Lord of the Oasis Chapter 2: .Gnoll’s sneak attack



Gnolls are the most common humanoid race in the Narun Desert.


It once formed a scale. It crossed the Sangwaya Mountains from the Narun Desert. The lion principality was at war with other principalities for a long time and invaded the land on the northern border. It was indeed a disaster for nearly three years.


Like disgusting ulcers, there is a tendency to continue to spread more centrally.


This is why, after the Lion Principality ended the war with other principalities, it directly began to clear the gnolls.


The crackdown lasted a year.


Invading the lion principality, like a gnoll tribe that came to heaven, was quickly defeated.


Without good weapons and good armor, the gnoll tribe is no match for human troops.


On the battlefield, the gnoll was easily strangled by the proud cavalry of the Lion Principality.


It is said that the head of the gnoll was cut off ten years ago and inserted on both sides of the road.


And the brutal slaughter has completely turned into massacre. From the northern border of the Principality of Lions, all the way to the southern part of the entire Nalen Desert, the major large-scale gnoll tribes were almost slaughtered.


The surviving Gnoll tribes also chose to migrate to the northern desert in fear.


But there are also scattered gnolls.


Even in the Sunwaya Mountains, there are many gnoll tribes, because several villages on the northern border of the Principality of Lions are occasionally attacked by gnolls.


As for the southern part of the Narun Desert, after ten years of recuperation, it is estimated that the number of gnoll tribes is even greater!


“There is no turning back.”


Kant pursed his chapped lips with a determined look on his face.


When he comes here, then he will build his own village here. With the “Swadia Kingdom” in the system as the golden finger, he definitely does not have nothing.


The dunes referred to beforehand were just ahead, and that was the pre-set spot for them to camp.


They will set up tents in the shade of the dunes.


“You guys, get busy!”


The command of the cavalry is still in Rowan’s hands, and he also arranged for himself: “Go and search around, I don’t want to be eaten by gnolls or beasts after I fall asleep!” /


Following his orders, 20 cavalrymen were immediately thrown out.


However, some people don’t care, they have been gone for 6 days, and they haven’t seen the gnoll yet.


So these cavalrymen did not search very carefully. After confirming that the dune was indeed normal, they all returned, all eager to set up tents and rest.


“Put up your tent.”


Kant also arranged for the peasants to act.


The three carriages contained camping supplies, including a dozen tents, wooden sticks and flax ropes for support.


Some farmers are pulling out their long sickles and quickly digging the sand, stacking all the 30 cm of yellow sand on the surface, exposing the cooler sand layer below.


This is a little trick in the desert. Lying in it can effectively escape the heat.


It is also the skills of gnolls to survive in the desert, which were learned by the soldiers of the Lion Principality ten years ago, and recorded by scholars in their books after the war.


Before Kant left, he specifically consulted various books in the Naron Desert.


Twenty tents were quickly set up in the bunker, framed by wooden sticks and fastened with long linen ropes, allowing all 51 people to rest in it, including the 27 horses.


“The rest is up to you, Rowan.”


Standing in front of his own small tent, Kant was also relieved.


After almost all the work was done, Rowan nodded and said, “Yes, Lord Baron.”


The next job is to feed the horses, and at the same time, assign staff to start making lunches and distribute everyone’s drinking water for the next half-day. Although it is easy, it cannot be sloppy. Rowan, who has a calm personality, is the best choice.


The tent blocks the sun, and the shallow pit brings the coolness of the earth.


Kant spread the linen mattress under it, and then he lay down in it, and the arduous trek along the way seemed to dissipate.


“Maybe another light beer at this time, that would be the best.”


Kant closed his eyes and couldn’t help but sighed: “I just don’t know when I can enjoy it in the future.”


He is in a self-made state.


Pale beer is basically a luxury, and it is impossible to enjoy it, because no caravan will come to the sentry oasis and provide these cheap drinks to his fief.


This is the Narun Desert.


A desolate place where no humans would appear at all!


Shaking his head, Kant didn’t think much of it.


However, his nose sniffed slightly, and the smell of food came from outside the tent.


It was also lunchtime, but when Kant was about to take a nap in the shallow pit for a while, the familiar system sound in his ears woke him up.


At the same time, a dialog box appears on the retina.


[Ding… Temporary task release]


[Temporary mission: Gnoll’s sneak attack]


[Reward: Date Palm × 20 (full fruit period)]


[Introduction: The smell of cooking attracts a group of gnolls with a keen sense of smell, and you need to defeat them. ]


Kant stood up directly in the shallow pit.


His face was a little solemn, because this is a temporary task of the system, and it will be released from time to time.


But this temporary task of the system is just circumstantial evidence.


