Konoha’s Light: Preface——Are all nerds so scary?


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At night, the cold moonlight shines on the ground.

In a hidden corner, many vague figures can be seen indistinctly.

“Everyone must act cautiously, the target is a criminal with a high IQ, don’t give the other party any chance of escape!”

“Got it!”

After everyone arrived at the designated place, small capsules were thrown in from under the gate and through the cracks in the window.

With a slight “bang”, the capsule exploded, and the choking smoke instantly filled the entire room.

Estimated that the hypnotic gas had already taken effect, the agents wearing gas masks quickly kicked open the door and rushed in.

“Report, no targets found in bedroom.”

“Report, no targets found in the kitchen.”

“Report, no targets found in the living room.”

“Report, no secret passage was found in the room.”

Hearing the bad news one after another from the earbuds, Chang Yuan, who was originally happy, immediately turned gloomy, “Damn, why is this happening? Where are the intelligence personnel? What are they doing? Why did the target disappear? No one reported it?”

“Don’t blame them.”

“Ah? Director?”

The hypnotic gas in the room has been dispelled. Hou Zhenyu walked to the bookshelf and took out a copy of “The Interpretation of Dreams” from the bookshelf. “If I guess correctly, they were hypnotized.”

On one side of this bookshelf are all kinds of comics in the second dimension, and on the other side are a series of books related to psychology, such as “Ego and I”, “Fantasy is Reality” and so on. books.

Hu Yue on the side couldn’t help but widen his eyes, “Wait, didn’t the original report say that the other party is just a high IQ otaku?”

“Do you think an otaku can play Jing Fang around?” Hou Zhenyu sighed and shook his head, “Even an otaku is an extremely dangerous otaku.”

Chang Yuan nodded silently, that’s right, no serious nerd would look at this, his bookshelf is not enough to even wave his hands.

Looking at the small photo frame on the table, many Jing bosses nodded inexplicably in grief and indignation, and they agreed to die fat house, with such a handsome and sunny face, do you deserve the title of otaku?

Traitor, hetui!

Hu Yue still couldn’t understand, “But as he had a direct conflict with the victim, and he was the first group of people summoned by our JING side, didn’t the person who made the record at that time notice anything strange?”

Hou Zhenyu closed the book and sighed again, “On the one hand, it was because he hid it too well. The conclusions given by his teachers, classmates, friends, and family members were all surprisingly consistent. On the other hand, it was also because There are too many people who have enemies with the victim’s family, and compared with the other people summoned at that time, his suspicion is indeed the smallest.”

Seeing the dignified expressions of everyone, Chang Yuan cheered everyone up, “Such a difficult opponent has been exposed under the close investigation of our Jing. At least, he has nowhere to escape now!”

All the JING bosses showed relaxed smiles. No matter how difficult the enemy is, as long as their identities are exposed, they will die. Do you really think that in modern society, you can still do whatever you want with your personal ability?

However, Hou Zhenyu looked very solemn, “You are wrong, our biggest trouble may have just begun!”

Jing Si smiled and said, “Director, you are still playing with us at this moment…”

At this time, a voice suddenly came from Hou Zhenyu’s earplugs, “Director, it’s not good, Zhang San was taken away!”

“How is it possible?” Hou Zhenyu’s expression changed drastically at first, and then he asked quickly, “Then how is your situation now?”

The voice of the person on the other side of the phone was a little ashamed, “We were stunned by the hypnotic gas, and Zhang San was gone when we woke up. However, there are no casualties on our side for the time being.”

Hearing that there were no casualties, Hou Zhenyu also regained his composure, “He can’t go very far with people, and he arranged in advance to avoid being discovered. Most of them are abandoned schools or factories nearby, but you should pay attention to them. Don’t provoke the opponent after the target!”

“Got it!”

Although the people around couldn’t hear the content of the call, they could only guess from Hou Zhenyu’s words. Seeing the end of the call, they all hurriedly asked, “Director, what’s going on?”

Hou Zhenyu shook his head, “You should know how the other party showed his feet?”

Chang Yuan rubbed his chin and said, “He went to the hospital today. Originally, we just checked his medical records routinely afterwards, but after this investigation, we found that he was already in the terminal stage of cancer! He was dying It is possible to do anything under pressure, so we put the focus of the investigation back on him and connected some small details that were previously overlooked.”

Speaking, he shook his head and sighed again, “Lin Yushan cancer, a cancer so rare that it is named after him, no wonder he is so desperate.”

Hou Zhenyu looked at him, “Do you think he only found out about himself today?”

Chang Yuan was taken aback, and suddenly realized, “Hypnotized! He hypnotized those doctors, and what they entered into the system was just a common disease!”

“He doesn’t hide it now because he only has one last person to kill!”

“That’s right, Zhang San’s whole family was killed, and now he is the only one left!”

Besides, Hu Yue was furious, “He could have killed Zhang San in an easier way, but he just wanted to expose it. Is this declaring war on us Jing?”

Others felt humiliated, but Hou Zhenyu said, “I consulted many psychologists today. According to their analysis, the other party should be the kind who looks gentle and humble, but is extremely proud inside.” people.”

