Marvel With Zanpakuto Chapter 1464: Tonight is the time for a feast! (6)



Thunder roared, and Thor came crashing down.

“Sleguert wants to keep you, and now it seems to be a mistake.”

Thunder and lightning raged in Thor’s palm, and his eyes were full of killing intent: “But it’s okay, we will correct her mistake!”

“Three against three…not bad.”

Frank took a deep breath, looked at the calm black widow beside him, and asked, “There are two enemies now, which one do you choose?”

“One thing, you are wrong.”

The black widow said lightly: “It’s not three against three, but… four against three.”

As soon as the voice fell, another person walked out slowly.

“Mr. Saul, we are really destined.”

The man straightened his tie, put his hands in his pockets, and said slowly: “I remember when we first met, I was the one who received you. I didn’t expect that one day…we would become enemies.”

As the man stepped out of the shadows, his face gradually became clear.


Sol frowned, and said with a sneer, “You want to stop me?”

“He? Isn’t he an agent?”

When Frank saw the person coming, he was surprised and said: “Are you sure, he can stop this guy who thunders?!”

Black Widow smiled confidently: “If there is anyone among us other than Captain Marvel who can stop Thor, it can only be Coulson, so please rest assured.”

Hearing their conversation, Sol was furious and stared at them coldly: “Do you think that just a few of you can block my thunder?!”

“You’ll know if you don’t try it.”

Coulson shrugged and grinned: “Besides, I don’t think it’s a problem to block you. After all… you’re just a fake without a hammer.”

Hearing this, Thorton was furious: “You are looking for death!!!”

The condensed thunder roared in the sky, like a spear piercing the sky, carrying a terrifying power, directly hitting the three of them!


At an astonishing speed, the Thunder Spear left a scorching breath in the air, overflowing with terrifying destructive power, and the almost suffocating atmosphere was like an invisible big hand clenched the heart.

Frank’s pupils shrank suddenly, and his face changed drastically.

At this moment, Coulson slowly took a step, blocked in front of them, and slowly raised a hand.

Boom! ! !

The terrible thunder exploded, plowing the ground into ravines, and the scorched and scorching aura permeated the air.


Thor sneered, with a hint of sarcasm in his eyes.

Even a mere human dared to act presumptuously in front of him, Thor, but naturally there was only one result, and that was to turn into ashes.

“The offal has been resolved.”

Just when he thought he had already dealt with several people and was going to help Sleguert, he saw several figures slowly appearing in the rising smoke!

“What? Impossible!”

Thor’s face changed slightly, his eyes widened.

However, the smoke dissipated slowly, and the three of them were intact. In front of Coulson was a warm white “wall”.

Concentric and changeable like a spectrum, it seems extremely unstable, trembling and shrinking from time to time, even the surrounding void seems to be distorted by its existence.

Its name is… absolute defensive position!

“Sure enough… not what I expected.”

Coulson grinned and said with a smile: “Compared with the real Sol, your Thunderbolt is far worse.”

“This thing…was also given to you by the “boss”? “

Frank was dumbfounded, looking at the warm white “wall”, he probably guessed whose handwriting it was.

Anyway, it’s not that old Fury…

Coulson nodded slightly, admitting his guess.


Frank was on the point of tearing apart with jealousy.

This thing… is a bit outrageous!

Not only did it perfectly block Thor’s lightning, there was not even a single crack, and they didn’t even feel the slightest vibration in the rear. The defense power was simply terrifying!

“Enough gossip.”

Coulson said slowly: “Natasha and I hold them back, you go and help Stephen deal with Hulk.”

Frank took a deep look at them, knowing that he could not get his hands on this battlefield, so he nodded and said: “I see, you all be careful.”

“Hold us?!”

Saul and Namor were furious: “Just the two of you? Don’t think that you can be arrogant if you have a little ability!”

“You will know if you try it?”

Coulson hooked his index finger at them.

Soon, Saul and Namor deeply understood how disgusting the combination of these two people is!

Relying on her immortal body, the Black Widow used the method of exchanging her life for her life to kill all kinds of people. She couldn’t be killed after being beaten, and her recovery speed was fast, which made Namor roar in impotent fury.

And Coulson next to him made Sol even more disgusting.

From the beginning to the end, he looked like a tortoise shell. He was beaten and scolded, but he didn’t take the initiative to attack. He hid behind the warm white wall, and he was so cowardly.

With the addition of Frank, the pressure on the US team has been significantly reduced. From the beginning of the desperate running, it is now possible to counterattack a few times.

The only shortcoming is that they can’t help each other.

Seeing the delay getting longer and longer, and the time approaching a little bit, Frank couldn’t sit still at first.

All signs from the time they came in showed that the other party was waiting for a certain moment, so that the ceremony could officially begin.

If you procrastinate any longer, it will be tantamount to letting the other party succeed!

Frank shouted: “It can’t be delayed any longer, they are deliberately delaying the time, waiting for the sacrificial ceremony to be completed!”

“Hey hey… Did you just find out now?”

Namo smiled darkly: “But unfortunately, you guessed too late, there are five minutes… everything will be over.”

“Don’t be too happy.”

Coulson interrupted them and said with a sneer, “You are not the only ones who procrastinate.”

Hearing this, Frank and Captain America were stunned.

“It should be almost ready…”

Coulson muttered to himself: “calculate the time, that guy should have finished the arrangement.”

As if to confirm his words, suddenly, the whole mountain shook violently.


Landslides and ground cracks, huge gaps, wandering wantonly on the surrounding rock walls, and huge vibrations swept over.

Immediately afterwards, there was a deafening roar!

One after another, as if to tear a hole in the sky, amidst the terrifying vibrations and roars, Thor and Namor’s expressions changed drastically, and they looked at Coulson in surprise and anger:

“You… what did you guys do?!”

“Look for yourself, don’t you know?”

Coulson smiled slightly, but there was a chilling feeling in that smile.

Thor roared angrily, and violent thunder burst out through his body, directly tearing apart the top of the cave, revealing the blizzard-plagued, pitch-black sky outside.

They can finally see what happened.


However, after seeing clearly, the blood on their faces faded instantly, turning into a kind of powerless paleness.

Frank and Captain America saw it too.

The reason why the mountain shakes is because under the dark night, there are dazzling, huge mushroom clouds!

Around the entire mountain range, mushroom clouds bloomed one after another, like fireworks in midsummer, but the equivalent of the fireworks… seems a bit surprising.

咻咻咻咻——! ! !

Amidst the ear-piercing whistling sound, meteors dragging flames fell from the dark night sky like raindrops, hitting the ground to raise smoke and dust hundreds of meters high, and the dazzling fire explosion, accompanied by a deafening explosion. roar.

“What a spectacular scene…”

Coulson smiled and said: “Did you know? In the US war against Afghanistan, a total of 7,432 shells were dropped in one year.”

Saul and Namor ignored him, because they seemed to have seen that there were more… flame meteors, like dense starlight, flying towards him in the distance.

“This time… is a hundred times that time.”

Colson’s calm eyes reflected madness: “One-tenth of the ammunition stockpiled in the United States will be released in this area in the next few minutes.”

“By the way, there are nuclear bombs.”

“Even if it would destroy New York, we would do it,”

“Mountains, rocks, trees, creatures…”

“Nothing will exist, everything will be reduced to scorched earth, this…is the awakening of mankind!”




“I hope… can be Vision is floating in the air, watching that mountain range, he is controlling the war machine of the whole United States, pouring towards that land.

“Mr. Stark… If you are still there, maybe you will stop me. The price of sacrificing millions of people… is too heavy, but I have no choice.”

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