Mutated Tao Chapter 333: Buddha Bone Temple


With the sound of creaking, the huge figure in the prison walked out of the cell.

Li Huowang raised his head and looked at the monk in front of him. This thin monk had no sadness or joy in his expression, and his body was unusually tall. Standing there, he was as tall as the headless Peng Longteng beside him.

The monk’s hands were tied with wooden shackles and his feet were tied with chains, but he didn’t care at all. He folded his hands and sat cross-legged on the ground, without any intention of untying his bonds.

“Okay~ everyone is here, let’s talk about what happened this time.” After hearing this, everyone present became serious, and the guards around him also left along the ladder. .

Ji Xiang coughed lightly and said slowly: “This time, something happened to the Buddha Bone Temple. The news coming from over there is that it was Zuowangdao who made a fortune, and he didn’t know that this gang of people who killed a thousand swords were responsible for it.” What do you want to do?”

Get rich! Sitting on one of the Three Elements of Wangdao, Li Huowang immediately clenched his fists. No wonder even the memory of staying in Shangjing came. What happened this time was definitely extraordinary.

“Wait a while, while doing this, can I find a way to find out the information about Bei Feng from Fa Cai?”

While Li Huowang was thinking about the chances of winning this possibility, the words of remembering photos continued.

“Since we are trying to make a fortune by forgetting the Tao, even if we don’t tell you, you also know the importance of this errand, so we asked Zen Master Xinchi for help.”

The other three people all looked at the tall monk in unison. Faced with their gazes, the monk said nothing.

“Zen Master Xinchi practices closed-mouthed meditation. Those tricks of getting rich cannot deceive Zen Master Xinchi, so after arriving at the Buddha Bone Temple, you must remember one thing, that is, what Zen Master Xinchi said is absolutely the truth.”

“Secondly, as long as you enter the temple, no one is allowed to leave the eyes of others. Even if you leave for a cup of tea, you must be careful that those who come back have been tampered with by Zuowangdao.”

“Also, thirdly, I dealt with Facai ten years ago. This woman was very difficult to deal with. Don’t listen to what she says, and don’t listen to the opposite, but you can’t help but listen. .”

“Oh? It’s okay if you don’t listen?” Tuoba Danqing cooperated very well, leaning back, his eyes widened in surprise.

“Well, sometimes, even if you don’t listen at all, you will fall into her trap. The best thing is to believe three parts of what this woman says and doubt it, and keep the other three parts for yourself.”

“Oh, such a difficult traitor, Master Xiang was able to force her back ten years ago, which is beyond the reach of the rest of us.”

“Isn’t it difficult to deal with? Haha~ So the best way is to kill her directly when she doesn’t open her mouth. Erjiu, among us, you are the most agile, so Zen Master Xinchi asked you When you take action, you must take action.”

“I obey, Mr. Xiang, but doesn’t this Xinchi Zen Master practice silent meditation? How is he going to tell me?” Li Huowang had wanted to ask for a long time. This monk obviously can’t speak, even if he won’t be deceived by getting rich. Doesn’t help.

As soon as Li Huowang finished speaking, the sound of Amitabha exploded in his mind. “The poor monk knows his mind, so the benefactor need not worry too much.”

This voice reminded Li Huowang that the sisters and wives of Anci’an also had this ability, loving the house and the bird. Li Huowang had a much better impression of this monk.

“Okay, let’s talk about other trivial matters on the road.”

Li Huowang stood up and followed the others towards the outside of the prison. He got on the four-horse carriage that had been prepared.

No one present asked what this so-called getting rich looks like. Since it is Zai Wangdao, what she looks like depends entirely on what she wants to look like.

The inn station in Daliang is obviously very complete. After I kept showing signs, there are special buses for transfer at every inn station.

Such a speed was definitely beyond what Li Huowang could match when he walked on foot. In just two days and one night, they had arrived in Langzhong City where the Buddha Bone Temple was located.

As night fell, Li Huowang opened the curtain and just got out of the carriage. Before his limbs could feel numb, he saw a striking temple in the distance that was higher than the surrounding buildings.

“Remember what we said before, let’s go.” The reporter said, walking towards the temple in the distance.

As they approached the temple complex, everyone’s expressions began to become solemn, and at some point the golden abacus in the cameraman’s hand began to be dialed.

It was so late, but the entire Buddha Bone Temple was not closed. Devoted men and women holding incense were constantly coming in and out. It seemed that this Buddha Bone Temple was as prosperous as the original Zhengde Temple.

From the moment he stepped into the threshold, Li Huowang’s heart was hanging. Although there were people all around and it was extremely lively, Li Huowang understood that this place had been polluted by Zuowangdao, except for the three people around them. , anyone else can become an enemy at any time.

Others obviously understood this, and they all grasped their weapons in unison. The golden abacus in their hands was still dialing, and the crisp knocking sound made the noise around them much quieter.

The weird costumes of the four of them obviously attracted the attention of everyone around them, but they all pretended not to notice.

“Come on, follow me and go to the front hall first.” Under the leadership of the reporter, the other three walked in.

There is no Bodhisattva or Buddha in the hall. Placed in the middle of the hall, receiving worship from pilgrims, is actually a dark red mummy with distorted facial features.

“Is this what Zuowangdao did? Let these people worship the mummy as a Buddha?” Li Huowang, who was holding the purple ear sword tightly, couldn’t help but ask.

“No, no, this is a Bodhisattva in the flesh, and he is the living Buddha enshrined in the Buddha Bone Temple.” Monk Xinchi reminded him appropriately.

Bodhisattva in the flesh? Li Huowang looked at the extremely terrifying corpses in front of him, and he suddenly understood why this temple was called the Buddha Bone Temple.

At this moment, Xinchi’s voice suddenly turned extremely harsh, “Donor, do it quickly! Kill the pilgrim who is kneeling three steps to the left! Kill!”

“Qiang~!” Li Huowang’s right arm suddenly exerted force, wrapped in the evil spirit that reached the sky, he rushed in front of the man and raised his sword to chop him down hard.

The weapon, which is as sharp as iron and mud, cuts on the human body as easily as cutting through a thin piece of paper.

The scarlet blood covered the internal organs and spurted out from the gap. The man who was broken into two pieces screamed desperately for a few times and stopped moving.

This horrifying scene instantly caused the surrounding pilgrims to scream and run away.

The Xinchi monk with the wooden shackles walked over, knelt in front of the corpse, clasped his hands and said something, then picked up the human head on the ground with **** and looked at it carefully.

“How about Master? Is this man getting rich? Or is he someone else?” Li Huowang also knelt down on one knee and looked at the fresh corpse carefully. He didn’t think that getting rich would be killed by him so easily.

“Amitabha, the poor monk has admitted his fault. Almsgiver, let’s go.” The crazy monk threw the head in his hand, stood up and turned around to leave.


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