Invincible Powers Chapter 1389: Bold idea!


As soon as Yu Yuan spoke these words, Yan Qiling and Yu Yiyi’s expressions suddenly became quite strange.

How can you, the undefeated God King of Shenhun Sect, care about such trivial matters as refining medicine?

Hong Qi’s century passed by in a blink of an eye. How big of an impact did it have on you?

The eyes of the two seemed to say…

They all felt that Hong Qi’s short life was just a transition and a springboard. Because Hong Qi could not practice, they had no choice but to study pharmacological knowledge intensively.

Hong Qi, who was unable to practice, was probably just a mistake for the reborn God King.

The appearance of Yu Yuan is to correct that mistake.

Since you can embark on the path of spiritual practice again this time, shouldn’t you put all your energy into improving your realm and increasing your combat power?

Why should you care about or be distracted by refining medicine?

For a small Medicine God Sect, even if one or two more Medicine Gods are born, what significance will it have? Can it compare to the God King?

Yan Qiling, who knew Yu Yuan’s true background, and Yu Yiyi, thought to themselves with complicated emotions.

On the other hand, Mia and Wen Lu looked very excited because of his words.

“There has been no such precedent before, but…if you push it forward, it is very feasible.”

The dark green robe Mia was wearing had exquisite patterns like the veins of leaves, and there were delicate and refined plant powers flowing through it. She frowned slightly and said worriedly: “Actually, the world of the Dark Spirit Tribe and the Winged Tribe , is not suitable for human beings to practice, because the energy where we live is too single.”

“There is also filth.” Hu Caiyun added.

Yu Yuan couldn’t help but look at her.

“The vast world, with abundant and pure spiritual energy, can absorb and refine any life. Mortals can also fully adapt, without having to worry about their flesh and blood being eroded.”

Mrs. Peach Blossom explained, “Other outer worlds are different. For example, in this green world, the breath of grass and trees accounts for a large proportion of the supernatural powers here. Of course, it is very good for trees, flowers and plants. . Special creatures like the Wing Clan and the Dark Spirit Clan can also benefit from this environment.”

“But practitioners like us don’t need overly rich energy from vegetation. We want purer spiritual energy.”

“Also, there are still tiny toxins deposited in the energy of the vegetation here. The Dark Spirit Tribe and the Wing Tribe are naturally stronger than the Human Tribe. Not only can they adapt, but they can also easily consume the tiny toxins for their own use. If Of course you, like me, don’t care about those poisons, because we are strong enough.”

“Those guys from the Tianyao Sect who have not even broken the Mysterious Realm can’t adapt to the Green Ying Realm at our feet.”

“In the Medicine God Sect, only a small number of alchemists can move freely in the Green Ying Realm after they have cultivated to the Subtle Realm and Yin Shen Realm. You have to know that the Green Ying Realm is considered filthy in the Dark Wing Star Territory. There are relatively few others…”

She shook her head and did not continue, as if she was not optimistic about the matter.

As a heterogeneous evil spirit who emerged from the Caiyun Miasma Sea, she has been in the Green Ying Realm for half a month and is already familiar with everything here. She knows that the weak human race cannot adapt so easily.

“I know.”

Yu Yuan nodded lightly, looking at the strange green boundary wall, feeling how it blocked the galactic power, “If the boundary wall can be strengthened, if the ability to purify filth can be improved, wouldn’t it be no problem? ?”

When he came, he was thinking about this issue.

A vivid star realm will face the starry sky, eternally thirsting for supernatural powers.

The meaning of the existence of the boundary wall is to block most of the dirty superpowers and retain the ones that are beneficial to the stars, so that the weak life on the stars can adapt and survive.

Only in this way can the balance of an ecological chain be maintained.

If the purification ability of the boundary wall surrounding the Green Ying Realm is greatly enhanced, and the filth inside this realm is rapidly reduced, wouldn’t those from Hao Anniu be able to adapt to it?

“That should be no problem.” Hu Caiyun immediately expressed his position.

“There is no such precedent in Haoji. The five supreme forces have always been the makers of the rules.” Mia reminded kindly.

“In the future, it may not be the case.” Yu Yuan said confidently.

“If you really want to give it a try, I will convey it to Taishi.” Yan Qiling coughed dryly, “I just think that you don’t need to care too much about this. Your status is noble and your potential is endless. Lian Lian Medicine… is just a little trick, you don’t need to get immersed in it.”

Yu Yiyi and Hu Caiyun thought so.

