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Well, I came back after disappearing for a year, and I was not trafficked, nor was I involved in a crime, but I was too busy at work () I explained the general situation in the comment area of ​​”Konoha Light” , students who want to know can read it, I will not go into details here, and go directly to the topic.

The new book is Zhutianliu, and its name is “The Heavens Begin from Liuyue City”. Everyone knows that I am incapable of naming, please bear with me.

The following is an introduction:

The world that covers the sky, competes with the sky for fate, and wants to compete with the sky;

The king of the world, the crape myrtle star master, is in chaos;

Swallow the starry sky world, the lord of all fires, destroy the starry sky;

The world of immortality, the Heavenly Court of the Great Han, the Saint of Tu Tian;

The world of fairy swords and ancient swords divides the three realms, and the heaven and the earth are connected…

PS1: Except for a world that will travel through with the projection of the true spirit in the later stage, the other worlds will wear it;

PS2: There will not be too many worlds to travel through, but many worlds will be traversed back and forth, pretending to be aggressive in the early stage, loading in the middle stage, and reloading in the later stage;

PS3: There are very few scenes of love and love, the water is too deep here, and the author can’t grasp it;

PS4: Genius flow, no system, cool white text, war power party be careful.

As far as I am concerned, I am quite confident in this book, and it is very refreshing. Some book friends may worry that many worlds have been written badly by others, but I am still good at putting new wine in old bottles. With a little experience, I think I can write something different. The only thing that makes me a little worried is that, in order not to be all such popular worlds, I also selected a few worlds that were very popular in the past but are basically not popular now, such as immortality and martial arts, but if everyone is willing to believe me , Even if you haven’t seen it, you can watch it, just like myself, I don’t play basketball or LOL, but if there are such things that pretend to be good and reasonable, I will watch it too.

The last thing is to finish the book. I have a relatively complete outline, and I think it is quite reputable. Just like the book Master of Dreamland, it only has 2000 on the shelf, and the first order is 220. Many people may directly outline it. result, but I still wrote it down at that time, and I wrote it very happily, I hope everyone can believe me |)っ!

The new book “Light of Konoha” has been released, please wait a moment,

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