Monster Paradise Chapter 1: People are good-looking and have a fart!



  [Passover ID: 142857]


  [Name: Lin Huang]


  [Gender: Male]


  [Age before crossing: 25 years old]


  [Age after crossing: 15 years old]


  [Traveling through the original world: Monster Paradise]


   [Passing identity setting: Lin Huang, male, 15 years old, and 13-year-old sister Lin Xin. The celestial life wheel shattered, and the escape speed of life light was ten times that of a normal person. Remaining life: 91 days. 】


  [Memory Fusion: 98%]


  [Number of crossings: 1st time]


  [Cheat status: inactive]


   Staring at the translucent interface in front of him, Lin Huang was slightly startled. This is the number of times he has opened this page this week.


   It has been a week since Lin Huang traveled to this world and became a 15-year-old boy. The juvenile has excellent talents and ranks first among recent graduates in the Hunter Reserve Academy. He almost got full marks in all his grades. It is a pity that there is a fatal flaw, and the fate wheel is naturally broken.


   On the gray-white stone life wheel in the body, a crack almost cuts the life wheel in half. There are three hundred and sixty squares of the life light scale. Only three squares are lit, and even the third square is lit. Slightly bleak.


The    three grids of life light come on. For a normal person, it is three years of life, but at ten times the speed of life light escape, Lin Huang’s remaining life is only three months.


   “I look better now than before. This is probably the only place that makes people feel relieved.” Looking at himself in the mirror, Lin Huang laughed like self-deprecating.


   The young man in the mirror has short shaggy black hair, a pair of jet-black eyes that contain no impurities, and his facial features are correct and slightly delicate. At the moment, he is squeezing his fists and looks a little angry.


  ” But people are good-looking and have a fart! You sent me the cheats that you said before crossing, but at any rate you sent me another instruction manual. It’s been a week, and I don’t know until now. How to activate Xiao Hei…”


   Xiaohei is a gold finger randomly drawn by Lin Huang before the crossing. It is a black card, but now a week later, he tried various methods, but he still couldn’t activate the gold finger. He didn’t even know it. What is the purpose of this card.


   “Brother, I’m back!”


   Just as Lin Huang accused the “unscrupulous game merchant” in the mirror, a girl’s voice came from the door. Then he heard the door closing, and the girl had entered the door code and pushed in.


   closed the page in front of him, Lin Huang cleared up his emotions, turned and walked downstairs. The house he lives in is a small two-story duplex with two bedrooms on the second floor.


   walked to the top of the stairs, he smiled and looked at the girl who was still changing shoes at the door.


  The girl looks like a twelve or thirteen-year-old girl. She has short black hair only slightly below her earlobe, her eyebrows are covered by her bangs, and her eyes are dark and shiny, with delicate features and a little childishness. She was wearing a white printed T-shirt on the upper body, a pair of blue and white jeans on the lower body, and a pair of white sneakers under her feet. On the contrary, she looked more like a boy.


  ”Xin’er is back, wash your hands and prepare to eat.”


   At the table, the two sat opposite each other and were eating. Suddenly there was a shock from the tail ring on the little finger of Lin Huang’s left hand, and then a translucent video projection was projected in front of him. On the other side, Lin Xin’s ring also appeared in the same situation, and the video projection popped up almost at the same time.


   This kind of tail ring is an emperor heart ring that everyone wears after the birth registration is completed. It contains personal identification account information and other information, as well as a small-scale space storage function. It is also the only tool that can connect to the heart network. There is not much time to actively jump out of information in this way. This is usually the case when something major happens.


   “Huh?” Lin Huang stopped the action in his hand, and looked at the video intently. The expression on Lin Xin’s face was also slightly surprised.


In the video projection of   , a middle-aged man with a good appearance looked a little serious. Lin Huang recognized that he was a small well-known news anchor in the seventh safety zone.


  ” Now an emergency message is being broadcast. At about 4:30 this afternoon, someone discovered a new virtual pupil 310 kilometers southeast of the 7D101 base, suspecting a monster invaded. Residents in nearby areas are requested to pay attention to safety. Don’t leave the stronghold, try not to go out at night.”


   After watching the video, Lin Huang frowned slightly. The number 7D101 is also the number of the stronghold where he is now.


   The bases are divided into four levels: A, B, C, and D according to their size, representing core bases, large bases, medium bases, and small bases. The number 7 before the letter D is the security zone number, and the number 101 after it is the site number.


   As for the virtual pupil mentioned in the video, it is actually the door opened by monsters invading this world, because it looks like a huge human pupil hanging in the sky, and it is in a semi-transparent state of blur, so He was named Xutong.


