Mutated Tao Chapter 330: Pier cup


In the exquisite and bright ancient guest room, Li Huowang put a piece of sauced duck meat into his mouth and chewed it, trying to suppress the nausea that still lingered in his mouth.

Although this feeling is uncomfortable, it may help Tuoba Danqing reduce his suspicion, which is worth the money.

After all, at least doing it this way can make him understand why he wears a copper coin mask.

And from the surprised expression on his face, Li Huowang knew that he had guessed correctly. Even though he was well-informed, he had never seen anyone with tentacles with eyeballs in their mouths.

Taking a sip of wine, Tuoba Danqing said with lingering fear: “Brother Xian, I see that you are an evil cultivator. Brother, let me tell you to stay away from outsiders. The merits of evil cultivators are If you don’t practice Fa Neng, it’s best not to practice it, otherwise you really won’t know whether it is you who practices it or it who practices you in the end.”

Li Huowang picked up the wine glass and knocked it lightly on Tuoba Danqing’s glass. “Thank you, Brother Tuoba, for reminding me. I have my own plan.”

“It’s good to have a plan. Actually, to tell you the truth, from the first time I laid eyes on you, I knew you could achieve great things.” As Tuoba Danqing rambled on about some nonsense, the atmosphere in the guest room gradually became more tense. Returning to the past, the two began to exchange cups and cups again.

The more Tuoba Danqing drank, the happier he became. When he was in the highest mood, he leaned close to Li Huowang with a strange expression, and whispered with the laughter that every man knows: “Brother, come here, brother, I will let you Look, Renwu can enjoy more than Guizu.”

After saying that, he raised his hands and patted them gently. After a while, four plump women walked into the house one by one with lowered eyebrows.

Just when Li Huowang thought these four were singing girls, the four girls spread out their sleeves at the same time, displaying their naked bodies in front of them.

Navy blue and white tattoos are all over their bodies, making the four women standing there like four bottles of exquisite blue and white porcelain.

And without exception, they are all women with small feet, which are larger at the top and smaller at the bottom. They look more like porcelain when they stand there.

Different from exquisite porcelain, when two of the women came to Li Huowang and laid dishes for him, Li Huowang discovered that this blue and white porcelain was soft, warm, and slippery. Lifting your hands and feet is full of charm.

As if to show off to Li Huowang, Tuoba Danqing made a drinking gesture with his hands, and the woman immediately raised the glass and slowly poured it into her mouth.

After pouring, the woman sat down on Tuoba Danqing’s body, curled her tongue into a funnel and pressed it against him, and slowly passed the wine in her mouth to him.

Drinking the warm wine in his mouth with satisfaction, Tuoba Danqing turned to Li Huowang and said, “Brother Er Xian, what do you call this? This is called Pi’er Cup. How about you? You’ve never seen it before. ? Hahaha~”

Li Huowang glanced at the woman beside him uncomfortably, “Brother Tuoba, let’s call these four women over. Isn’t it easy to talk?”

Tuoba Danqing hugged her with his arms and said proudly to Li Huowang: “Don’t worry, I specially picked these from Linglong Tower. You Ling can’t hear you and can’t speak, no matter what we say. , they couldn’t hear or speak.”

“This kind of ghost was specially bred for people like us.” After saying that, he moved his mouth over and took another sip from the leather cup.

Watching this scene, Li Huowang immediately thought of Sun Baolu’s mother who had been a beauty, and suddenly felt nauseated. I’ve been in Daliang for a while, and I almost forgot about this place’s perverted habit of treating people like tools.

“Come on, dear brother, you have come back after a long time, don’t you want to take a good rest? Don’t worry, these are the normal expenses of the company, so it’s not in vain.” Tuoba Danqing stood there and faced Li Huowang winked.

Looking at the pitiful bodies that were almost hanging on both sides of his body, Li Huowang shook his head. “Brother Tuoba, thank you very much, but I just want to drink when I come here today. I don’t want to do anything else.”

Tuoba Danqing was immediately surprised when he saw Li Huowang not being a womanizer. “Oh? Could it be that Brother Er is like me, tired of playing with women and wants to play with the rabbit? That’s right, after all, three flat ones are not as good as one round ones. I will go and help you change them.”

Li Huowang’s expression suddenly became solemn and his voice became slightly louder. “Brother Tuoba, if I don’t avenge my brothers, I will feel uneasy. I really don’t have the heart to do this.”

Seeing that Li Huowang didn’t look like he was joking, Tuoba Danqing waved his hand gently and let the women go out.

After they all left, Tuoba Danqing raised his glass and drank it, sighing heavily. “Brother Er Xian, you have a sense of loyalty. There are not many people who can go through fire and water for the sake of our brothers these days. Everyone has their own evil intentions.”

“Once a teacher, always a father, they killed our six great elders and that’s what they deserve,”

“Forget it, if that’s the case, then you can stay here in Yinling City. I know you are anxious. If anything happens, I will call you first.”

“Okay, thank you very much, Brother Tuoba, I’d like to give Brother Tuoba a drink!”

When Li Huowang came back to the inn smelling of alcohol, he fell on the bed, closed his eyes and pressed his temples with his fingertips.

Socializing with Tuoba Danqing, the smiling tiger, was no easier than fighting outside. He didn’t know how much the other party knew or trusted him. All he can do is to remain vigilant at all times to avoid being discovered by the other party.

At this moment, he suddenly thought of something. Li Huowang took out his badge from his waist and looked at the “Ren Wu” on it. He was one step closer to success.

The corners of Li Huowang’s mouth rose slightly. It seemed that as his status in Jian Tiansi increased, he could also mobilize part of Jian Tiansi’s power.

Beifeng, who has lived for 190 years, sounds very strong, but he does not necessarily need to fight against Zuo Wangdao alone.

Li Huowang, who was lying on the bed, suddenly sat up and murmured to himself: “Yes, since he has such a big backer as Jian Tiansi behind him, it would be unreasonable not to use it, not to mention that they themselves are mortal enemies. .”

“Only by provoking a fight between them when the time comes can I benefit from it!”

“Hehehehe” a low laugh made Li Huowang look over, and as expected it came from Hongzhong again.

“You are such a stupid young man, who can you deceive? Are you still trying to sow discord?”

“Sixi Sanyuan are all human beings. I’m afraid the time will come. Before you can provoke them, they will pre-emptively get you in.”

Li Huowang rarely ignored him this time. “Didn’t you always say in the past that I was one of the top three in Hongzhong? I believe it now. Since they and I are both high-level officials at Zuowangdao, why can’t I provoke them?”

When Hongzhong heard this, his expression suddenly became excited, as if he was remembering something.

“Yes, this might be Hong Zhong’s plan! Suppress his memory, then sneak into the Tiantian Division, and then build a ladder from inside to do the trick!!”

“Yes, yes, yes, that’s what I thought!” Li Huowang also stood up, his expression as excited as him.

In the end, both of them laughed at the same time, and the laughter got louder and louder. But when the laughter reached its peak, the laughter suddenly stopped, and the two of them looked at each other with sarcastic expressions.


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