Mutated Tao Chapter 363: days


Li Huowang, who had lost all pain, was smelling everything around him. At this time, he could feel that the yin and yang that had merged before split apart.

It’s not because Yang didn’t come, but because Yin came alive. Only living things can feel pain. When the previously dead Xin Zhuo let out a miserable scream, he was just like those screaming stones and trees. Come alive.

Li Huowang staggered and tried to take a few steps, but his weak body instinctively fell forward. Several wriggling black tentacles stretched out and supported him on the ground like pillars. “Dad”

Then Li Sui opened the wound on Li Huowang’s chest and quickly got in.

Li Huowang opened his mouth and trembled as if he wanted to say something, but there was only a big **** hole in his mouth, and no sound came out at all.

Li Huowang raised his right hand without fingernails and pointed tremblingly towards the south. He could feel there were cracks there.

Bai Lingmiao immediately understood what Li Huowang meant, quickly picked up the “Da Qian Lu” on the ground, and walked southward with the two gods who carried Li Huowang on their backs. As they walked, everything around them suddenly turned upside down. The three of them felt their bodies lighten, and they fell straight towards the cracked black dome below.

When the three people passed through the gap, the extremely dazzling sunlight made everyone close their eyes. It was always black inside, but it was already dark outside. They came out!

Looking at the enlarging yellow soil below, the two gods quickly turned around and held Li Huowang and Bai Lingmiao in their arms.

“Bump!” With a violent trembling sound, Li Huowang’s fused facial features gradually returned to each other. Ba Hui’s sight of him gradually disappeared, and the lost pain also gradually returned.

“Huowang! Are you okay? Cheer up!” Li Huowang heard a familiar voice. When he opened his eyes, he saw the faces of Bai Lingmiao and Yang Na completely overlapping.

They merged with each other, as if they had completely become one person. They both opened their mouths and asked at the same time.

At this moment, the two sides actually overlapped, and Li Huowang couldn’t tell whether it was reality or an illusion.

“Huowang!” Bai Lingmiao patted Li Huowang’s cheek with his slender palm anxiously, but there was no movement at all from the other party.

Bai Lingmiao felt anxious, picked up the whip and beat the leather drum on her waist hastily, and was about to ask the Bai family’s grandma to come over for treatment.

Li Huowang’s hand suddenly grabbed Bai Lingmiao’s hand, and he shook his head slightly. At this moment, he realized clearly that this was reality, and the person in front of him was Bai Lingmiao, and there was no Yang Na at all.

He turned over with difficulty and lay on the ground. As Li Huowang gasped for air, some minced meat from the **** hole in his mouth slid down the corner of his mouth and fell to the ground. Li Huowang used all his strength to raise his head. After looking left and right, he saw the “Da Qian Lu” covered with mud on the ground in the distance, and then he struggled to crawl towards it with both hands.

Seeing the other party’s request, Bai Lingmiao quickly ran over, picked up the red bamboo slip that was still bleeding, and sent it to Li Huowang.

Li Huowang stretched out his trembling hand and opened the rolled-up “Da Qian Lu” like a gift box. The **** tongue and the entire throat appeared in front of them.

The weak Li Huowang raised his head and opened his mouth wide. He stood up the long object in his hand and dropped it straight into the horrific **** hole in his mouth.

Soon, slender tentacles emerged from Li Huowang’s mouth, wrapping around Li Huowang’s tongue and organs, adjusting the positions of these things, and binding them where they should be.

“It’s okay, it’s okay, it’s okay, you scared me to death!” Bai Lingmiao said with a trembling voice as she held Li Huowang in her arms.

Recalling everything he had experienced in the hallucination before, a forced smile appeared on Li Huowang’s face. He stretched out his arms to hug Bai Lingmiao, controlled his cold tongue and said: “Why did you suddenly cough early?”)

Before, before he could kill the Yang Na in the hallucination, Bai Lingmiao took the lead in ascending the steps.

“Didn’t you say you would do it when it was the most painful? I think you almost fainted, what? Did I do something wrong?”

Li Huowang shook his head slightly, “Not just right.” Although Yang Na was injured, she was not dead.

“Thank you Miaomiao” Li Huowang kissed the other person’s neck.

It was the opponent who saved Yang Na in advance, otherwise the knife would have been stabbed according to his own preparations. Li Huowang didn’t understand why he cared so much about an illusion, but the thought that Yang Na was still alive made him happier than anything else.

Li Huowang also understood at this moment that the Bahui only wanted pain and did not want death. It was other Siming who wanted to die, maybe the huge white-bone Bodhisattva he had seen, or something else.

There is no need to kill Yang Na. When he makes up his mind to kill Yang Na, the heartbreaking pain is enough to use Cang Fei to ascend the steps.

“Yang Na, I’m sorry,” Li Huowang muttered to himself absentmindedly into the empty air. “I left a scar on your chest, hurry up and get a 120 call to heal”

Hearing Li Huowang’s words, Bai Lingmiao frowned slightly, but said nothing. He helped Li Huowang up with difficulty and walked to the side, intending to leave the ghost place first.

Waiting until this time, Li Huowang had the opportunity to look around everything, but he saw that everything was covered with dirt, which was completely different from where he was originally. ,

“Where are we? Haven’t we come out yet?!” Li Huowang’s heart skipped a beat as he tried to move his perspective upwards, and finally saw some familiar green woods. .

It’s just that the woods are very high, on the cliffs far away. Li Huowang clearly remembers that there are no mountains that high nearby, let alone cliffs.

“Cliff? Why are there cliffs here?” When Li Huowang circled around and saw towering cliffs in all directions, he suddenly realized that it was not a cliff. That was the normal position on top. Lows. He is in an extremely huge basin.

When the turbid hearts of life and death came into contact, they not only hid them, but dug three feet into the ground and scraped away everything within several miles.

“The fire is strong, what is that in the sky?”

Hearing Li Huowang try to look up, he found that just above his head, there was an inexplicable missing piece of the cloudless sky, which they had fallen from before, and there was a dark night with cracks in it.

“Is this the ability of a turbid heart?” Li Huowang was so shocked that he couldn’t help but open his mouth. “What on earth is this turbidity of mind? How come the turbidity of one’s heart in one life and one death can actually hide Tianzang!!”


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