Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor Chapter 1: Conspiracy in the woods


Bright Sun Country

Yunyue City

The green mountains are entwined with clouds and mists, and the lush trees in the forest are swaying in the breeze. The mountain forest in the morning looks so quiet and elegant…

Of course, in the depths of this remote and uninhabited mountain forest, a cruel and **** scene was staged at this time.

A girl dressed in fine silk satin was kneeling on the ground with her arms twisted by two sturdy men, her head lowered with dying breath, her messy hair falling down her cheeks but quickly seeping out from her face The blood was soaked, and the blood dripped on the ground and penetrated into the soil.

When the girl with very weak breath heard the sound of footsteps approaching, she gritted her teeth and raised her head, revealing a blood-stained face, a disfigured face with raw skin It was cut open by the blade, and the blood was blurred, which was very terrifying.

“Who are you? Why do you want to kill me?” The girl’s voice was very weak, and it came out weakly. She forced herself to faint due to excessive blood loss and stared at the person who covered her face with a veil, with a very beautiful figure. woman.

The woman who couldn’t see her face was dressed in a light blue water cloud skirt, and the same color tassels hung down around her waist, which swayed gently with her light pace.

She stopped in front of the girl who was kneeling on the ground, looked down at the girl whose face was ruined at this time, and said with smiling beautiful eyes: “I’m Feng Qingge, Duke Huguo. The eldest lady of the manor, the pearl of the mighty general Feng Xiao, the young master of Feng Jiawei, the future heir to the Feng family, and at the same time, she is also the fiancee of the third prince, the darling of the Sun Kingdom.”

The familiar voice and the words of the woman in front of her made the girl widen her eyes in shock: “You! Who are you? Who are you! I am Feng Qingge! I am Feng Qingge!” His body trembled slightly, a thought formed in his mind, and his eyes overflowed with disbelief.

The white and slender fingers gently lifted, the veil covering the face gently fell, and a beautiful and elegant face was reflected in the eyes of the **** the ground, when she saw the familiar face that could no longer be seen When she saw the familiar face, she was too shocked to speak.

The beautiful face looked up, staring at the terrifying **** the ground, her voice carried infinite anticipation and uncontrollable excitement: “Feng Qingge, from today onwards, I will replace your identity, your Position, of course you have everything you have, and you…” After a pause, she chuckled: “With your intelligence, why not think about how I would deal with you?”

Listening to the original voice of the person in front of her, Feng Qingge trembled and looked at her with wide eyes in disbelief: “Ruo, Ruoyun? You, you are Su Ruoyun!”

Su Ruoyun, an orphan who grew up with her since childhood, she was the one who brought her from the street back to Duke Huguo’s mansion, she was the one who kept her by her side, and she was the boudoir who talked about everything Honey friends, sisters she regards as her relatives…

However, she would never have thought that the person who ruined her appearance and wanted to seize her status was actually her…

“Why? I treat you so well, why do you do this?” The betrayal hurts like a knife, thinking that his face will be destroyed, his identity will be replaced, and this will be unknown, Hatred could not help but hit his heart.

“Why? Oh, of course it’s for everything you have, the grandfather and father who treat you like pearls, and the arrogant son who loves you to the bone, but…” She looked at the phoenix on the ground with her beautiful eyes and a smile. Qing Ge: “All of this will be mine. The love and doting of my grandfather and father, and the tenderness and affection of Brother Murong will all be mine.”


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