Invincible Powers Chapter 1220: Fresh soul


  When Yu Yuan was entangled with Fu Xuanwen, the great sage Beiru took the opportunity to escape and came back as the “Phantom Star Sea”.

  This operation made Yu Yuan amazed.

  ”Xu Jingyao!”

  Cao Jiaze of Xuantianzong, in the middle of a group of Shura warriors, was able to control all the palaces with ease. At this moment, his face suddenly changed and he screamed.

  ”Fu Xuanwen! Pei Yuling!”

   Zhu Huan, who was willing to use one against two to entangle the two platinum Shuras, also suddenly panicked.

  His flaming Dharma statue glared at Fu Xuanwen, and Pei Yuling, who was sitting idly by, threatened in a deep voice: “Xu Jingyao is the next suzerain of my Yuanyang Sect. We, Yuanyang Sect, will confess!”

  In “Phantom Star Sea”, if Leo was the only one, he wouldn’t be too worried.

  Xu Jingyao, who is in charge of the “Vulcan Spear”, is not a soft persimmon, nor can he be easily handled.

  Especially after Leo was severely injured by Fu Xuanwen, Xu Jingyao had already faintly gained the upper hand in that diamond-like stone, and it became him to fight against Leo.

  But the current situation is that Beilu broke free from Fu Xuanwen’s hands, and used the “Star Shadow” blood talent to communicate with a dead star, first changed positions, and then escaped into the “Phantom Star Sea”.

  ”Huan Xinghai” suddenly had a Beru, Xu Jingyao was in danger immediately, and was very likely to be beheaded.

  Although he is the body of the Yang God, if he falls from the sky, the blow to Xu Jingyao will still be quite heavy. It will affect Xu Jingyao’s steps to climb the peak, and even secretly form a demon in his heart.

  Zhu Huan will never allow this to happen.

  Cao Jiaze and Fu Xuanwen also frowned deeply because of Zhu Huan’s angry reprimand.

  Xu Jingyao has a special status, and he must be the supreme person of Yuanyang Sect in the future. If something happens in the Yihuan Starfield, they will also be punished when they return to Haoyu.

  The two of them suddenly calmed down, thinking about how to deal with it, how to ensure Xu Jingyao’s safety.

  ”Great Sage!”

  Leo’s heartfelt joyful voice came from inside the stone, and the meteor fire rain all over the sky suddenly became dim in the “Phantom Star Sea”.

  In a large shower of meteors and fire, there are more shining spots, revealing a sense of coolness.

  There is another round of bright and cold waning moon, because of Beiru’s appearance and condensing, he helps the illusory stars in the “Phantom Star Sea” to resist the scorching flames formed by the “Vulcan Spear”.

  As soon as the great sage Beru entered the “Phantom Star Sea”, he played a role in eliminating the flame power created by Xu Jingyao’s use of the “Vulcan Spear”.

  Yu Yuan calmed down because of this.

  Holding the dragon-slaying platform, he clearly felt at this moment that the titan spinosaurus cub was actually helping him sort out the power of the dragon corpses in the dragon-slaying platform.

  Including the tenth-level dragon god-level space-time dragon!

  The cub, which is still in the growth stage, seems to have become the master of that small world, using the many powers hidden in it to reveal the secrets of time and space that the Dragon of Time and Space has comprehended.

   In other words, the mysteries of the bloodline imprinted in oneself are revealed by the remaining power of the dragon of time and space!

  “I hope that in the years to come, you will always be by my side when I need you.”

  Yu Yuan meditated in his heart, his thoughts and consciousness spread in the small world inside the Long Zhantai, he knew that the cub could catch and sense it.

  Knows everything he thinks.


  Another layer of space was rippling, and Yu Yuan and the meteorite under his feet moved like ghosts to the area where the two platinum Shura and Zhu Huan fought fiercely.


   Where he was before, thousands of golden lights exploded.

  The golden brilliance materialized, and when it was still in the air, it condensed into golden characters one by one.

   In the blink of an eye, it turned into mountains, rivers, ice storms, and many broken kingdoms.

  Yu Yuan suddenly knew that when he was thinking about it, Fu Xuanwen of Xuantianzong suddenly carried out an attack because of the pressure from Zhu Huan.

  This trip is still a sneak attack!

   Zhu Huan deliberately sneaked in, he didn’t give birth to the induction, but the dragon-slaying platform held in his hand, the cub inside, gave birth to the induction ahead of time.

