Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor Chapter 2: was sold out



Satisfied looking at Feng Qingge’s devastated appearance on the ground, of course, she didn’t stop just like that, but continued: “Originally, I should kill you immediately to avoid long nights and dreams, and destroy your corpse and traces. People can’t find your existence, but, hehe…”


Listening to that sinister smile, Feng Qingge’s heart trembled, and she heard her devilish voice come again.


“Do you know why I alone let people ruin your beautiful face, but not damage your snow-white skin?” She squatted down slightly and looked at her face to face: “That’s because I want you to Sell ​​it to the most degrading place, the kind of place for men to have fun, I believe that even if you have a disfigured face like a ghost, you will definitely be liked by many people with ice skin and jade skin, what do you think?”


“Don’t look at me like this, your face is ruined, even if you say you are the eldest lady of the Protectorate’s mansion, no one will believe it, people will only say you are a lunatic, as for fleeing? The strength of the second rank of a martial artist is really not enough.” While speaking, she stuffed a medicine into her mouth, stood up with a chuckle, and flipped the skirt on her body and said, “Seven days, after seven days, even if you are not killed Play to death, and you will die of poison.”


Feng Qingge gritted her teeth and shouted: “Su Ruoyun, even if I’m a ghost, I won’t let you go!”


“Oh, you can’t play against me as a human being, and if you become a ghost, you won’t be my opponent.” She sneered and instructed: “Take the person away and sell it without leaving any clues, it’s better to take over the person. Silence.”


“Yes!” The two strong men responded respectfully, slashed their palms, carried the dying Feng Qingge on his shoulders, and disappeared into the forest with a few vertical jumps.


A middle-aged man in black who had been standing behind Su Ruoyun stepped forward at this time: “Miss, it’s getting late, do you want to go home first?”


“Well, I’m going back.” She showed a gentle smile, looked at the sky and said softly, “From this moment on, I am Feng Qingge, and Feng Qingge is me.”


In the night two days later, Dalang Town, Tianxiang Building


When she smelled a fragrance, the unconscious Feng Qingge slowly opened her eyes. Before her brain could react, she heard a strange sound of tsk tsk and felt that her arm was being touched by a pair of hands. She screamed and rolled out of bed.


“Hey, you’re awake? It’s just right when you’re awake. I don’t like dead fish when I do business. I just like spicy and energetic ones. That’s enough.” Feng Qingge’s face shrank to the side, with excitement in his eyes: “I really didn’t expect to get me such a good thing tonight, although it’s disfigured, but with this ice skin and jade skin, Tsk tsk, I won’t lose to some aristocratic ladies.”


Feng Qingge shrank back, panic in her eyes: “You, don’t come here, don’t come here!” He stood up abruptly and ran to the door, only to be caught by the man after two steps. The man hugged.


“Want to run? Hehe, when you enter this room, do you think you can escape? Come on! Let me take a good look at your slippery skin.” The man smiled excitedly, tearing his hands, She tore the sleeves of the light clothes on her body, and a snowy arm suddenly reflected in the man’s eyes, making his eyes glow with hot excitement.


“Ah!” Feng Qingge screamed, goosebumps appeared on her body because of the nausea of ​​being hugged by the man, and she touched a dagger on the man’s waist when her hand was pushing, and she didn’t even think about it. Pull it out and stab the man in the heart.


“Hiss! Bitch!” The man’s heart was overwhelmed, and he couldn’t dodge for a while, and a blood mark was drawn on his chest. He waved his hand and threw Feng Qingge out in pain.






He slammed her head into the corner of the bed, and blood poured out like a spring. She tried to stand up, but after shaking twice, she fell to the ground and fainted…


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