Mutated Tao Chapter 365: Dance Master


On the street in Yinling City, a spacious carriage slowly ran towards the inn where Li Huowang was staying temporarily.

In the carriage, Li Huowang, who was covered in injuries, followed Bai Lingmiao in a gentle tone.

“I think that if the Immortal family really wants to follow you all their lives, instead of being driven by them as long-term workers, it is better to use Shen Tu Gang’s method. However, his method also has hidden dangers. Whether you should use it depends on your situation. Come.”

Although it seems that Bai Lingmiao is not threatened by the Xian family now, Li Huowang can’t help but worry about Bai Lingmiao when he thinks of what Li Zhilin said before his death.

After hearing what Li Huowang said, Bai Lingmiao stared at him in surprise. “The lyrics in that man’s mouth really despise the immortal family? Tell me quickly, what method is he talking about?

After Li Huowang pondered for a while what Shentu had just said to him, he then relayed it to Bai Lingmiao: “Driving wolves and devouring tigers, the Immortal family is a group of beasts that bully the weak and fear the strong. If you can find something else to catch them, you can intimidate them.” , then you can negotiate terms with the Xian family.”

“Then what did Shentu just find to intimidate the Xian family?” Thinking of the current suppression of him by the Xian family, Bai Lingmiao’s expression became much more solemn.

“Raise the evil spirit.” A strange word popped out of Li Huowang’s mouth.

“How he raised it, he didn’t say, this has nothing to do with his worth

He probably wouldn’t tell me straightforwardly about fate-related cultivation. “Bai Lingmiao repeated these three words silently, with a solemn expression as if she was thinking about something.

“Shentu just said, it’s like putting something of almost the same weight on both ends of a scale to balance it. Neither side can be too heavy and the other can’t be too light. If used well, both sides can be used together, but if Not good, even if it’s dangerous.”

As he said this, Li Huowang stretched out his hand and patted the back of Bai Lingmiao’s hand gently, “Don’t panic, I’ll come and help you when I’m done.” Everything has its own priorities. Li Huowang always felt that he should change Bai Lingmiao’s character first. Coming back is the most important thing.

Looking at Li Huowang’s almost skinless right hand, Bai Lingmiao showed a trace of distress on his face and pulled his hand out. “No need, this method is of no use to me for the time being. I’m very well now, and the Immortal Family didn’t do anything to me.

“Really?” Li Huowang asked, staring at the black ring marks on Bai Lingmiao’s fair neck.

“Why are you lying to me? You should worry more about yourself than me.” Bai Lingmiao instantly changed the subject to Li Huowang

Although the Xian family has begun to reveal their plans, she has no intention of not telling Li Huowang about her troubles. This guy is already miserable enough, there is no need to trouble him anymore.

As for the method he mentioned, I need to think about it carefully after I go back.

“You can’t say that. It’s better to take precautions in the future. I’ll help you keep an eye on it first. If there is any trouble with the Xian Family over there, tell me as soon as possible.”

Unconsciously, the carriage stopped and the inn arrived. The two gods bent down, passed their hands under Li Huowang, restrained him and got out of the carriage.

Under the strange looks of others in the lobby, the two slowly went upstairs and into the guest room, closing the door.

“Come back to Niuxin Village with me? Everyone is waiting for you.” Bai Lingmiao lowered his head and asked Li Huowang on the bed.

After Li Huowang thought for a moment, he shook his head slightly, “No, I’ll just wait here and go back to Niuxin Village. I’m afraid I’ll miss the news about the photo.” And he didn’t need to get involved with other people. Living a stable life like this might be a better outcome.

Being around you, these people will only be involved by you. Enough people have died.

Bai Lingmiao looked down at Li Huowang on the bed, the corners of his mouth raised slightly, then slowly took off his clothes, lowered his head and kissed him. “I’m still injured.” Li Huowang said painfully to the **** top of him.

“Oh, isn’t that better? You can’t die anyway. Besides, you haven’t told me before. Who is Yang Na?!” After a period of time, Li Huowang sutured the wound with a thin thread. One by one it cracked.

After a long time, Bai Lingmiao lay on the bed full of blood in a big glyph, putting his left foot on Li Huowang’s chest, breathing heavily and laughing.

Just when Li Huowang was about to say something, Bai Lingmiao’s slender white left leg was gently raised and then pressed down hard, which almost made the weak Li Huowang lose his breath.

“Do you think I don’t know about the two gods? Now here comes Yang Na. You have so many women, Li Huowang.” Bai Lingmiao spoke with gritted teeth, as if his previous actions were for revenge.

Faced with the same thing, Bai Lingmiao who had evil spirits entering his body had completely different reactions than Bai Lingmiao who did not have evil spirits entering his body.

Li Huowang put his hand on Bai Lingmiao’s leg and stroked it gently, slowly closing his eyes without explaining anything.

Just when he was almost falling asleep in a daze, Bai Lingmiao’s voice suddenly sounded. “The two gods are part of me. If I die one day, you can just think of the two gods as me, but that **** Yang Na will never do it!”

“If she dares to appear in front of you, don’t blame me for being disrespectful as husband and wife!”

Li Huowang opened his eyes with some helplessness and looked around him.

“Yang Na is just an illusion. Do you deserve to be jealous of an illusion?”

However, at this moment, Bai Lingmiao beside Li Huowang suddenly turned into a second god.

The two gods did not wear a red hijab this time, completely exposing their weird appearance.

The slender mouth on one side of the face was slightly open and a voice of resentment came from inside. “Senior Brother Li.”

Looking at the two gods in front of him, Li Huowang suddenly lost his consciousness slightly. He looked at the two gods in front of him as if Bai Lingmiao had returned from the past. “Master Li” tears flowed from Er Shen’s five eyes. She lay on Li Huowang’s chest and choked like a bullied puppy.

“Miaomiao? Is it really you?”

A chill rushed to the back of his head, and a terrible suspicion popped up in Li Huowang’s mind.

Could it be that Bai Lingmiao didn’t have the evil spirit entering her body, but her body was replaced by two gods? She was forced to become two gods?

Li Huowang held Er Shen in his arms and looked at the empty guest room with a ferocious expression, “Er God! Come out! What is going on!”

At this moment, Li Huowang felt that the furry body in his arms became smoother.

“Great God and Two Gods,

Is there any difference? “Bai Ling with white eyes and pink eyes

Miao appeared in Li Huowang’s arms again, looking at him jokingly.

“As far as you are concerned, who should you use and whom should you not use? You don’t have to choose anyway.

“Speak clearly to me! Who are you?”

Li Huowang looked extremely frightening when he became serious, especially when he was injured.


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