   “Brother, the position where the virtual pupil is opened this time is so close to our stronghold, will no monsters break into the stronghold?” Lin Xin’s small face was slightly worried.


   “Don’t worry, the news is broadcast. Those monster hunters must have received the news earlier. Besides, the stronghold has a defensive layer, so it won’t be broken so easily.” Lin Huang smiled and shook his head.” Eat!”


   After dinner, Lin Xin went back to the room to write her homework, and it was dark when Lin Huang finished washing the dishes.


   returned to his room, Lin Huang called up the page of Xinwang, to check the progress of the event that just opened the virtual pupil. On, news articles are arranged in chronological order.


  ”Monster Hunter has successively arrived at the virtual pupil opening area near the 7D101 base to track and hunt.”


  ”Silver hunter Li Lang appeared near base 7D101!”


  ”Eighteen hunters, led by silver medal hunter Li Lang, launched the hunting and cleaning of monsters.”


   “After more than an hour of hunting and hunting, all monsters above the Black Iron level within 100 kilometers of the virtual pupil were emptied. More hunters joined the hunting team and began to further clean up the surrounding area.”




  After reading the messages, Lin Huang finally felt relieved. The words he had comforted Lin Xin before sounded very organized, but in fact he had no bottom in his heart. After all, he had only been in this world for a week, and it was the first time he encountered such a thing as a virtual pupil opening near the stronghold. However, judging from the news on the heart network, this time the virtual pupil was turned on, and there was no powerful monster, which made him feel relieved.


   The opening time and position of the virtual pupil are random, and even the level and number of monsters that appear cannot be determined in advance. If the monster level is too high, or there are too many, dozens of hunters will be killed in the past, not to mention the silver medal hunters, even the gold medal hunters will be ruined. In a small stronghold like 7D101, the strength of the defensive layer is just like paper in front of a huge beast tide, and there is no effective blocking effect at all.


   This week, although Lin Huang didn’t figure out how to activate his golden finger, he basically figured out what kind of world he had traveled into.


   There are many historical videos of animal tide attacks on When Lin Huang saw it for the first time, there were only two words in his heart that could describe it—shock.


   One of the most memorable things for him was the destruction of a large stronghold. He still clearly remembered every detail recorded in the video.


   A huge blood-colored phantom pupil opened in the void, and endless monsters gushed out of it, and instantly broke through the protective layer of that large stronghold. Hundreds of millions of humans were counted in just a few hours. Millions of monsters were slaughtered. The ground of the entire stronghold was condensed into an ocean of blood, and the broken corpses floated on the sea of ​​blood. Monsters stuffed the corpses into their mouths, chewing greedily…


  The stronghold where Lin Huang is located is only a small D-class stronghold, equivalent to a small town on earth, with a population of less than 100,000. This kind of base has the lowest security level in the safe zone. If a powerful monster appears, I am afraid that the entire stronghold can be easily slaughtered without waiting for the hunter to arrive. But fortunately, the opening of the virtual pupil this time was only a small-scale monster coming, which has been suppressed by the hunters, and there is no need to worry about security problems in the stronghold.


   turned off the heart net, Lin Huang fell into thought.


  ”According to the current rate of life light have only 91 days of life left. The first question that must be considered now is how to get life crystals to replenish life light. Goldfinger’s Activation, I have no clue at present, and can only be temporarily shelved. Life Shards, although they can be purchased on, but the price is too high, the lowest year of Shards requires 100,000 credits, and the deposit in my account is only 20,000 No, far from enough.”


   Life Shards are special items that can be dropped by hunting monsters with a very low probability. There are a lot of life light inside. It is extremely simple to use, just put it in your mouth and bite it, and the life light in the broken crystal will automatically flow into the life wheel.


  ”The fastest way to earn life shards is to hunt monsters, sell the materials on the monsters, and hunting monsters has a certain chance to explode life shards. It’s just with the strength of my current body, even The Dark Iron Realm is not there, there are only a few monsters that can be hunted, and they are not worth any money… But anyway, I have to go outside the stronghold and try, in case a crystal of life bursts out. Prepare for it tomorrow, Leave early the day after tomorrow!”


   As the night darkened, Lin Huang glanced at the black sky curtain outside the window, threw the distracting thoughts out of his head, and fell asleep after a long time.


   In the middle of the night, Lin Huang was awakened by a crackling sound, which sounded like a cracked glass window.




   Lin Huang just woke up, and before he was fully awake, he heard a female scream. The scream was very close, and he recognized that the voice was from his sister Lin Xin.


   leaped up from the bed, he rushed to Lin Xin’s room in his pajamas and kicked the door open.




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