   Then, let him and the meteorite disappear from the same place.

   “Yu Yuan! Xu Jingyao is the pillar of Yuan Yangzong, you must not mess around!” Pei Yuling shouted.

   “What does it have to do with me? Are you blind? It’s obvious that the two of Star Clan are working together to deal with Xu Jingyao. I just watched.” Yu Yuan laughed dumbly.

  At this time, he noticed that under the meteorite, there was darkness where he could not see his fingers, and it was extremely cold.

  In front of him, Zhu Huan’s huge dharma figure seemed to be sitting in a circle of flames in the shape of a blazing sun, surrounded by laws, and infinite karmic fire was burning under him.

  Demian, who made the “Blood War Drum” into armor and turned his blood into a sharp weapon, and Ciara, who was wrapped in darkness and cold, bombarded Zhu Huan’s figure in the flame circle together.

  The position of “Xu Tianjian” is looming in the dark depths under the meteorite.

  A thought came from the purple gold dragon egg where the cub was located inside the Dragon Slaying Platform.

  Yu Yuan immediately knew that even in its current state, the cub of the Titan Spinosaurus could use the power of the Dragon of Time and Space to physically destroy the space seal of “Xu Tian Jian”.

  That is to say, the check and balance formed by the “Xu Tianjian” on the “Dark Field Cold Well” carried by Ciara will be destroyed.

  In this way, Ciara fully stimulates the blood, as long as she is willing to pay the price, she can pass through the “dark well” and Shura Wangjian

   Establish a connection.

   Sabonis is expected to come across the sky.

  ”No! Not yet!”

  Yu Yuan was taken aback, and quickly stopped the cub’s plan, and conveyed his will.

  ”Xu, Xu Tianjian!”

  As the owner, Pei Yuling had a mind-to-heart connection with that artifact. When the cubs in the dragon-slaying platform bred to destroy the space seal formed by the “Xu Tianjian”, he also felt it.

  The tool soul in “Xu Tianjian” told him anxiously that Dragon Zhantai has the power to destroy the space influence he exerted.

   It is even possible to cause damage to the “Xu Tianjian” itself and damage the utensils.

  Pei Yuling’s shock was no small matter, he couldn’t care about anything else, “Be careful yourself! Believe me, Yu Yuan doesn’t have time to take care of you right now, and…he shouldn’t be in a hurry to deal with you.”

  Lessing such a sentence, he drew a starry sky, opened a corridor, and escaped into it.

  Pei Yuling disappeared instantly.

  The “Xu Tianjian” sank in the absolute cold darkness, and the light suddenly appeared in the bronze mirror. He stepped out of the “Xu Tianjian”, grabbed the utensil with one hand, and quickly escaped from the darkness.

  ”What is hidden in the Zhanlong Terrace?”

  Rushing out of the bone-piercing darkness, like Yu Yuan, he seemed to be standing in a sea of ​​black clouds, asking solemnly.

  Yu Yuan looked at him across the air, and on the other side of the sea of ​​black clouds, the battle between Zhu Huan and the two platinum Shuras was still going on without stopping.

  ”Fu Xuanwen, you come to deal with them, I want to rescue Xu Jingyao!”

  In the huge burning fireball, Zhu Huan, who is also in the late stage of the free state, noticed that in the stone next to Yu Yuan, the meteor fire rain formed by the “Vulcan Spear” was about to be completely extinguished.

  Zhu Huan was really anxious.

  Entering the Illusory Starfield was to deal with Leo, to make the great sage Beru break his wings and die, but now the future leader of Yuanyang Sect is about to die first.

  How can he accept this?

  Xu Jingyao really had an accident, and he was at the scene, so he couldn’t explain it no matter what.

  One of the pillars of the Zongmen, Li Tianxin in Yuanshen Realm, has perished, and Yuanyangzong, without a new Yuanshen to make up for it, is already at a disadvantage among the five supreme forces in Haoyu.

  If Xu Jingyao also destroys the Yang God outside the sky, Yuan Yangzong’s superior status may change.

  Then, it may be replaced by the Red Demon Sect who has always wanted to replace the Yuanyang Sect and has the same origin.

  If so, they will be completely suppressed by the Red Demon Sect in the years to come!

  All the treasure lands with abundant flame energy and the most fire-attribute spiritual materials in Haoyu will also fall into the hands of the Red Demon Sect, allowing the Red Demon Sect to embark on the road to glory.

  Zhu Huan simply cannot tolerate this happening!



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