”

Li Huowang nodded clearly, thinking of those unfamiliar faces in the fields.

“By the way, even though you are a slave in private, on the surface, they call you godfather, so you have to respond.”

“Godfather? What is this called.”

“The name of Daliang, who is the emperor of Daliang, who is benevolent and benevolent, forbids others to keep slaves, so Ren Yazi can only change his rhetoric and sell it.”

“Hey, Li Huowang, don’t look at your young age, you are both a godfather and a real father. The seniority is really not young. Hehe.”

Just as the two continued to whisper, there was a knock on the door of the boudoir. “Miaomiao, it’s time for dinner.”

That was Xiaoman’s voice, there was a hint of shyness in her voice, she just reminded her and then fell silent, she naturally knew what the two of them were doing inside.

“Hey, let me tell you something funny. Recently, Zhao Wu and Gao Zhijian had a bit of a fight because of Xiaoman’s relationship. The two of them surrounded her like flies, which really annoyed her.”

Li Huowang turned over and got out of bed to put on his clothes. He tugged the epidermis all over his body to feel the recovery. “That’s good. Let her choose. It’s her own way anyway. We can’t help with this kind of private matter.”

When the two of them changed into new clothes and took their seats at the main table, the people at the dozen or so tables, led by Lu Zhuangyuan, raised their glasses of wine one after another.

“Come on, let’s toast the little Daoist! I wish the little Daoist everything goes well!” When Li Huowang raised his head to drink the wine, the dinner table suddenly became lively.

From several tables away, Li Huowang could hear Gouwa’s flamboyant loud voice. “That’s me, Senior Brother Li! My buddies! He is like a fairy! Flying into the sky, hiding from the ground, becoming an army, omnipotent! It was that day, when we were on our way, we met a group of water bandits.”

“How much is this wine?” Li Huowang frowned and rubbed his swollen head involuntarily. He is really not good at drinking because of his sensitive body.

“What’s the degree? Leader Lu specially bought Zhuangyuanhong, which should be a good wine. If I knew I would change the tea for you, you can eat whatever you want and go to bed to rest.” Bai Lingmiao replied.

Li Huowang shook his head vigorously, and immediately left the table and walked out of the Bai family compound.

When he bent down and squeezed his throat under a tree, he vomited out all the wine he just drank, and suddenly became sober.

At this moment, a hand next to him brought up a face towel, and Li Huowang immediately took it over and wiped the drool from the corner of his mouth.

But when he turned around, he found that the man was Ershen with a red hijab.

Looking at the lights in the yard in the distance, Li Huowang stared at Ershen’s blood-red red hijab with a very complicated expression.

“Brother Li.” Li Huowang watched the changes in her body, and for a moment seemed to see Bai Lingmiao from the past come back.

After hesitating for a long time, Li Huowang finally took out a new gold ring wrapped with a red thread from his arms and handed it over.


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