“The reason why he took the initiative to expose his flaws is probably not to declare war on us, but…” Hou Zhenyu took a deep breath, “I want Zhang San to die in the most desperate situation!”

Chang Yuan was startled instinctively, and asked subconsciously, “You mean, he deliberately let Zhang San see the hope of being rescued, and then let Zhang San fall from heaven to **** all at once when Zhang San reached the peak! “

“But if he does this, he will definitely be arrested…” Hu Yue’s voice suddenly stuck in her throat, because she thought of Lin Yushan’s already suffering from cancer.

“Now you should know why I said the biggest trouble has just begun?” Hou Zhenyu sighed.

“Madman, this guy is definitely an out-and-out lunatic!” Everyone felt a chill in their hearts, such an enemy is really terrifying!

Inside an abandoned factory.

“Let me go, let me go! I can give you money, a lot of money!” A stylishly dressed young man was tied to an iron seat, struggling and shouting.

However, the young man on the other side turned a deaf ear, whistled briskly, and stuck a syringe in his arm under the fearful eyes of the fashionable young man.

“What is this?” Zhang San asked nervously.

“Oh, this is a potion that can make you more sensitive.” Lin Yushan replied with a smile.

“More sensitive?”

“This is a good thing. It can double the pleasure you get, and of course, the pain is the same!” Lin Yushan smiled and cut a wound on Zhang San’s arm with a knife.

The wound was not too deep, but Zhang San screamed like a pig being killed, his eyes popped out, like a dehydrated salted fish.

“Ah? Is this not enough? I haven’t sprinkled salt yet.” Lin Yushan smiled and took out a bag of salt and chili powder.

“Demon, you perverted devil!” Zhang San was so frightened that snot bubbles came out of his nose, and he kept rubbing his legs on the ground, trying to stay away from the devil.

It’s a pity that the chair fixed by pouring steel cannot be shaken by his small body.

“Ah, isn’t it great when you’re racing? I can guarantee that it’s definitely 10,000 times more exciting than racing!” Lin Yushan had a demonic smile on his lips.

“What on earth do you want?” Zhang San yelled with snot and tears all over his face, “I’ve already paid you the money, what do you want?”

“Oh?” Lin Yushan looked surprised, “That’s really strange, isn’t it you who let those thugs take the money back afterwards?”

Zhang San’s expression froze. He actually didn’t care about the compensation money. He did this because he was upset about being summoned to the police station.

If he had known that he would get into trouble with such a pervert, he would never let his subordinates teach him a lesson… No, he would never go racing.

Although regretting endlessly in his heart, Zhang San still insisted and said viciously, “You just wait, my people will take you…”

“It’s already blown up!”


Seeing Zhang San’s confused face, Lin Yushan kindly explained again, “They were all killed in the bombing, and they died terribly!”

After speaking, Lin Yushan took out his mobile phone and showed him the photos.

Looking at the charred pieces of meat that had been blown away in the photo, Zhang San felt sick for a while, and vomited it out.

“Crazy! You crazy!” Zhang San screamed in fear, but more regretfully.

If he could do it all over again, he would never provoke such a lunatic.

At this moment, the urgent siren sounded.

“Oh? You acted very quickly.” Lin Yushan looked outside the factory.

“JC, it’s JC who is here!” Zhang Sansan was overjoyed, he had never looked forward to JC’s arrival like today.

The outside world.

“Director, we have triggered the alarm device ‘accidentally’ as you said, but can this really make the other party careless?” A JC asked suspiciously.

“We have already lost a game before, and now we are rushing here again. It is very reasonable to be impatient.” Hou Zhenyu pondered slightly.

Speaking, Hou Zhenyu asked through the walkie-talkie, “How is it, is there a suitable sniper position?”

Soon, a voice came from the headset, “It’s very difficult, the target is in a dead corner of the factory, the only place where we can aim, and it happens to be in a straight line with the hostages.”

“Sure enough, you are still not careless.” Hou Zhenyu said to himself, “Then consider it on the third level. Given that the Jing side is known to deliberately seduce, the other party will be vigilant against the loopholes we deliberately left. Then, we will make breakthroughs from other directions.”

Chang Yuan asked subconsciously, “What if the other party is standing on the fourth floor?”

Seeing the director staring at him, Chang Yuan hurriedly asked, “Director, what do you mean by other directions?”

The corner of Hou Zhenyu’s mouth twitched a few times, and said, “When he thought we were trying to provoke him to show his weakness, we turned our target on Zhang San instead.”

“Oh~” Chang Yuan said with a drawn out voice, “Cultivating the plank road in the open, keeping the warehouse in the dark… I understand.”

Taking a deep breath, Hou Zhenyu said with a loudspeaker in his hand, “Lin Yushan, stop, you have nowhere to go!”

The same amplified voice came from the factory, “Director Hou, this kind of talk is not up to your level, you should know that I can’t stop long ago!”

“I know you hate a scum like Zhang San, but what’s the difference between you now and a scum like him?”

Zhang San, who is looking forward to the outside world, is a little dumbfounded. Is there any mistake? I am a hostage! I’m panicked when you say that!

