Mutated Tao Chapter 364: Carriage


Seeing everything above his head, at this moment Li Huowang finally understood what it meant to be a big trouble that even Zhuge Yuan couldn’t deal with.

What are they? They can shake the world? Li Huowang couldn’t help thinking about this question.

Then he remembered that Ji Xiang once said before that heart turbidity and heart su are the most troublesome, which means that Ji Xinsu also has the ability comparable to heart turbidity.

“My own ability to change positions? Or is it an illusion around me? No, no, no.

Li Huowang shook his head vigorously.

No, this level of ability is not worth mentioning in front of a heart that can hide a piece of the sky.

As a heart element, I definitely have a certain ability that I haven’t displayed, and I have a certain ability in my body that is enough to rival this heart that can hide the sky!

But thinking of the situation where the men and women were in a state of turbidity, Li Huowang – time froze, such a powerful thing in his body, is this really a good thing?

Li Huowang didn’t know, he had never encountered any good things in this world.

He didn’t think that such a good thing would happen to him, maybe the day when he got that ability, it might be more painful than living with a dirty mind.

“Huowang, someone fell over there! It looks like the old eunuch!”{1 Hearing Bai Lingmiao’s words, Li Huowang turned his head and looked, and immediately saw a few black spots falling from the broken sky , and the cracked sky began to become unstable.

Li Huowang and Bai Lingmiao were found among a group of scrawny corpses, and he was holding the man’s turbid corpse tightly in his arms.

Others were also found one after another. Through the knife marks on his hand, Li Huowang found that there was one missing person, Tuoba Danqing, who had been hidden forever, no matter whether it was hidden by a man or a woman. He will never come back.

It is recorded that they all said the same thing to Li Huowang. It was Tuoba Danqing who ran slowly when he escaped, and was finally left there.

Although he was a bit puzzled, they all escaped together, why did he stay there, but Li Huowang believed what they said. (day

At the gate of the post station in Yinling City, Li Huowang, Liu Zongyuan, and Hong Da sent Xiang Ji back to Beijing respectfully.

“Our family is leaving, you go back, I will reply to your letter when you arrive in Beijing, don’t worry, the reward this time will definitely be indispensable.”

“If the higher ups dare to treat us badly, then I will be the first to make things difficult for them! It’s all in exchange for our lives, and you can’t be short!” Shan

After saying these righteous words, Ji Xiang turned to look at Li Huowang who was being supported by Bai Lingmiao. After thinking for a while, he reached out to take them one by one, took out the copper coin mask from his arms, and held it in front of him with both hands.

“Er Jiu, is this your thing? We saw it when we were fleeing for our lives, so we helped you bring it out.” I don’t know how kind it is, it’s completely different from before. 1

Li Huowang deliberately stayed away from them and used Cangdeng to climb the steps. Logically speaking, they shouldn’t know what Li Huowang did. 8

But after he came out, Ji’s attitude towards Li Huowang changed a lot. It can’t be described as closeness, it can even be said to be respect, and there is a trace of fear in the respect. 32

Taking the opportunity of returning the copper coin mask, Jixiang lowered his voice and said: “You can rest assured that what you promised will definitely be done. At most ten days and a half months, I will send you what you want with flying pigeons!” ( 2

“Congratulations, Mr. Ji Xiang!” Li Huowang took the copper coin mask and put it on his face.

Although I already have Zhuge Yuan’s black spindle, which is far easier to use than this thing, but there is no harm in having an extra layer of insurance.

“You saved our family’s life, and our family will take care of it. When I step down, the seat in this photo will be yours.”

Li Huowang gently pushed Bai Lingmiao away, leaned close to Jixiang’s ear, and said in a very low voice: “Master Jixiang, you really want to understand my situation, and please introduce a military strategist to me. I need it urgently.

It is even more important to change Xin Zhuomiao back to its original form than to get rid of Xin Su. It doesn’t matter if I live or die, but she can’t, I have already let her down. { 3 “Okay, okay, our family understands.” Jixiang said with a smile, pulled out a red silk scarf from his cuff, wiped the dust on Li Huowang’s Taoist robe, turned around and got on the carriage.

“Okay, okay, our family understands.” After Jixiang said with a smile, he pulled out a red silk scarf from his cuff and wiped the dust on Li Huowang’s Taoist robe, then turned and got on the carriage.

Accompanied by the sound of horseshoes, Ji Xiang drove away in a carriage with his heartbroken corpse, and the remaining three looked at each other, Liu Zongyuan scratched his head, “A new brothel has just opened in the east of the city. Not mouth

Before he finished speaking, the other two turned around and left without saying a word. { 3 Seriously injured Li Huowang sits down. Get on the carriage and slowly approach the inn where you live.

Lying in the soft cotton wool, Li Huowang exhaled slowly. For the sake of the other party’s heartache, he suffered all kinds of hardships this trip, but his goal was finally achieved. 4 Then just wait quietly for the flying pigeon that remembers the picture, and my plan has finally taken a big step forward.

What’s more important is that the photograph seems to owe him a big favor. If it were him, he would have stayed there long ago. If it is used well, it can even be of great help.

“The steamed bun next to Wu Ming gently leaned its head on Li Huowang’s elbow, it seemed to feel that Li Huowang was seriously injured now, and the ear that should have been standing was tightly attached to the dog’s head.(

Two blackened fingers stretched out from the side, holding the steamed bun by the back of the neck, and threw it out of the carriage.

“Huowang. Why don’t you throw away the bamboo slips on your back, you will be injured every day as long as you touch your hands, how can you bear this, are you really not in pain?”

Bai Lingmiao picked up a soft pillow from the side and put it under the back of his head, looking at the face of the girl who was so close in front of him. A wry smile appeared on Li Huowang’s face. “I’m hurting, I’m thinking it’s Miaomiao, can I do something else? Compared with those messy things in cultivation, “Daqianlu” is at least simple.” “Bai Lingmiao showed a trace of disdain, “You try Try it, how will you know if you don’t try it? If you continue to do this, maybe one day you will die if one fails. “.

“Li Huowang exhaled slowly, without any fear in his eyes.

In fact, death is nothing to be afraid of. .”

As if he could feel the death intent in Li Huowang’s words, Bai Lingmiao rushed up like a cheetah, his blackened fingers tightly pinched Li Huowang’s neck, and his eyes stared at the opponent’s eyes like a beast.

“You want to die again!? You always think about it every time you climb the steps with the dragon! You are still a man!! My mother told you! You killed my whole family! You will pay me back in this life! You are not qualified to die!”

When Li Huowang nodded slightly, Bai Lingmiao leaned over and gnashed his teeth, leaving a **** and sharp tooth mark on his shoulder.

When Bai Lingmiao got up, the atmosphere in the carriage became tense. Mantou, who had just poked his head out of the window, felt something was wrong, and immediately shrank back.

“Miaomiao, I met a man before, that man’s name is Shen Tugang, he is also a great dancer.

Afterwards, Li Huowang introduced Shen Tugang’s unique way of getting along with the Xian family in a gentle tone, and the atmosphere in the carriage eased a lot unknowingly.



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