He takes charge of the Dragon Slaying Platform and is recognized by the “Sword of Heaven”. Even the Evil Cauldron is about to return to the ranks of artifacts.

With so many divine objects in hand, he also showed terrifying cultivation talents and created miracles one after another.

This kind of Yu Yuan cares too much about the art of refining medicine, which makes them feel that Yu Yuan has not come out of the state of his previous life.

“Pan pills are of great use to all living beings.” Yu Yuan insisted.

“I will communicate with the people of the Dark Spirit Clan and the Wing Clan. Before he left, that person had clearly given instructions to let the elders of the Wing Clan and the Dark Spirit Clan in the Green Ying Realm pay attention to everything you have. Opinion.” Mia said solemnly.

Wen Lu looked forward to it, “I would really like to see people with Hao Mian live in the green screen world.”


Next, Yu Yuan stayed in the Green Ying Realm for the time being and was in no hurry to return to Hao Jian immediately.

In his spare time, he began to impart pharmacological knowledge to Wen Lu and Haojie, and taught Wen Lu several exquisite refining techniques.

Yu Yuan sincerely hoped that one day Wen Lu would be able to become famous as an alchemist in the outer galaxy.

In the past, the Dark Spirit Tribe ostracized Wen Lu and targeted her, but they will no longer do so in the future.

Yu Yuan soon realized that the blood of Wenlu Dark Spirit Clan could make the nearby flowers, plants and trees grow better, and she could also ripen some medicinal herbs.

After questioning, Yu Yuan learned that many members of the Dark Spirit Clan can do this with their blood


The idea of ​​attracting more powerful alchemists to enter the green world has become more and more intense.

He felt that the Dark Spirit clan members, combined with those who were proficient in pharmacology and good at planting, would definitely achieve great results in the Green Ying realm.

After Mia left, she found people from the Dark Spirit Tribe and the Wing Tribe to discuss the matter.

Yan Qiling also went to consult Taishi for his opinion.

Breaking the rules and wiping out those with lower realms inside Haoji and bringing them to live in the outer galaxies is an unprecedented change.

Taishi seemed to want to ask other **** kings, so he didn’t give an accurate answer.

A few days later, Yan Qiling came over and told Yu Yuan not to go back in a hurry. He explained that Canli, the Saint of the Light Clan, hoped to accompany him and go to Haojiang again.

Canli, I want to give something important to Chen Liangquan of the Qingluan Empire.

Chen Liangquan, who is also a mixed-race alien, is half of the Mingguang clan. He has been involved with the Mingguang clan a long time ago and has received the support of the Mingguang clan.

Canli was born with an “altar of life” and was a saint of the Mingguang tribe. The things she personally gave were extraordinary.

She believed in Yu Yuan very much and heard that Yu Yuan was going back, so she took the initiative to ask to go with her.

The Shenhun Sect also agreed.

On this day, from that special “death nest”, after a clear space ripple, a strong breath of blood surged out.

In the distance, Yu Yuan was teaching Wen Lu about pharmacology, his eyes brightened, and a smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.

A scarlet lightning suddenly flew over.

A moment later, the scarlet lightning turned into a beautiful purple silhouette in front of him and Wen Lu.

“I heard that you are in the Dark Wing Star Territory, so I came here to have a look.” The person who came was unexpectedly An Ziqing from the Blood God Sect.

Bearing apart in the Qiyou Star Territory, the two of them had not seen each other for many years. This goddess of the Blood God Cult has been active in many starry skies outside the sky all year round, and now she has made a breakthrough to the late stage of the Yang God Realm.

The blood **** sect’s secret magic technique is already famous for its speed. She is like a fish in water outside the world, killing many alien beasts and alien races, and her realm has grown extremely rapidly.

At this time, she has been thinking about how to combine the Tao and achieve the state of freedom.

She has been secretly paying attention to Yu Yuan’s news. She is fully aware of Yu Yuan’s actions in the Origin Blood Continent in the Deep Dark Star Territory, the Yihuan Star Territory, and the Silin Star Territory.

After learning that Yu Yuan had officially appeared in the Dark Wing Star Territory, she came over with the help of the Galaxy Ferry in the Qiyou Star Territory.

“Your realm is progressing as fast as expected.”

Looking at the woman in front of him, and remembering that she had served him as a maid for many years, Yu Yuan saw everything now, “Congratulations. With your methods and character, the outside world is more suitable for you, you can do whatever you want. , unrestrained.”

“I can’t compare to you. Two star regions died because of you, and I feel ashamed.” An Ziqing said with a smile.



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