“This kind of violence is really painless! According to the law, killing people is killing people, even if they kill scum. Of course I will not hypocritically think that I am still What a good person. I understood this truth when I took the first step.”

Everyone on the Jing side is frowning. The other party has a very clear understanding of what they are doing now. They don’t think what they are doing now is justice, and they don’t have the whitewashing of crime like ordinary criminals. idea.

The psychological defense line of this kind of person is very difficult to break through.

“No, I believe that your heart is still longing for light, otherwise, why did you drive away the local people before taking action in so many bombings?”

“You think too much, I do this, just to make the game more pure and…”

At this time, Hou Zhenyu yelled through the loudspeaker, “Zhang San, bow your head!”

Zhang San was startled when his name was called, and instinctively lowered his head. Then, Lin Yushan’s upper forehead was exposed in Jing Fang’s sight.

Right now… the sniper pulled the trigger without the slightest hesitation.


Dragging the bright tail flame, the sniper bullet shot into Lin Yushan’s eyebrows in an instant.

With a pop, the blood plums bloomed, and Lin Yushan’s body fell to the ground weakly.

Seeing this situation, all the JCs who were still waiting outside couldn’t believe it, the perverted murderer who made fun of their JINGF party, died like this?

Even Hou Zhenyu’s expression changed for a while, feeling extremely unreal.

Zhang San was taken aback for a moment, but was soon overwhelmed by the flood of joy.

“Hahahaha! Idiot, idiot, trash, don’t you want to kill me? Didn’t you die in the end? Just wait, when I go back, I will kill all the people related to you… …”

Hearing Zhang San’s nonsense in it, Hou Zhenyu sullenly said, “Although that Lin Yushan is indeed a bastard, this guy is indeed a scum. He can be shot ten times for what he did. He will go to the hospital after he returns. Organize the information and contact other victims to initiate a lawsuit.”

Hu Yue on the side nodded heavily, “Yes!”

Everyone showed relieved smiles. From the standpoint of Jing, they must rescue the hostages, but from the standpoint of ordinary people, they feel disgusted even by looking at that kind of scum.

“Then let’s go in and ‘rescue’ him now!” Chang Yuan smiled maliciously.

At this moment, Lin Yushan’s voice sounded again.

“Hi, everyone.”

Hearing this nightmare-like voice, Zhang San’s wild laughter froze on his face, and then he screamed in terror, “Ghost, there is a ghost! You devil, you won’t let it go even if you become a ghost.” Me?”

As if to save time, Zhang San was still screaming, and the voice rang out again.

“When this sound sounds, it means that I am really dead. Zhang San, you should be very happy now, right? Isn’t it a good feeling to return from **** to the world?”

Hearing that voice said that Lin Yushan was indeed dead, Zhang San couldn’t help but heave a sigh of relief.

But before he could completely relax, he heard the gentle voice suddenly turn cold again, “So, what will happen to the feeling of falling from the world to **** again? Actually, I put a bomb in my body…”

Hearing this, Hou Zhenyu’s face changed drastically, “Everyone retreat outside! Don’t hesitate, I will bear the consequences!”

“…from the moment my heart stopped beating, the time is three minutes…”

At this time, many JCs had already entered the factory, ready to rescue the hostages. Three minutes was enough for them, but they had no choice but to retreat after hearing such a firm order from the director.

After all, they don’t want to risk their lives to save a scumbag.

At first, Zhang San’s body trembled when he heard about the bomb, but now that these JCs left him and ran away, SHI was so frightened that he urinated, “I’m still here, take me and run away together Aren’t you JC? How can you leave the hostages and escape by yourself? You trash, have you listened to me?”

When he was incompetent and furious, Lin Yushan’s voice continued, “Ah, I accidentally said too much nonsense just now, I don’t know what time it is now, um…how about counting down from five Alright, four, three…”

“Wait, how did you have three minutes to talk just now?” Zhang San screamed like a pig again, struggling violently.

“… two, one, goodbye!”


Accompanied by a scream of despair and fear, the air waves roared, the flames soared, and the surrounding ground trembled violently.

Flame, devouring all evil!

“Phew! I almost died!” Looking at the monstrous flames, all the JCs were terrified, but at the same time couldn’t help but look gratefully at the director.

“In order to let the other party die in despair and pain, he actually made his own death a part of the design.” Chang Yuan looked at the flame with complicated eyes, “This is definitely the most terrifying enemy I have ever encountered !”

Everyone nodded in sympathy, this kind of person is really scary!

Hu Yue looked at Hou Zhenyu worriedly, “Director, although what happened later proves that you are right, after all, we have not been reckless in saving lives. If those unscrupulous media or the public know Yes, you…”

“JC is also human! If it’s for saving people, then you really shouldn’t have too many considerations.” Hou Zhenyu resolutely said, “But if it’s just for saving a scumbag, then I will never agree to trade their lives for it.” The fate of that kind of scum! As for those trash who can only talk, come and find me face to face.”

“Director!” Everyone looked at him moved.

“Hey, let’s call the fire brigade.” Looking at the soaring flames, Hou Zhenyu sighed softly, “It’s a pity…”


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