Marvel With Zanpakuto Chapter 1482: Heaven’s Gate



Chapter 1482: The Gate of Heaven


The huge crimson light wheel entrenched in the sky is slowly rotating like a vortex.


The time and space with a radius of millions of miles is shrouded in an inexplicable deep coercion. From the body of the human-shaped luminous object, there are ripples overflowing, a sacred and majestic posture, Occupies all sightlines.


Mountains, rivers, countries, humans, creatures, vegetation, oceans… are all constantly “degrading”.


They become the original form, the moment before they are kneaded and shaped by the Creator, they return to the embrace of the Creator, and everything will become a part of that “initial”.


If this is the case, pull the angle of view to a farther place and look from the vast starry sky.


On the top of the blue planet, there is a deep red light wheel that is huge enough to cover the entire planet. It is like a black hole, slowly and steadily devouring the entire planet!


The earth is being sucked in by the crimson light wheel bit by bit!


Back to the South Pole, the mountains and rivers were covered with **** light, then collapsed and shattered, flying towards the crimson light wheel in the sky.


“What will happen next… us?”


Vision tried to raise his head, looked up at the posture of the god, and asked calmly.


“I don’t know.” Sleguert shook his head, staring at the sky in a daze, and murmured: “Maybe… we will all return to her embrace, and then become the next “creation” cornerstone of the time. “


“The cornerstone… Hehe, it sounds good.”


Phantom laughed at himself, with pain in his dark eyes: “The age of mankind… is over.”


From the moment “she” appeared, it meant that the era of “human” was completely over.


From the back of the head of that kind of human-shaped luminous object, the three huge rings extend out, showing magnificent colors like a rainbow, and the crimson light wheel is similar to the realm when the gods descend. , all things in the world are returning to their origin.


It’s like a baby…returning to its mother.


Continuing at this speed, maybe within a few minutes, everything created by human beings will disappear completely.


Under the huge crimson field, they will return to the original state with everything in the world, without leaving a trace, as if they have never appeared before.


Will the ‘people’ of the next era know this period of history?


Maybe…don’t know.


Vision swallowed a mouthful of bitterness, and slowly closed his eyes, waiting for the moment of the end to come.


However, at this moment, a voice came over.


“The age of man is not over yet.”


Who? !


Vision was startled, and immediately opened his eyes, looking in the direction of the voice.


The man was wearing a black overcoat with wide sleeves and a slightly thin body. His long black hair was casually draped. Although his appearance was ordinary, he had a unique temperament, especially those eyes… …. There are four child benevolences!


“It’s…it’s you?!” Vision’s eyes widened immediately, and he recognized this person.


This person is none other than the culprit who caused all this!


Hidden in the remote street of Hell’s Kitchen, the owner of the mysterious shop is an “unknown god” who has traded with Coulson, Natasha, Nick Fury and others.


As the saying goes, when enemies meet, they are extremely jealous.


In the face of this murderer who single-handedly contributed to the destruction of mankind, Vision naturally couldn’t just sit idly by. The anger and resentment accumulated in his heart erupted completely at this moment, swallowing all his sanity.


“Kill you!!!”


The power of the Mind Gem was stimulated to the extreme by Vision.


A steady stream of spiritual power surged out like a tsunami, gathered between the phantom’s brows, and then burst into a blazing light, as thick as a bucket, shooting towards Lord with a destructive aura.




The huge spiritual laser pierced through the layers of wind and snow, and with enough power to destroy and melt everything, it hit head-on.


However, something unexpected happened to Vision.


He tried his best to condense all the power of the soul gem in a blow, but was easily shattered by the man with a flick of his finger, turning into little orange starlight and dissipating.


Seeing that the blow was useless, Mirage ignored the gap between them, kicked the ground like thunder, and rushed over.


“It’s all your fault! It’s all your fault!!!”


“Wait, don’t be impulsive! He is…”


Sleguert opened his mouth to stop, but it was too late.


The vision was so angry that he couldn’t listen to it at all. At this moment, he seemed to be that crazy beast, desperate to seek justice from the culprit.


“It’s all said… calm down.”


Lord frowned slightly, facing the rushing vision, flicked his fingers.




The next moment, before Sleguert could see clearly, Vision flew back upside down and hit the ground heavily.


Looking at the vision next to him, there is a clear dent on his forehead, and there are imperceptible cracks around it, and he is in a daze, as if his brain has been severely injured.


“Hiss—!” Slegurt immediately sucked in a breath of air.


Vision’s body is made of vibrating gold, and its hardness is one of the few in the universe.


But now, a dent was popped out by someone’s finger!


If this is the case alone, it is not worth her being so shocked. No matter how hard Zhenjin is, there are not a few people in the universe who can destroy it, and she is one of them.


What really terrified her was that the soul gem between Vision’s eyebrows was also popped out of the crack by a finger.


You know, this is an infinite gem!


In terms of hardness, the creation of the entire universe contains existences comparable to it.


Not to mention the essence of the Infinity Gemstone, which is the incarnation of a certain goddess after the fall. Except for a few powers that can override the Infinity Gemstone and destroy it, it is almost impossible for anyone to pop it out of the crack with a finger.


From this point alone, Sleguert realized with a serious face, he said in a low voice: “Before…in the pyramid, I was mistaken for a ‘God ‘Yes, it’s you?!”


Lord took a look, and said calmly: “Take him, find a place, and hide.”




Feeling a bit uncomfortable, Sleguert asked, “What are you… planning to do?”


However, she did not wait for an answer.


With a light step on Lord’s footsteps, the whole person disappeared suddenly, and appeared in the sky the next moment.


“It’s time to end…”


He muttered softly, and raised his eyes to look at the ‘God’ not far away.


Under the huge crimson light wheel, human-shaped luminous objects are like gods, with colorful light circles shining behind their heads, twelve wings of light spread out behind them, and tidal-like energy lingering around them.


“Michael…wait for me.”


Lord slowly stretched out his hand, and a spear that was scarlet and entwined with thorns appeared in his palm.


“Soon, it won’t be long before I can take you home.”


In the next moment, the spear of Longinus was thrown out suddenly.


Boom——! ! !


Carrying terrifying wind pressure and momentum, it seems to be a ray of dawn breaking through the doomsday.


The rumored spear of Longinus, who killed the gods, dragged scarlet waves of light, smashing through the sky like meteors falling to the ground, piercing the huge crimson light wheel, and finally piercing deeply into the sky. The chest of the luminous thing.


“The ritual…is done!”


In the stone room, the strange shadows on the wall swam and came to the ground.


As if celebrating, it slowly “stands up” from the ground, raised its arms high, let out a roar that shook the sky, happily celebrating what will happen next.


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