Mutated Tao Chapter 370: Goodwill


The face-changing actor was trembling with fear when he saw him in front of him. Li Huowang wanted to reveal the other person’s face and see how many faces he had.

Seeing that something was wrong, the innkeeper at the counter who was planning his life quickly came over to smooth things over. “This guest! This guest! I’m sorry. I’m really sorry. One of my men bumped into you. Let’s do this. Your meal is free. How about I give you another soup?”

After Li Huowang stopped in place for a few seconds, he slowly restrained himself and sat down again.

“What’s wrong with you? Why are you so nervous?” Seeing the other party’s abnormal behavior, Bai Lingmiao was a little confused

Li Huowang sighed lightly. The actor’s face-changing just now reminded him that the way Zaowangdao and the others changed their faces was unavoidable and overreacted.

Li Huowang explained to her while holding the bowl and continuing to eat: “It’s okay. This place is Shangjing, which is the boundary of Jiantiansi. Zuowangdao should not be able to penetrate.”

After a hurried meal, Li Huowang moved to an inn without a troupe to stay, and then walked alone to the address left in the letter.

Li Huowang was not familiar with Beijing, and it was not until late at night after the curfew was enforced that Li Huowang found a place.

With a creak, the wooden door opened. Ji Xiang, who was holding a lantern, poked his head out. He looked around and found no one else, so he quickly pulled Li Huowang in.

Li Huowang looked up at the yard and found that it was a small yard. Apart from a well, a large jujube tree occupied most of the yard. Li Huowang was a little surprised. Such a big official had such a great memory. Living in such a small place, it seems like there are no servants.

But although it is small, it looks extremely delicate. It’s just enough for a family of three.

“Erjiu, our family has been looking forward to it day and night, and finally we have you here.” The smiling white-faced old **** grabbed Li Huowang’s hand and refused to let go.

Li Huowang pulled it back with all his strength, and cupped his hands towards the Prime Minister, “Thank you very much for your help, I will never forget it!”

“Hahaha, what’s wrong, what’s wrong.” The reporter looked at Li Huowang with a smile, and he didn’t know what he was thinking in his mind at the moment.

Li Huowang was not polite when he met the real person. After all, the other party owed him a favor. “Master Xiang Ji, what you said in your letter can contact the military strategists. And there is a way to get rid of the evil spirit. Is it true?”

Things may be minor or serious, but Li Huowang still feels that Bai Lingmiao’s matters are more urgent than his.

“Yes! Yes, yes! Our family knew you were going to ask this, so we prepared it specially. Are we leaving now?”

Although he didn’t know why the other party seemed to be more anxious than him, Li Huowang only found this kind of thing too slow rather than too fast. He immediately followed the photo through the corridor and came to the back door, where two sedan chairs were already parked. .

“I respectfully invite you to get on the sedan chair~” The four bearers kneeled on the ground, extremely skilled.

This was Li Huowang’s first time riding in a sedan. To be honest, it was very uncomfortable. He felt as if he was motion sick due to the swaying motion.

Ji Xiang opened the sedan curtain and shouted eagerly to Li Huowang’s sedan next to him: “Brother Erjiu, I just came to Beijing, where can I stay? Do you like the courtyard just now? If you like it, how about we The home is left for you to live in.”

“Thank you so much, Mr. Ji, for your love, but I won’t receive any reward for no merit. I can’t bear this great gift for a long time.”

I don’t know why, but Li Huowang felt that since his bad heart, this **** had been too enthusiastic. How could he just give him a house after just a few words of conversation.

After hearing what Li Huowang said, Ji Xiang pretended to be unhappy. “Hey~ Brother Erjiu, what you said is so obvious. Why don’t you get no reward for nothing? You helped me so much before. It doesn’t matter if you break down the house. It was originally reserved for us to provide for our retirement. Just don’t dislike it if the territory is not good.”

“Then it’s settled. The keys and the title deed are all placed under your sedan chair. It’s over. We still have some worthless things in the house.”

Li Huowang reached under his **** and immediately touched three brass keys and several pieces of paper.

Sitting in this rickety sedan chair, Li Huowang held these things and thought about the other party’s purpose of doing this.

After pondering for a long time, Li Huowang finally realized that the other party wanted to pay back the favor directly with the house. I’m afraid the little thing left in the house is not ordinary either.

“What does he mean by giving me his retirement home? He doesn’t plan to work in the Tiantian Division in the future?”

Just when Li Huowang was thinking about this problem, the curtain of the sedan chair was opened, and the humble voice of the bearer rang out, “I respectfully ask you to get off the sedan chair~”

Li Huowang stuffed the keys and land deed into his arms, bent down and got off the sedan, and as soon as he raised his head, a huge grinning lion head jumped in front of Li Huowang.

Taking a few steps back, Li Huo saw clearly the Yamen in front of him and the prison. He seemed to be completely tied to the prison.

With a creaking sound, the prison door opened a crack, and Ji Xiang led Li Huowang in.

The entire prison has double doors and double walls, making it look extremely solid. After entering the gate, a second gate appears. This gate is smaller. Not only do you have to bend down a lot, but you also have to bend your legs and squat down.

Going further inside is the third door. There was a tiger carved on the door frame of the third door, but after the reporter explained in a low voice, Li Huowang realized that it was not a tiger, but the legendary ferocious beast.

As soon as the third door opened, a series of real eyes stared at him. He gradually adapted to the dim prison environment, and Li Huowang also saw clearly who was watching him.

How to put it, if you insist on saying it. What appeared in front of him was a room full of Peng Longteng.

These jailers with carved faces were standing or lying down, drinking or punching. These people were all military strategists. Their presence made the evil spirit in the air condense and not disperse, making it difficult to take a few breaths.

It is hard for Li Huowang to imagine what kind of existence in this prison needs to be suppressed by such a group of people.

“Oh, isn’t this Eunuch Chen? What brought you here?” An elderly jailer who was drinking looked at the photo in surprise. His thick white beard stretched from his left earlobe to his right earlobe. .

“Hahaha~Cao Baihu, I miss you so much after not seeing you for a long time. How is our family?” The reporter leaned over with a smile.

“It’s okay, just like that. My daughter-in-law and her son fought for three days and two days. Wait for me and I’ll burn incense to the God of Prison first.”

Following Cao Baihu’s movements, Li Huowang discovered that there was a shrine carved with sandstone embedded in the middle of the high wall on the left.

There are three small statues of gods carved in bricks in the niche. Sitting in the middle is an old man with a kind expression and dignified appearance. But there are two little devils on both sides who are completely opposite. He has a ferocious spirit, a ferocious face, and a ghostly appearance.

The old man in the middle is the so-called prison god.


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