Light Spirit Epic: Part 1: World View (1) World Composition


——————[PART 1: 世界观]——————

——————[PART 1: Worldview]—————–



  1/01: 多重平行宇宙 (Cascaded Parallel Universe)

1/01: Cascaded Parallel Universe

  1/01/01: 多重平行宇宙的构成(1):时空轴引力 (Axis Gra.vitation)

1/01/01: The Composition of Multiple Parallel Universes (1): Axis Gra.vitation


A manifestation of the “self-correcting behavior of the world”, also known as “historical driving force”.


The space-time with the main axis exists in countless parallel space-times, which is the “mainstream of the world”. The result of its existence is to pull other branches of parallel time and space to the mainstream, and finally assimilate with the mainstream.

  因此,虽然平行宇宙 (Parallel universe) 里存在无数时空的分枝,但是大部分的分枝最终也会向主流无限接近,并且和主流交汇的情况。原理就象是江河的水最终要汇入大海里一样。

Therefore, although there are countless branches of time and space in the parallel universe, most of the branches will eventually approach the mainstream infinitely and merge with the mainstream. The principle is like the water of the river will eventually flow into the sea.


For those time and space that deviate too much from the main axis of time and space, there are only two results: either because some major historical events that should have happened did not happen, resulting in an imbalance of time and space, which eventually led to the collapse of this time and space; or a completely different major event occurred. Historical events, and completely independent from the main axis of time and space, and eventually form a new parallel universe with this time and space as the new main axis.


In the infinitely continuous history, the parallel universes divided by countless space-time spindles, the sum of which is called “multiple parallel universes”.

  1/01/02: 多重平行宇宙的构成(2):永劫回归法则 (principle of Eternal Return)

1/01/02: The composition of multiple parallel universes (2): the principle of Eternal Return (principle of Eternal Return)


The time of the multi-parallel universe is not infinite, its beginning and end are fixed and end-to-end.

  如果把"宇宙大爆炸"认为是时间的始点,那么完全静寂的热熵平衡宇宙, "寂灭"(Vyupas Ama),就是终点。所有的时间从始点开始膨胀延伸,并最终在终点压缩为无限小,然后开始新一轮的循环。

If the “Big Bang” is regarded as the beginning of time, then the completely silent thermal entropy equilibrium universe, “Vyupas Ama”, is the end. All time expands and expands from the beginning point, and finally compresses to infinitely small at the end point, and then begins a new round of the cycle.


The so-called history is actually the history repeated infinitely in the past cycle. But history is not the only one. Because the existence of parallel time and space has led to the diversity of history, in fact, in infinite cycles, the mainstream of history is uncertain, and these uncertain factors can even cause slight deviations in the large cycle of multiple parallel universes, Cause “silence” to happen earlier or later.

  1/01/03: 多重平行宇宙的构成(3):卡玛之轮回 (Circle of Karma)

1/01/03: The Construction of Multiple Parallel Universes (3): The Circle of Karma

  “Karma” 卡玛,为古代人创造出来,用来表述量子跃迁规律的一个词汇。卡玛可以同时记作 “源”,“缘”以及“圆”,分别表述物事的起始状态,中间过程,以及完结状态。因此卡玛的表述方法其实是非常笼统的,同时也代表古代人把物事看成是一连续变化的存在,而不仅仅是片面地观察某一个状态。

“Karma” Karma, a term coined for the ancients to express the laws of quantum leaps. Karma can be written as “source”, “edge” and “circle” at the same time, expressing the starting state, the intermediate process, and the ending state of things respectively. Therefore, Karma’s expression method is actually very general, and it also means that the ancients regarded things as a continuously changing existence, rather than just a one-sided observation of a certain state.


The ancients were good at using Kama to predict the state of things and the way of reform. Although from the point of view of modern people, it would be considered a kind of divination and superstition, but the ancients did use their own superb wisdom to calculate Many big events in the future, which are still inexplicable to modern people.

  一个物事经历“源”,“缘”然后最终到达“圆”的过程,称为一个“轮回”, 结合古代人的永劫回归法则,卡玛的轮回就可以首尾相接,永远地循环下去。

The process of a thing going through “source”, “predestination” and finally reaching “circle” is called a “reincarnation”. Combined with the ancient people’s law of eternal return, Karma’s reincarnation can be connected end to end and cycle forever go down.


Today’s quantum physics believes that all events are a continuum of random changes in quantum. However, the photon physics (Karma/Protoss), which is respected by the ancients, is just the opposite, and believes that all events are the continuation of the inevitable changes of photons.


Simply put, it is——[The flow of photons will change the world, and photons will promote historical changes. This change is inevitable and follows a great will].

  由此推下去,古代人认为光子的流动在宇宙中会形成光子网络,这个网络的最深部,则是某种类似于[终端]的东西,在控制着世界的变迁。他们把这种光子网络的终端成为[大星灵] (Astromniscience)。

From this, the ancients believed that the flow of photons would form a photon network in the universe. In the deepest part of this network, something similar to a [terminal] was controlling the changes of the world. They call the terminal of this photonic network [Astromniscience].


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