Invincible Powers Chapter 1386: Two rivers


The abandoned galaxy of nothingness.

Yu Yuan’s body was separated from Yang Shen, sitting together on the Dragon-Slaying Platform, constantly pondering the subtleties of Yang Shen.

“Blood Demon…”

He whispered.

Naturally, he thought of his experience in the Origin Blood Continent, the birthplace of the Blood Demon Clan.

He once felt deeply that deep in the ground of the Origin Blood Continent, there was a strange existence, the source of the Yang Vein, that was similar to the source of the Yin Vein!

When the world first opened, the galaxies were still clusters of turbid air currents, and before the giant beasts in the starry sky were conceived, there were two strange rivers.

One yin, one yang.

The two rivers shrouded in hazy light drift in the chaos of the void, filled with endless radiance, divine electricity, chains of laws, and the essence of blood and soul.

As the river flies by, spirits and bits of blood are scattered like drizzle.

The source of the Yin Vein finally took root in Haoyan, and combined with the fate of the supreme Titan Spinosaurus, created the splendid civilization of the ancient demon race, dragon race, and human race.

It is it and the Titan Spinosaurus that make the vast world become the brightest star in the vast galaxy.

The human race born in Hao Mian can live forever after cultivating the soul!

On the other side, the alien blood demon clan of the outer domain demon clan was bred in the Origin Blood Continent.

Obviously, the founder of the Blood Demon Clan is the source of Yang Vein hidden deep in the earth.

Grek, who owns an “Altar of Life”, is the sharp sword from the source of the Yang Vein and the external manifestation of its will.

The only disadvantage of the blood demons is that even if they can become great demons, they do not have an eternal lifespan. They will be limited to flesh and blood and will grow old and die one day.

But the unique bloodline of the Blood Demon Clan allows them to refine the blood essence of each race for their own use, and even use some of the bloodline magical powers of the strong men of each race.

Because part of Yu Yuan’s Yang Shen came from Greco’s **** crystal block, in a strict sense, he also benefited from the source of Yang Veins.

“Grek has an altar of life, and I originally had one, and the origins of the two are quite similar…”

While pondering, he suddenly thought of Ming Chaos Kun, because the original power of this starry sky beast was also the power of life.

The acquired altar of life in his body was made from drops of Ming Chaos Kun’s giant beast essence. Perhaps… it was Ming Chaos Kun’s deliberate decision.

It was Ming Chaos Kun who wanted to use him to regain a new life and reappear the world in human form, so he deliberately ceded the giant beast Jing Po.

Both have the power of life, and Grek wants to take possession of his life altar as his own. He can also assimilate Grek…

Moreover, after the two finally combined, they formed this Yang God.

Is it possible

, are the original sources of the two basically the same?

With this thought, Yu Yuan was shocked.

After his Yang Shen soul, who practiced the “Huiji Soul Forging Technique”, was formed in this body, when he was thinking about a problem, he would always have an idea at a certain moment.

Such as this moment!

He suddenly felt that the source of Yang Vein, which was born in Hun Chaos, might have benefited Ming Chaos Kun very early on!

The origin of Ming Chaos Kun’s life most likely comes from the source of the Yang Vein. That strange starry sky beast may have met the source of the Yang Vein at some point in the cold starry sky.

This starry sky beast may have had an intersection with the source of the strange Yang Vein.

Maybe it was favored by the source of the Yang Vein, maybe it was forcibly swallowed a tributary of the source of the Yang Vein, or maybe there was some kind of contract or some secret deal between the two parties.

In short, Ming Chaosun got some great benefits from the source of the Yang Vein, and then he had the power of life origin.

Just as the source of the Yin vein has a destination, the source of the Yang vein has wandered for countless years and entered the Source Blood Continent, and there happens to be a demon in the form of a pure soul in this world…

The pure soul demon was endowed with life and blood energy by the source of Yang Vein, thus transforming into the blood demon he is today!

The origin of the Blood Demon Clan and the life source of Ming Chaos Kun most likely come from the Yang Vein source.

