Mutated Tao Chapter 331: Meet an old friend in a foreign land


Li Huowang turned around and came to the bed, closed his eyes and lay down.

While the man in the red was thinking about something with a smile on his face, the monk walked over and said, “What are you thinking about? Let me tell you, don’t try to harm the Taoist priest. He is a Nice guy.”

“Good man, hehe, good man”

That night, I don’t know if it was because of drinking, Li Huowang slept very deeply, and when he woke up again, the sun was already high.

Li Huowang gave a hache and began to dress and wash.

Since Tuoba Danqing said that he should stay here first, then he will stay in Yinling City for the time being.

Besides, I have no other place to go now.

The exact length of stay depends on Tuoba Danqing, but judging from the past, it shouldn’t take too long.

“Cooking cake ~ delicious cooking cake ~”

“Honey hey hey candied haws”

“Sharpening the scissors~cracking kitchen knife”

“By the way, General Jiang, who is eight feet tall and four feet wide at the waist, stood up and yelled at the enemy camp, “Oh~hey~! ! “Suddenly thousands of soldiers in Qi State were frightened and died! I saw that”

Li Huowang walked slowly on the streets of Yinling City, listening to voices coming from all directions.

“How much is a cake seller?”

“One penny, one penny, look at how big they are, my cakes are cheap and affordable~”

Bought four pancakes that looked like flowering steamed buns, Li Huowang held them in his hands and ate them as he walked.

He didn’t walk fast. The purpose of coming to the street was to let Li Sui learn the voices of the people around him.

Before someone casually said a few words about dad, God remembered it so clearly. This is enough to prove that this guy can not only imitate his own voice, but also imitate other people’s voices.

Today he wants to try, if Li Sui learns faster if he contacts enough people.

When sporadic imitation sounds came from his ears, Li Huowang felt that he had guessed right.

However, one difference is that Li Sui’s imitation is accepted in all directions, and even the swear words of shrews are also learned.

Hearing those piercing voices, Li Huowang, who frowned slightly, hurriedly walked a few steps and left the original place.

Standing in the middle of the street, Li Huowang looked at the bustling surroundings, and had to say that a girder is a girder, and the bustling is really bustling. There are all kinds of things.

But this kind of prosperous and powerful person is using things like beauty paper cups, the contrast is not insignificant.

However, it is also possible that those things were born precisely because of the prosperity.

Just as Li Huowang was standing in the crowd feeling emotional, he suddenly saw something, raised his foot and rushed forward with a solemn expression.

In order to increase the speed, Li Huowang even used his dislocation ability in the crowd.

Turning left and right, Li Huowang slapped heavily on the shoulder of a man who was staring at the flat food stall in a daze. “Why are you here?”

The man was a little dazed when he turned his head, but when he saw Li Huowang, he immediately called out excitedly, “Master!”

Seeing Li Huowang’s incomparable excitement, Lu Xiucai almost jumped on him.

“I ask why you are here, where is Mr. Lu?”

When Li Huowang mentioned his father, Lu Xiucai looked disdainful, “I’m tired of him, **** it, if it wasn’t for me, I would still—”

Seeing Li Huowang’s indifferent eyes, Lu Xiucai immediately shut his mouth. “Master, I am a person with supernatural powers now! How can I continue to sing with him? Of course I have come out to make a living!”

Looking around, Li Huowang pulled him to the side of the flat food stall and sat down.

“Walking around? Where are you changing your clothes? Where are you entangled? Where are your weapons? Are you just wandering around empty-handed like this?”

Hearing what Li Huowang said, Lu Xiucai gritted his teeth, and said unwillingly with vicious eyes in his eyes: “I brought them all! But I didn’t know it was stolen by that animal yesterday! Don’t let me Get caught! Damn, if I get caught!”

“Okay, okay.” Li Huowang showed a hint of impatience on his face, Lu Xiucai gave him the feeling now, just like the teddy dog ​​next door in the past, obviously weak and dying, but extremely arrogant.

Although the Zisui sword changed his personality, no matter how his personality changes, it will not change that Lu Xiu is still a 17-year-old immature boy.

“The pan was stolen yesterday? Then you probably haven’t eaten all day? Shopkeeper, here are two bowls of flat food.”

When the flat food sprinkled with sesame seeds and dried shrimps was delivered to Lu Xiucai, he couldn’t care less about anything else, and wanted to grab it with his hands.

Looking at Lu Xiucai who was sucking in air-conditioning but reluctant to vomit, Li Huowang frowned slightly and asked in a low voice, “How is the village after I leave?”

“It’s still like that.”

After swallowing the flat food in his mouth, Lu Xiucai said: “Everyone is doing well. I bought a few more cows and planned to plant all the fields around the village in the spring of next year. He said that we There is not enough manpower, and I am worrying about finding tenants.”

“What about Miaomiao?”

“Miss Bai is okay, she can eat and sleep, but she is often absent-minded.”

Li Huowang took a long breath, leaned his elbows on his knees, closed his eyes, held his face in both hands and washed vigorously. “It’s okay, it’s okay”

After a while, Lu Xiucai had already eaten half a bowl, alleviating his hunger. His somewhat sluggish spirit came to the fore.

“Master! I will follow you from now on!”

Li Huowang shook his head resolutely, “After this meal, I will give you some money to go back to Niuxin Mountain, so you don’t go anywhere.”

It’s impossible for him to bring a burden by his side, not to mention that this burden is not a relative or a relative, and it’s the most benevolent to keep money.

“I’m not going back! I’m going back, my elder brother will definitely make me work in the fields with his fist closed!”

Li Huowang grabbed Lu Xiucai by the collar with one hand, stared at him very sternly and said, “Only your father will spoil you, but I’m not your father!”

“My own affairs are already annoying enough! I don’t have time to talk to you! Tell me one more nonsense, believe it or not, I will break your leg and throw it on the street to beg for food!”

Lu Xiucai’s lips trembled, facing Li Huowang’s stern eyes, he finally didn’t dare to say a word.

“After you go back, don’t say you’ve seen me.” Li Huowang slapped the broken silver the size of a thumb on Lu Xiucai’s desk, turned and left.

Looking at Li Huowang’s back that was drifting away, Lu Xiucai’s expression was very unwilling.

Just when he was about to disappear into the crowd, Lu Xiucai shouted excitedly at his back: “You were the one who said you would teach me supernatural powers! But you only taught me how to use a sword. You can’t even use a sword.” Don’t leave it to me! What kind of master are you! You don’t keep your word!!”

Seeing Li Huowang turning back, Lu Xiucai immediately picked up the silver and stuffed it into his bosom, as if he was ready to run at any time.

With a flick of Li Huowang’s hand, five blackened copper coins were shot directly like money darts and nailed directly to the wooden table in front of Lu Xiucai.

It was unloaded from the copper coin sword in Li Huowang’s hand. Although there are only five of them, Lu Xiucai’s control with Xianduzi’s seal is also very powerful.

“It’s clear! Don’t call me master again!”

Seeing an old friend in a foreign land, Li Huowang was interrupted by this, and he was not in the mood to go shopping, so he turned and walked towards the inn.

“Miaomiao?” Hei Taisui’s voice rang in Li Huowang’s ear.

“Since Li Huowang is your father, you should call this Miaomiao your mother.” Hong Zhong jumped to Li Huowang’s side and reminded him with a smile on his face again.


When Hei Taisui said this, Li Huowang was stunned for a moment, “Li Sui can actually hear hallucinations?”


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