Mutated Tao Chapter 369: Shangjing


“Da da da” With the continuous sound of horseshoes, Li Huowang’s carriage, accompanied by a pole and a wheelbarrow, gradually approached the most solemn and magnificent city in Daliang, Shangjing.

Sitting on the roof of the carriage, Bai Lingmiao looked up at the wall of the thousand-year-old city in the distance.

The thick black city wall stands majestically in the distance like a series of low mountains. The little moss on the city wall has witnessed the vicissitudes of life in Shangjing.

“Is this Shangjing? It really is extraordinary.” Bai Lingmiao, who was sitting on the roof of the carriage, looked at the so-called largest city in front of him with great interest.

Li Huowang, who was leading the horse, stood up, stretched out his arms to hug her, then untied the ribbon from her wrist, and wrapped it around her eyes. “Looking like this during the day will hurt your eyes.”

This is the headquarters of Jiantiansi. If he didn’t just get the black spindle, Li Huowang might not dare to come here.

Facing Li Huowang’s actions, Bai Lingmiao seemed a little annoyed, but she still didn’t take off the ribbon from her eyes in the end.

Bai Lingmiao moved her buttocks and sat in Li Huowang’s arms. Immediately afterwards, he straightened his hands and stretched vigorously. “These two useless eyeballs, I will replace them sooner or later!”

Li Huowang used his hands to restrain her restless hands and feet, “Stop talking nonsense, I’m going to the city soon, be careful.”

Following the people entering the city, Li Huowang quickly arrived at the gate of the city. Looking at Li Huowang’s coffin-like carriage, as long as the guards at the city gate are not blind, they can naturally see that something is wrong.

However, when he saw the Jiantiansi badge in Li Huowang’s hand, he let it go without saying anything.

Li Huowang felt very fortunate for his choice at the beginning. If he hadn’t joined Jiantiansi, there would definitely be a lot of trouble for those who entered and exited the city.

As soon as they entered Shangjing, the surging human heads stretched all the way until the Drum Tower of Namo Lake in the distance before stopping.

“Let’s find a place to live first.” Li Huowang shook the reins in his hand, and the horses pulling the cart moved forward slowly with the crowd.

The red sunset sprinkled between the blue tiles and red walls, the abrupt flying cornices, the high-hanging signboards and banners, the endless crowds and horse-drawn carts all reflect the strength of the beams.

Although this place looks similar to Yinling City, anyone can tell the difference between the two.

If you insist on using one word to compare, it is the foundation. After all, Shangjing City is one of the heritages of the Great Qi Kingdom in the past.

Just as Li Huowang was looking at the capital of Daliang Kingdom, the flow of people around them accelerated, pushing and pushing towards the street on the left. There was excitement on everyone’s face as if they were expecting something.

Li Huowang’s carriage followed the flow of people and soon came to an empty intersection. There stood three white pagodas several feet high, and a group of shirtless youths formed a circle, holding cloth bags in their hands and eager to try.

Just when Li Huowang was wondering what was going on, a dwarf came out under the eyes of everyone. Carrying a big gong on the back, it seems like a **** is very funny.

Ignoring the laughter in the crowd, the dwarf held up three sticks of incense and bowed to the three white towers.

“What are the people of Shangjing paying homage to?” Li Huowang was puzzled, but it didn’t seem strange what happened in this crazy world.

Just when he was puzzled, the dwarf took off the gong on his back, knocked it hard, and yelled: “Steal the mountain of buns!”

As soon as the words came out, there was a whoosh, and the young people with cloth bags rushed towards the three towers excitedly.

Using both hands and feet, they kept taking things from the tower and stuffing them into their bags.

“Huh?” Li Huowang shrunk down and focused on the three white towers. Only then did he realize that the white on the towers was all made of head-sized buns.

As the human heads moved, the three mountains of buns gradually turned into three mountains of wriggling human flesh.

They were all young people, and they seemed to get angry with each other. As their movements became louder, the buns on the bun mountain flew around like flowers.

Many of the buns that flew down were snatched by the onlookers, and many of them mixed with the horse dung and cow dung on the ground.

Mantou, who had been huddled under the carriage, poked out a head, picked up a rolled white bun, pressed it with two front paws, and gnawed it. Longevity word.

Looking at the spoiled buns on the ground, Bai Lingmiao said sarcastically, “Hehe, the people of Shangjing are different. The white buns can be spoiled like this, and you won’t be able to eat them during Chinese New Year in other places.”

But Li Huowang’s attention seems to be different. “Look at the three bun mountains, don’t they look like three sticks of incense? I think this kind of ceremony should be a sacrifice.”

“Who do you pay homage to? Immortal Baozi? Don’t think about it.”

Li Huowang looked at the crowd around him and said nothing. With a light tug on the reins, the carriage turned slowly, pushing through the crowd and heading into the distance.

The crowd was crowded and people were not familiar with the place, Li Huowang didn’t find a suitable inn until the sun went down.

This inn looks very high-end, and there is actually a stage in the middle of the lobby to attract customers.

A group of diners and tea drinkers watched with gusto, even the white-haired Bai Lingmiao entered the store without attracting too much attention.

Seeing someone, the waiter with a white towel on his shoulder came over, he asked with a smile on his face, “You two, what would you like to order?”

“Some seasonal vegetables, and two meat dishes.”

“Alright, wait a moment, you two, I’ll be there soon.”

When the waiter left, Li Huowang put the two swords on his back on the table, feeling a lot more relaxed. “After dinner, you rest at the inn first, and I’ll go find the recorder.”

“Why are you looking for that old eunuch? Maybe I can help.” Li Huowang glanced at Bai Lingmiao who was lying on the table, and touched her head with his hand without explaining anything.

“All right, all right, you are the head of the family, you keep your promises, you don’t need to discuss anything with me.” Bai Lingmiao turned his head to the other side.

The two stopped talking and waited silently for Xiao Er to serve the food.

After all the dishes were served, Li Huowang and Bai Lingmiao started to eat after pouring out some of the steamed buns.

I don’t know if it’s because it took too long to travel, or the food in this inn is very delicious. Li Huowang has a rare appetite.

In Yi Yi’s lyrics, Li Huowang quickly filled his stomach.

At this moment, the actors on the stage sang opera and came to interact with the guests.

Singing around, the actor actually came in front of Li Huowang. Facing Li Huowang’s indifferent appearance, he was obviously dissatisfied and planned to do a unique trick.

I saw him approaching Li Huowang, his head shook suddenly, the old-fashioned drama makeup on his face instantly turned into Huadan, and as he lifted his arm, the Huadan on his face turned into Xiaosheng again.

While he was proudly waiting for the exclamation of the guests, he suddenly felt a chill in his neck, and a long sword had already touched his neck.

Then he saw an extremely ferocious face, “What face did you change!! Who made you change face!”


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