Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1: General sequence: Boundless darkness and eternal light


Acts of the Light – Prometheus Infinite

Astrovers of the Parallel Universe: Prometheus’ Eternity

Chapter -1 General Preface: Boundless Darkness and Light of Eternal Calamity

The woman opens the box.

Having lived for thousands of years, she, like a god, knows that they are not truly immortal. The secret of true immortality is hidden in this box.

In order to save her dying husband, she plans to give it up.

However, she guessed wrong.

There is no [life] in the box, only [death]. The moment the box was opened, boundless darkness swarmed out, sweeping the whole world.

That is the ominous thing that brings destruction, that is the prelude to [Vyupas Ama].

The woman disappeared silently into the darkness.

After the endless darkness passed, her husband found an object under the box.

Repelled by the darkness, things that live and fight with the boundless darkness.

It was a small stone with a milky white shimmer.

—— His name is [Hope].

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