Mutated Tao Chapter 335: Collapse


“Master Xinchi, are you sure you didn’t make a mistake this time?”

Perhaps Jian Tiansi could kill innocent people indiscriminately for work, but Li Huowang could never get over the hurdle in his heart.

As soon as Li Huowang said these words, the little girl who was worshiping Buddha shrank, leaving only one set of clothes in place.

“Erjiu! Why don’t you listen to the poor monk?” Li Huowang sneered as he looked at Chi Xin who looked like the angry-eyed King Kong.

He mentioned the knife and walked to the pile of clothes and thrust it hard into the yellow futon. Accompanied by a scream like a puppy, bright red blood spurted out from the futon in a steady stream.

The thing didn’t leave just now, it just shrank its body to a very small and flat shape and hid it in the futon.

“Master Xinchi, if what you say is so accurate every time, I won’t think about it myself.”

Another thing is that he doesn’t want to be used as a weapon by others, especially when the other person is such a disgusting being.

Seeing that the atmosphere between the two was not quite right, the reporter immediately stopped him.

“Okay! Our family is not dead yet! You little brats, be honest! Don’t forget what our family is looking for you for!”

Although he was always smiling and easy-going in his memory, neither Li Huowang nor Xin Chi thought that he was a soft persimmon that could be manipulated, and they stopped talking when they saw him speak.

Time passed little by little, and soon they had been wandering around the Buddha Bone Temple for half an hour, but except for the ambush of the previous man, they found nothing.

I don’t know if Zuowangdao left early, or if they were deliberately avoiding me.

Although it has been so long, as the leader, Ji Xiang is not anxious at all, but his eyes are getting brighter and brighter.

This strengthened Li Huowang’s previous suspicion that this photo must have had an ulterior motive in visiting the Buddha Bone Temple.

Just as they walked into a Buddhist temple filled with mummies again, their expressions suddenly turned into ecstasy.

As the fingers that dialed the abacus began to speed up, they turned into afterimages, and little sparks popped out from it.

“Come quickly!”

Ji Xiang stepped on the marble on the ground at a certain pace. After he circled it three times in an extremely complicated way, the portrait of the sitting cross-legged Bodhisattva painted on a pillar moved strangely on its own.

Seeing this scene, Li Huowang said more firmly in his heart: “I guessed it right before! This sign is here to look for things! The so-called cleaning up of the Zuiwang Road is just a coincidence!”

Then I saw that in the portrait on the pillar, the Buddha, who was neither sad nor happy, quickly aged and withered, and turned into a mummy after a while.

The mummy’s two hands were inserted along the ribs, and his abdominal cavity was slowly opened.

However, when he looked up at the portrait of the mummy on the pillar with a happy face, he was stunned.

The belly of the portrait was empty, with nothing in it.

“Where is the turbid heart? Did someone get there first? That shouldn’t be the case. Only our family can find this place.”

Has a bad heart? Hearing the word heart in this name, Li Huowang was particularly sensitive as a person with a heart.

“Could it be that there are other human-shaped heavenly and earthly treasures that are the same as Xinsu? If Xinsu is confusion, what are their side effects?”

Just when he was about to ask Tuoba Danqing on the side, a long muffled sound made everyone raise their heads at the same time and look at the beams above their heads.

Before anyone could react, Hong Da, who was dressed as a beggar, suddenly said, “Let’s go! This palace is going to collapse!”

The moment he blurted out these words, there was a trembling sound, and the tall beams, carrying tens of thousands of kilograms of tiles, fell heavily.

After a loud noise, heavy dust flew up and enveloped everything here.

“It hurts.” This is what Li Huowang feels. He feels pain everywhere in his body now.

The fog made it difficult for him to see where he was. He tried hard to move, but he felt that he was weighed down by a thousand pounds.

Just when he was thinking about how to escape, with the sound of rubble turning and dust flying, a strong figure appeared in front of him.

When the man lifted the heavy beam on Li Huowang’s body, Li Huowang finally felt that he could move.

He got through the tiles, shook off the dust on his body, and said to the man: “Thank you very much, Brother Tuoba.”

Tuoba Danqing, who was equally disgraced, put down the beam on his shoulder, “Hey, what are you talking about? They are all brothers who drank together and went whoring together. Brother, I can still die without saving him. Huh?”

“Are you okay? Where are the others? This temple collapse must have been caused by Zuo Wangdao.” Tuoba Danqing also patted the ashes on his body.

Li Huowang nodded, “Who says it’s not the case?” As he said that, he quietly moved away from Tuoba Danqing a few inches and kept facing him.

While the two were talking, there was a sound in the mist in the distance, and an extremely tall figure walked out of it. That was Zen Master Xinchi.

When he saw the two people standing together, his expression instantly became solemn, and he pointed at Li Huowang with his thick finger.

The next moment, Tuoba Danqing next to him seemed to hear something in his ears. He backed away and quickly distanced himself from him.

Then the three of them stood in a triangle shape, while Xinchi and Tuoba Danqing were staring at Li Huowang eagerly.

In this case, Li Huowang immediately judged that the crazy monk must have used his mind to say something in Tuoba Danqing’s ears.

Just when they were about to take action, Li Huowang looked at Tuoba Danqing and said, “Brother Tuoba, it’s okay for you to suspect that I’m sitting on Wangdao, but why don’t you suspect that this obsession is fake?”

“Stop lying to people, can you tell me if you are sitting on Wangdao?” Tuoba Danqing, who was extremely enthusiastic before, obviously became extremely cold.

“Why can’t Zuowangdao know his mind? Any of their magical powers are stolen from others!” Li Huowang, with an extremely ugly face, pulled out the sword from behind.

“We have known for a long time that you would alienate each other like this, but Mr. Xiang has already let it go. Even if you get rich, it will take three hours to learn his mind, so he is real and you are fake.”

Facing the groundless frame-up, Li Huowang couldn’t suppress the fire in his heart.

“He’s obviously fake!” Just when Li Huowang pointed his sword at the monk Xinchi, a familiar voice sounded from his ears. It was the monk’s telepathy.

“No, the poor monk is true. I also know that the ear donor is true, but now the poor monk’s words are the truth. Whoever the poor monk says is false is false.”

“What?!” Li Huowang’s eyes widened and he looked at the infatuated monk in front of him in disbelief.

He thought about many possibilities just now, but he never thought of it. When I come here, I will be assassinated by my own people first!

“Are you having internal strife at this time? Are you crazy? Just because I contradicted you before?”

The crazy monk’s mouth curled up slightly, then quickly became expressionless and joyless, “Yes, the poor monk is so narrow-minded.”

After saying that, he stepped forward and followed Tuoba Danqing towards Li Huowang.

“You lunatic!” Li Huowang roared to the point where his liver and gallbladder were splitting. He drew out the Zi Sui Sword and rushed towards Xinchi.

Just as Li Huowang was getting closer, a cold light pierced out from the mist on the side and pointed directly at Li Huowang’s neck.

It was a rusty short knife, and the person holding the knife was Hong Da, the man who borrowed the knife.

Li Huowang was attacked from three sides and became extremely passive.

“What the **** is going on?! Could it be that they discovered my identity?! Is this just a trap set up for me?”


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