Mutated Tao Chapter 368: Bai Family


Hearing Gouwa’s call, the door opened with a “crunch”.

Gao Zhijian, who was naked from the waist up, looked at him with a frown, steaming sweat pouring down from his body in the cold weather.

“Do you smell it? Today, Yang and his wife are steaming steamed buns! Pork and green onions!”

Looking at the dog’s swishing look, Gao Zhijian slammed the door and closed it again.

Across the door, Gao Zhijian listened to Gou Wa’s complaining voice gradually fade away, “Hey, it’s really boring. Lu Xiucai is more fun. I don’t know where that kid went. I haven’t seen him for so long. I really miss him. ”

When no sound was heard at all, Gao Zhijian turned around and steadily picked up the heavy halberd body with both hands. With a low growl, he pulled it up suddenly.

This giant halberd was specially used for Peng Longteng. In Gao Zhijian’s hands, it looked so uncoordinated, like a child riding a big horse.

After swaying hard for a few times, the giant halberd cracked the stone slabs on the ground with a shuddering sound.

Gao Zhijian, who was gasping for air, looked down at his trembling hands, and blood was faintly oozing from the cracked veins.

Gao Zhijian turned around and walked to the front of the house, holding a book in both hands. It was the book on the art of war that he had found from the dead Peng Longteng.

As he trembled and wiped the blood on his hands, completely different content appeared in front of him in an instant. This is a training book for military strategists!

He sat cross-legged with his eyes wide open, and according to the records in the book, he concentrated all his murderous intent in his heart, and condensed this murderous intent together, and followed the steps in the book to cycle his luck around the world.

Gao Zhijian circulated in circles, sitting there cross-legged like a glaring Arhat in a temple, making people dare not look directly at him, wisps of blood coming out of his body, and his body seemed to be swollen. A little bigger.

An insect just happened to fly over. As his eyes swept across it, the insect froze and fell to the ground and died suddenly.

“It’s time to eat! It’s time to eat!!” Yang’s shout made Gao Zhijian slowly close his eyes.

When he opened his eyes again, he became the honest and honest Gao Zhijian before.

Seeing Peng Longteng’s appearance, he always felt that this thing was dangerous, so he wanted to try it himself first, and then tell others if it worked well.

Gao Zhijian walked to the well in the yard, picked up a bucket of cold well water and poured it down head on. After washing away the sweat from his body, he put on his clothes, opened the door and walked towards the kitchen.

When he arrived, he saw other people drinking hot porridge and eating delicious meat buns.

No one cares about them, they seem very casual, eating and chatting regardless of whether they are sitting or not.

Gao Zhijian picked up the basin, picked up fifty pieces with a kuaizi, and sat there alone to eat. He did not stir the porridge in the pot, but directly poured a bowl of dark mature vinegar.

He took a bite first, dipped the notch of the bun into vinegar and filled it with vinegar before stuffing it into his mouth. He ate slowly and looked at the door from time to time.

As the people gradually dispersed, Yang child scratched his head in confusion, “Sister Xiaoman, aren’t you going to eat?”

After thinking about it, he put a bowl of steamed buns on a plate and started to wash the pot and steamer with the round-faced woman.

Seeing this scene, Gao Zhijian picked up the last bun in the basin and stuffed it into his mouth, then picked up the remaining vinegar and drank it all, then picked up the bowl of buns and walked outside.

His target was very clear, the Bai family ancestral hall. As he turned the three monkeys arranged side by side, the secret door suddenly appeared in front of him.

Gao Zhijian bent over and walked in. The oil lamps on the surrounding walls were already filled. The stairs, which had seemed dark before, became much brighter.

When he returned to the main hall, he saw Chun Xiaoman muttering something in a low voice. “The disciple raised his eyes to look at the blue sky. All the masters were by his side. The twenty-four flavors of the heavens supported the disciple and taught him how to pull a ruler and pull a knife. The pull knife turned into goose feathers. The iron ruler turned into lamp grass. The rolled stone turned into water bubbles.”

Hearing the footsteps, Chun Xiaoman turned around. When he saw Gao Zhijian, his eyes suddenly lit up, “Zhijian, come and see if I pronounced it wrong. Why is there no response?”

Gao Zhijian took the book in her hand, looked at it for a while, and then handed over the bowl of steamed buns in his hand. “Eat.”

Since the last time, Chun Xiaoman found that Gao Zhijian seemed to have come around. From now on, if he said a word, it would make other people understand.

“I don’t want to eat. Please show me what’s in the book first.” Chun Xiaoman seemed impatient and reached out to push the bowl away.

Gao Zhijian didn’t think so. He handed the bowl over again and said, “Eat.” He had a don’t say anything if you don’t eat.

Xiaoman reluctantly accepted it and took it, eating the buns in small but hurried bites. While eating, he asked: “Is Miaomiao back?”

Gao Zhijian, who looked at the book in his hand, shook his head.

“Where has this **** girl gone? I don’t know if she can reply to me.” Chun Xiaoman, who had been complaining just now, suddenly thought of something, and his heart suddenly skipped a beat, “Do you think she can?”

After saying this, she quickly comforted herself: “No, she won’t do stupid things again.”

While eating in a hurry and half-heartedly thinking about the mess, Chun Xiaoman choked as expected, covering his neck and burping.

Gao Zhijian put down the book in his hand, patted Chun Xiaoman’s back with his broad palm, and helped her eat smoothly.

Chun Xiaoman, relieved, turned to Gao Zhijian and said, “How about that? Let’s gather everyone to search for Miaomiao’s disappearance again. There is no news at all. I’m really worried.”

“Yes.” Gao Zhijian nodded.

While Chun Xiaoman continued to eat steamed buns, Gou Wa, holding a letter in his hand, rushed down from outside excitedly, “Hey! Junior Sister Bai has a letter!”

Chun Xiaoman suddenly stood up nervously, “Where is she now? What was written in the letter!”

“You’re asking this, and I don’t know the words either.” Gou Wa handed the letter in his hand to Gao Zhijian.

After Gao Zhijian changed his mind, Chun Xiaoman realized that Bai Lingmiao was fine. She was going to Beijing to do some trivial matters and would come back when she was done.

“It’s okay, it’s okay, it’s okay.” Chun Xiaoman, who had been frightened for so long, took a long breath. She had nightmares every day when Bai Lingmiao was not around.

Gao Zhijian came close to the letter paper, looked at it carefully for a while, and then stammered: “This, this, this, this is… is Senior Brother Li’s handwriting!” Only Senior Brother Li would like to use black charcoal to write in this way. Square font.

“Haha.” Gouwa pointed at Chun Xiaoman and mocked: “What am I talking about? That young couple is having a conflict. You are an outsider and don’t get involved blindly. Maybe you will help her scold the husband. The next day they will Just fight at the end of the bed and let me talk about it.”


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