Mutated Tao Chapter 334: Abacus


In the Buddha Bone Temple, Li Huowang took a deep breath, trying to suppress the killing intent towards the mad monk in his heart. He had never hated the existence of a person so much.

Following the instructions of the obsessed monk, he killed a Zuo Wangdao. In the end, the monk lightly tossed himself a confession?

He knows that in order to complete the errand, Jian Tiansi can not care about people’s lives,

But Li Huowang never imagined that such a thing would happen to him. It was because of him that he personally killed an innocent living person!

Compared to Li Huowang’s efforts to restrain himself, the monk beside him was obviously more intense, and he jumped up and down crying.

“How could he do this! What qualifications does he have to be a monk!! That is a life!”

The monk was so angry that he rushed over to punch and kick the infatuated man with the wooden shackle, but any of his actions could only directly pass through the man’s body.

“Why do you shave your head!! You don’t do good deeds but do bad deeds, you are not worthy to be a monk!”

Li Huowang stood up and leaned towards the others. His gaze towards the infatuated monk had changed from a little kindness before to extreme disgust.

Before, there was still a little doubt, as a Buddhist, why Xin Chi was locked in the Yinling prison, but now it seems that it is too light to lock him in the prison.

Li Huowang understands that in this situation, internal strife cannot be allowed, otherwise he may be left behind at any time. Compared with sitting on the road, monks who ignore human life can be let go, but he still swallowed in his heart I can’t hold my breath.

“How about Zen Master Xinzhi? Is that person just sitting and forgetting his way?” Hong Da, the credit knife man, asked first.

“No, the poor monk admitted his mistake.” The infatuated voice appeared in everyone’s mind.

Hearing this, Tuoba Danqing showed a trace of disdain, “Master Xinfan, aren’t you an eminent monk who claims to know the six skills of Buddhism? You can admit your mistake? Let’s remember that Mr. Xiang has a lot of opportunities every day, so don’t delay him The work of the old man.”

No matter what other people said, Jixiang rarely paid attention to him, his facial features wrinkled together and looked at the whole hall, his fat fingers like jewels kept tapping the golden abacus in his hand.

Li Huowang was keenly aware of this abnormality, quickly calmed down, and stared at the white-faced **** in front of him.

“The abacus in his hand can find out who is sitting and forgetting the way? Then why bother to find the infatuated monk?”

After searching for a while, Ji Xiang’s hand beating the golden abacus suddenly stopped, “Let’s go, let’s go to the next hall.”

His words made the others shut up and quickly follow.

When they came to the next Buddhist hall where the relics were enshrined, Jixiang was still making quick calculations.

After a while, he spoke again. “Go, not here, go to the next one!”

The words of remembering the picture made everyone move again, ready to move on to the next place.

This time the location was changed so quickly that Li Huowang was a little confused, remembering that if he did this, would there really be no one who slipped through the net?

Before he walked out of the main hall, a group of monks wearing monk robes, led by an old monk wearing cassocks, slowly surrounded him with sticks.

“Hey! Where did the thief come from! How dare you break the precept of killing in this temple!” The Yizimei monk standing next to the old monk in the cassock was the first to attack.

Li Huowang immediately replied, “Who are you?”

“You thief is blind! Of course we are waiting for the monks of this Buddha bone temple!”

Hearing the monk in front of him say this, everyone else turned their attention to the tall and obsessed monk.

The others breathed a sigh of relief when they saw the heart-crazy monk nodding his head.

The slick Tuoba Danqing stepped forward immediately, took out his waist card from his pocket, “Supervisor Tiansi is doing business, please return to your room quickly, no one is allowed to come out!”

When the monk heard this, his expression instantly became very ugly. They all looked at the old monk in cassock in unison.

The old monk clasped his hands together and sang Amitabha before he opened his mouth, “Everyone, send me a bold question, why do you want to ask for this temple? The Buddha Bone Temple has been calm for the past few days, and nothing strange has happened.”

“Of course you feel that the weather is calm, but under the calm weather, the whole temple has been drilled like dice by others. Go back to your room, and don’t blame our ruthless subordinates when you come out again!”

Hearing Tuoba Danqing’s severe threat, the monks dispersed one after another.

Just when Ji Xiang was about to lead the others to continue to the next place, Li Huowang stopped at his feet.

“Everyone, don’t you think this is a little bit wrong? I have been here for a while, and this place is too normal?”

“Zuo Wang Dao is obviously a group of existences who fear the world will not be chaotic. They don’t even want their own lives for fun. As long as they have stayed in the place, it is absolutely impossible to live as peacefully as they are now.”

“Don’t guess, the spies of Tianjian are smarter than you think. Since they say there is a shadow of forgetting the way here, there must be some.”

Hearing Hong Da’s words, Li Huowang shook his head, “No, I’m not saying that there is no Zuo Wang Dao here, but that the purpose of the Zuo Wang Dao here is not purely for fun, they must have some other purpose for sneaking in here. “

Li Huowang thought that the meeting would be carefully considered, but his expression was frowning, “Just do your job well.” After saying that, he turned and walked towards the other hall.

“What’s going on?” Seeing the other party’s reaction like this, Li Huowang was very surprised, as if he knew what Zuo Wangdao was going to do.

A flash of inspiration flashed in Li Huowang’s mind, and he quickly followed up, “This old **** must have something to hide from me about this errand.”

Since Wang Dao hadn’t seen a shadow yet, Li Huowang could feel the strangeness of this errand.

“Da~!” Li Huowang’s ointment boots stepped on the clean and smooth marble floor. This time, instead of staring at the pilgrims and monks around him, he began to focus most of his attention on Ji Xiang .

Observing the doubts carefully, Li Huowang really discovered the situation.

If the purpose of Ji Xiang this time is to deal with Zuo Wangdao, then no matter what, the **** should focus on people.

But he kept staring at the four beams and eight pillars in the hall, the abacus in his hands never stopped, and he seemed to be calculating something non-stop.

Could it be that Ji Xiang is looking for something? It’s really hard to guess without knowing his ability. Li Huowang was thinking wildly in his mind.

“Ear benefactor! Five-step kill with the left hand!” A thunderbolt suddenly exploded beside Li Huowang’s ear.

The moment he heard this, with a “clang”, Li Huowang pulled out half of the Zisui sword.

But looking at the woman kneeling on the futon and earnestly worshiping Buddha, he put the sword back into the scabbard again.

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