That is, around the dunes where they are camping, there is a group of gnolls who do not know the exact number lurking, and they have already found them and are ready to launch a sneak attack on them!




Kant was also a little helpless to the cavalry, but he had no command, so he couldn’t order them at all.


Quickly walked out of the tent, there were more than a dozen farmers preparing lunch outside.


As for the cavalry sent by the Principality of Lions to protect them, they all huddled in their tents and sandpits, and there were no guards, and their defenses were quite lax.


Kant frowned at this.


If it weren’t for the system prompt, it is estimated that those gnolls who appeared near the tent would not be found!


No sound.


Kant came to the carriage and found his own box.


Inside is a fixed light crossbow, and a matching quiver, neatly stacked with 20 relatively stubby iron crossbow arrows.


The gnoll needs to be discovered by himself, because Kant can’t explain how he knew the gnoll was about to attack. Although he is half a scholar, he is definitely not a magician with mysterious powers.


With three Swadian farmers, they walked briskly towards the top of the dune where they were camped.


Squatting cautiously, Kant scanned the surroundings.


“There, I found them.”


A peasant’s voice rang out, and pointed to the north: “Look, gnolls, there are many!”


“Hmm.” Kant nodded.


Just to the north of the dune, on the dune more than 700 meters away, about 50 gnolls in tattered clothes were quietly touching and lying low, as if they were hunting.


But it’s really hunting, those savage gnolls have human flesh in their recipes.


“Back up, wake everyone up, and prepare for battle.”


Kant squatted and stepped back. Although his face was dignified, he was much more relaxed.


It seems that the 50-odd gnolls seem to be a large number, already equal to their team size.


But in reality, it’s not much of a threat.


In the tent under the dunes, the 20 cavalry of the Principality of Lions who are still resting can easily kill all these gnolls, and their losses will definitely not be too great.


Well-trained cavalry, dealing with these primitive humanoid races, is simply not too simple.


Running down the dune quickly, Kant held his light crossbow and said solemnly: “Captain Rowan, we are in trouble, it is best to let everyone come out to prepare for battle, there will be more than 50 gnolls in a while. Attacked our camp.”




Captain Rowan’s voice was a little startled.


At the same time, the 20 cavalrymen in the tent also quickly ran out with their weapons, their faces solemn. However, when they swept the surrounding sand dunes, they found nothing unusual.


But Rowan did not question, but asked Kant: “Lord Baron, where are they?”


“There, it’s coming soon.” Kant pointed to the north of the dune.


“Get on your horse and prepare for battle.”


Rowan gritted his teeth, glared at the cavalry behind him, and said harshly: “Damn, you wiped everyone’s boots for four nights, and after a scouting round, you didn’t even find so many gnolls.”


The four cavalrymen looked ugly, but did not refute.


In fact, this was their mistake, because the four of them were the cavalry in charge of scouting the north.


“Sorry Baron, I’m sorry about this, but we will defeat those gnolls.”


Luo Wen led all the cavalry to mount, clenched the spear and sword, and solemnly said to Kant: “We are all dispatched, there may be no way to protect you here, please be careful.”


“Don’t worry.” Kant nodded.


These cavalry are not for defense, they will take the initiative to attack ~IndoMTL.com~ and defeat the gnolls head-on.


Once a sneak attack is discovered, it has no effect.


Seeing that the 20 cavalrymen, led by Rowan, quickly bypassed the dunes and charged towards the north, Kant also commanded: “Everyone is ready for battle, come with me.”




The 30 Swadian peasants responded in unison.


Although their main job is to work in the fields, they are no strangers to fighting.


The specially modified sickle head is inserted on a two-meter-long wooden stick to form a long-handled sickle like a halberd. It can be stabbed and chopped. Although it is a bit awkward, it is still very lethal. Self defense weapon.


What’s more, 30 Swadian peasants were all holding scythes and arranged in two rows of squares.


“After this battle, someone should level up.”


Kant takes the Swadian farmers to the top of the dunes.


Just over 200 meters away, 20 cavalrymen from the Principality of Lions, holding spears more than two meters long, roared their horses and launched a fearless charge against the more than 50 messy gnolls.


“Long live the Principality of Lions!”


The cavalry shouted their slogans, and the horses under their crotch were galloping fast.


Although the gravel limited their absolute speed, the charge of these cavalry still left those gnolls at a loss.


In the Naron Desert, these gnoll tribes are the kings, so they dare to quietly touch the scented place without fear, although they do not know who the enemy they encounter.


But when they saw the human cavalry rushing down the dunes, all the gnolls began to flee in horror.


The massacre ten years ago has always been in their heads.



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