Marvel With Zanpakuto Chapter 1481: The final… answer!


Beautiful Man: The Beginning of a Zanpakuto Chapter 1481 The final… answer!

At this moment, inside the pyramid, there is a sacrificial stone chamber.

Due to the fall of the meteorite, the phenomenon of God’s arrival was triggered, causing the entire Antarctica to collapse.

However, the gigantic shock outside did not affect the place in the slightest, and the stone room was still calm, as if it was isolated from the world.

A treacherous and gloomy black human-shaped shadow walked on the bronze wall just around the corner.

By the flickering candlelight in the stone room, the treacherous shadow shone on, revealing a bit of inexplicable weirdness and gloom, as if it was going to come out of the wall at any time, and stood there in a daze. .

“Still hesitating? Or do you continue to wait?”

The black treacherous shadow spread like an undercurrent, and the voice of no one was echoing: “Are you going to wait for this corpse to come back to life? Or hold the corpse and continue to immerse yourself in sorrow? Tsk tsk tsk… pity her painstaking efforts , will be wasted.”

On the stone steps, Lord, who was as lifeless as a stone withered, had a gleam in his eyes after hearing these words.

He slowly raised his eyelids, stared at the strange shadow expressionlessly, his hatred was burning like a substance, and said in an almost hoarse voice: “It’s not your turn…you come Teach me.”

“No, no, you are wrong, I am not teaching you.”

Nyarlathotep said calmly: “I’m just reminding you that she sacrificed herself to fight for that tiny, so-called ‘silver hope’ for you, instead of letting you here secretly sad and crying .”

A silver lining?

Loud’s eyes flashed with sadness, and he hugged the woman in his arms tightly with both arms.

“What Hastur said is indeed true… I still, on this road.”

He lowered his eyes, clenched his fists secretly, his nails were deeply embedded in the flesh, and blood dripped down: “It was my choice… that caused the current result.”

“Heh, I’m a little surprised by this.”

The shadow of Nyarlathotep touched his chin, and said with a little deep meaning: “I thought it was secret enough, but unexpectedly, she still found a loophole and met with you, tsk. … made a mistake.”

Hearing this, Lord’s eyes moved slightly: “You seem…very afraid of her, why?”

“Afraid? Maybe.” Nyarlathotep chuckled and said, “But to be precise, it shouldn’t be jealous, but just hate her. In the words of you humans, traitors are everywhere. Unwelcome, right?”


Nyarlathotep’s address to Hastur really surprised Lord.

Seems to see his doubts, Nyarlathotep said slowly: “This is not surprising, you should have talked to her, as long as you think about it carefully, it is not difficult to guess this.”

Lord recalled it and found that it was indeed the case.

At that time, when he asked about the relationship between Hastur and Naia’s family, the former’s answer was “It’s not like them, I hope that thing wakes up, and I hope that it will sleep forever.”

From this point, it can be speculated that the difference between Hastur and Naia’s line lies in the sleeping and waking of ‘that thing’.

But the question is, what is ‘that thing’?

There are many doubts and mysteries are like fog. Lord narrowed his eyes, and a terrible conjecture emerged in the depths of his mind. He looked at the treacherous shadow on the wall, and his lips squirmed slightly.

But before he could say that question, Nyarlathotep suddenly spoke nervously.


“It’s not time yet, don’t say that name.” She forcefully interrupted what Lord wanted to say, and then said calmly: “If “she” wakes up at the wrong time, That result… is something none of us can afford. “

It is hard to imagine that Nyarlathotep, who is the God of the Three Pillars, would be so nervous.

But this is the truth. The moment Lord was about to spit out that name, Nyarlathotep became nervous, and even in her tone, she revealed an unimaginable solemnity and a trace of fear.

Sure enough…he guessed right.

Lord Tong Kong shrank suddenly, and suddenly felt cold all over his body.

It turns out that the ultimate goal of this group of Outer Gods is to awaken that terrifying existence!

No wonder… no wonder, Hastur would refuse.

If that thing wakes up once, then the entire world, and even the multiverse, whether it is higher or lower dimensions, whether it is outside the narrative layer or within the narrative layer, the existence of everything will be destroyed!

But he still has a question.

If you follow the description of the previous life, then after waking up that thing, it will be the end and destruction of all things.

Even the three pillar gods could not escape, but in this case, why did they bother to wake up the sleeping terrifying existence? Is it possible that achievement is purely for the purpose of destroying everything?

With these questions, Lord looked at Nyarlathotep: “What is your purpose?”

Although what he asked was not very clear, Nyarlathotep understood, but she didn’t answer directly, but just avoided the important ones and said: “Many things in this world have no meaning and purpose. All life will eventually If you insist on meaning and purpose, you can understand it as… this is a necessary process.”

“Just as the sun rises and the moon sets, one withers and one prospers.”

“Life passes, all things are born, and all things are predestined” endings. “

“A novel has an ending, a movie has an ending, a life has a death, and likewise… an era, a world, a universe, etc… all There is a time for it to end.”

“And our existence is to inform you that the time has come, that’s all.”

Speaking of this, Nyarlathotep’s tone was much gentler, and he said: “So from this point of view, we are not enemies. There is nothing wrong with ending the story.”

“You tried your best and sacrificed so much just to stop us.”

“But the problem is that you can’t change the ending, you can only delay the arrival of the ending.”

“We can lose a hundred times, a thousand times, ten thousand times… It doesn’t matter, because the ending is always the same ending, it will not change because of it. But you, as long as you lose once, then It’s all over.”

“From the beginning, I told you, Lord.”

“We don’t care about winning or losing, let alone your choice, because the “end” is already predetermined. “

“Whether you resist or deny it, it will not affect it.”

“All the efforts you have made, all the dear friends and relatives you have sacrificed, and you think you have changed the so-called ‘future’, but you don’t know that it is all in vain, just like that poor Sisyphus.”

“In the endless cycle, pushing that huge stone ball.”

“This is the answer you want, now… satisfied?”


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