Maybe the source of Yang Vein in Ming Chaan Kun’s body is still a small part that is missing…

So, Greco learned that there was an acquired “altar of life” hidden in his body, which contained strange life blood energy, so he desperately wanted to take it for himself.

Even after he broke into the outer galaxy, he paid heavily to all races to help find him, showing his determination to win.

“If both parties have the same origin, it would be easy to explain.”

Yu Yuan took a deep breath and thought about his interaction with Grek, Grek’s death, and the **** crystal block he captured. Was there Ming Chaos Kun’s plan behind it?

Ming Chaos Kun, a sinister and ferocious beast, may also be looking forward to Grek’s death, and also wants to gain something from Grek’s death.

Ming Chaosun himself probably didn’t want to get close to the Origin Blood Continent or come into contact with the source of the Yang Vein.

So, Ming Chaosun used various means to kill Greg and benefit himself. As a result, he went to the Origin Blood Continent and encountered the source of the Yang Vein.

The source of the Yang Vein, after the underground will wakes up, has the greatest reaction to itself.

At that time, did the source of Yang Vein do something secretly?

Soon, he recalled that in the Flying Fire Star Territory, before Ming Chaos Kun went berserk, he was imprisoned by the “Qitian Sword Formation”. When he entered it, Ming Chaos Kun suddenly felt depressed and helpless.

Ming Chuan Kun said at the top of his lungs, “Everything has been erased”, saying that he left behind

The mark left behind, the backhand, disappeared completely.

Maybe it’s because of the specialness of his main soul, the mystery of the “Great Yin Soul Technique”, but is it possible that the blood-colored crystal block from Grek and the power of the same origin as Ming Chaos Kun, after the two are combined, Also played a role?

Is it possible that the mysterious source of the Yang Vein, borrowed from Greg’s blood-colored crystal block, unknowingly assimilated the life mark that belonged to it during the process of tempering the Yang God, and erased Ming Chaos Kun? Mark of?

It can also be considered as taking back part of the life source that belongs to it?

If this is the truth, then when your own Yang Shen is forming, Ming Chaos Kun and the Yang Vein Source should be exerting force.

In the end, Ming Chaosun lost?

If Ming Chaos Kun loses, could this Yang **** of mine be created by the source of the Yang veins just like the Great Demon God Grek?

Yu Yuan was thoughtful.

The Yin God, in the land of terror, was favored by the source of the Yin veins. In order to be born as a ghost and god, he was washed by the source of the Yin veins and was given the “essence of Yin Kui” to open up many acupoints.

Looking at it this way, the strength of his soul, flesh and blood, and the source of his Yin veins are all involved and contributed.

And Yang Shen, this strange body of flesh and blood, is the altar of life for the day after tomorrow. It is combined with the **** crystal block and blended with the blood essence and majestic blood energy of all races.

The Altar of Life and the Blood Crystal Block have the same origin, and both come from the source of the Yang Vein. The Yang God and the source of the Yang Vein are also closely related.

One yin, one yang, the original strangeness of chaos, in his reborn Yu Yuan body, there seems to be some kind of competition between his soul and body…

“You two, don’t you think of my soul and body as a battlefield?”

Thinking of this, Yu Yuan couldn’t help but shudder.

He seemed to feel that in the distant vastness, in the equally distant Origin Blood Continent, two ancient strange life forms seemed to be silently watching him and paying attention to him in the dark…

After a long, long time.

The dragon-slaying platform he was distracted by finally followed the correct trajectory, crossing the void galaxy, and stepped into the Dark Wing Star Territory through a layer of materialized energy film.

There are many stars, and each star represents the world of a Wing Clan. A sense of vitality of vegetation fills this domain.

Using the Dragon Slayer Platform to observe, Yu Yuan found that most of the stars in the realm were densely covered with vegetation, covered with forests, rivers and canyons, and were lush and green.

For some reason, the first thing that came to his mind was the Dark Wing Star Territory, which was very suitable for the Medicine God Sect.

A large number of medicinal herbs can be grown and cultivated in every realm. Among the many rare herbs that are difficult to find, he just used the Dragon Slaying Platform to look at them and discovered dozens of them.

“What a great place!”



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