Marvel With Zanpakuto Chapter 1463: Tonight is the time for a feast! (5)


Boom! ! !

Two startled figures collided in mid-air.

Just like sparks hitting the earth, a thunderous roar resounded through the top of the mountain, stirring up terrifying air waves, and bursts of cracking sounds in the air.

In an instant, the earth shook and the mountains shook.

Everyone was blown away by the air wave caused by the collision, and hit the rock wall heavily.

The collision between the two announced the official start of the battle.

Two nearly identical brilliant energies poured down like waterfalls, setting off raging waves, suffocating coercion, wrapped in terrifying air waves, filling every inch of the cave corner.

“Sleer – Gould!!!”

In the roar full of anger and killing intent, Captain Marvel’s hair was loose, and every strand of hair shone with dazzling brilliance. Dozens or even hundreds of times.

At this time, she looks like a beautiful yet dangerous sun, burning with gorgeous colorful flames, exuding endless majesty!


Knead with five fingers, and the airflow explodes.

Captain Marvel exhaled and opened his voice, charged up his strength and punched out a heavy punch, like a thunder that exploded out of thin air, knocking Sleguert into the air at a speed that no one could see clearly.


The latter flashed across the sky like a meteor and crashed into the rock wall.

The terrifying force caused the rock wall to collapse inch by inch. Before Sleguert could take a breath, a fist was reflected in his eyes again.

The peak of the fist gradually enlarged, wrapped in a rainbow-like brilliance.


A punch landed on its cheek.

Slegurt was punched into the rock wall, full of anger and murderous energy, rushing and destroying everywhere in the body, as if to crush every cell.

“Ah ah ah ah ah!”

Slegurt couldn’t help screaming.

But… His debt is far from over!

At the next moment, a storm-like punch was struck, and it landed on every part of his body with incomparable precision.

Bang bang bang…

The dull sound of physical collision echoed in the cave.

Blood splattered, the rock wall collapsed, and the mountain was crumbling. Sleguert endured heavy punches and kept retreating until the rock wall was cut through.


“This…it’s impossible…how could God lose…”

Seeing this, the Skrulls below panicked.

Their great god, the infinite Slegult…was beaten to the point of being powerless by an earthling!

The impact of this scene shocked them greatly.

It’s too late to say, so fast!

The soles of Frank’s feet suddenly exerted force, taking advantage of Xingjue’s stupefied effort, he rushed forward with a knife in his forehand like a cheetah, stabbing fiercely at the latter’s throat.

“Now…it’s our turn!”

Captain America, who had been waiting for a long time, obviously had the same idea as Frank. He seized the distraction of the Skrulls and spun half a circle on the spot. With the waist as the center of force, with the power of the rotation, he suddenly threw Out of the shield.

Hulk, who had just escaped from the pile of stones, was hit by a flying shield on the forehead before he had time to see the surrounding situation clearly.


The vibrating gold shield hit Hulk’s green head, making a metal-like sound.

Hulk staggered when he was hit, his mind was buzzing.

The sudden attack of the two caught everyone by surprise. Xingjue had no time to dodge and could only manage to keep a distance, but his throat was still slit by the knife.

Blood spurted out, Star-Lord’s eyes widened, he stared at Frank in shock and anger, clutching his throat and desperately backing away.

What surprised him was the action of that human being.

The old man was obviously over seventy years old, but his speed was astonishingly fast, and his attack was extremely fierce, almost killing him.

If it weren’t for the strong physique of the Skrulls, Frank’s slash just now would have killed him instantly.

Seeing that he failed to kill Xingjue with a single knife, Frank was furious in his heart, and continued to pursue him with a knife.

“Damn! Kill them!!!”

Namor glared, let out a roar, grabbed the trident, and threw it at Frank forcefully.


The trident came through the air!

Frank’s pupils shrank slightly, and he knew he couldn’t escape just by hearing the burst of air.

In this case… let’s fight for our lives!

Frank didn’t dodge or retreat. While holding the saber, he broke the safety around his waist, and a silver iron ring popped out with a crisp sound.

“You… you want to die with me?!”

Xingjue was terrified, it was the insurance of the grenade.

“Hey… It’s not a loss if you can change it!”

Frank grinned grinningly like a devil, and grinned, “Let’s go to **** with my seventy-year-old man.”

Xingjue doesn’t want to die. Although he is a Skrull and has copied Xingjue’s talent, he is not a god, and he doesn’t have that abnormal physique, so it is impossible to block the explosion of the grenade.

He tried to run, but alas… was caught by Frank.

At this moment, a figure suddenly appeared in front of the flying trident.

Puff! !

Blood spattered, and the man was pierced by the trident.

However, thanks to that person, the Trident deviated from the track and flew backwards with that person.

“Anyone else?!”

Frank raised his brows, and without a word, he took off the grenade at his waist, stuffed it directly into Xingjue’s mouth, then kicked the latter’s chest, and jumped out to the side with his own strength.

Hold your head and squat down.

Boom! ! !

The grenade exploded, setting off a billowing heat wave.

Frank was hit by the heat wave and rolled on the ground more than a dozen times. Feeling pain in all his bones, he stood up gasping for air.

“Solve a…”

With the power of that grenade, it is impossible for Xingjue to live.

The minced meat all over the floor is proof.

As he was talking, he saw a person coming out of the smoke.

“Long time no see, Frank.” The man smiled, it was a black widow, with a trident still stuck in her chest, blood was splashing all over the ground, but she was still smiling as if nothing had happened. Say hello.

With such a weird scene, even Frank, who is used to seeing big scenes, couldn’t help but twitch his eyelids: “So it’s you, I thought who it was…”

“There is something on the road, so I was delayed.”

The black widow said with a smile, she pulled out the trident and threw it on the ground beside her. The bowl-sized hole in her chest recovered at a speed visible to the naked eye.

“This ability… is really good.”

Frank pouted, slightly jealous.

After the Black Widow drank the water from the Holy Grail and gained immortality, Fury naturally had the idea of ​​​​replicating, but it was a pity that he tried many times afterwards and failed without exception.

Immortal body… only Black Widow.

“I wanted to spare your lives…”

A cold voice interjected, Frank and Black Widow looked sideways, Namor was surrounded by water vapor, and growled: “But since you are looking for death, don’t blame me!”

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