Invincible Powers Chapter 1385: Adapting to your new body


The nothingness, the cold silence, the vast and vast forest star field.

The Dragon-Slaying Platform released a white glow, carrying the “Hanyuan Snow Bear” and flying away together with Yu Yuan.

As for Zhou You who was supposed to **** him, he disappeared as soon as he left the Firefly Star Territory and casually dealt with Yu Yuan for a few words.

The Shenhun Sect and the Chamber of Commerce asked Zhou You to guide him and pay attention to the violent bears.

However, as one of the first supporters to enter the Feiying Star Territory, Zhou You witnessed the violent bear’s attitude towards Yu Yuan from beginning to end. He firmly believed that the violent bear would always be friendly to Yu Yuan.

When Bao Xiong and Yu Yuan completely left the Feiying Star Territory, the fundamental cold mist of the Fang Galaxy also split into two and flowed into Dragon Slaying Platform and Bao Xiong.

Traveling around will make you feel more at ease.

At this moment, Yu Yuan is already powerful enough after Yang Shen was born.

He traveled around, fought side by side with Yu Yuan, the Yang God, and besieged Alonso.

He knows that Yu Yuanyang God, who has the level of a demon king, can also transform into a platinum Shura, a ninth-level warrior of the Silver Scale Clan, and a demon **** of the Blood Demon Clan…

He was not even sure he could win against Yu Yuan like this, let alone the current Shulin Star Territory?

He then left with peace of mind.

On the enlarged Dragon-Slaying Platform, the snow bear maintains a height of two thousand meters. From time to time, he looks at the white platform in trance…

Wake up from the meditation, Yu Yuanyang God, who looked very small compared to it, grinned at it, “Why, are you interested in the world inside the Dragon Slaying Platform? Or are you worried about your drop of blood?”

It laughed innocently, “Haha.”

“If you want, I can let you in. You’ve seen that little beast that’s still growing anyway.” Because Yu Yuan was 100% assured of it, he took the initiative to suggest it, thinking that maybe that What kind of help can the cubs of Titan Spinosaurus and numerous dragon corpses bring to it.

Yu Yuan’s favor towards it was even greater than that of the Titan Spinosaurus cub, and he didn’t even have the slightest sense of defensiveness.

However, Yu Yuan’s well-intentioned suggestions only caused it to panic.

Its huge head shook like a rattle, its eyes showed fear, and the aura exuding from its body was also nervous and uneasy, appearing very resistant.

“Forget it, I’ll just say it. I thought you wanted to come in.” Yu Yuan quickly stopped.

It suddenly became quiet.

“By the way, do you have any idea about the star field suitable for placing Han Yuankou?” Yu Yuan said casually.

It looked deep in thought, with tiny ice flashes splashing out of its silver eyes, as if it was thinking seriously.

After a long, long time, it nodded slowly.


Yu Yuan laughed and said, “In this way, you can think carefully about what you need. You have also heard what those guys said. In order to properly place Han Yuankou, they are willing to pay any price.”

Snow Bear fell into deep thought again.

At this time, Yu Yuan

‘s real body flew out from the Dragon Slaying Platform and sat face to face with his Yang Shen.

The two Yu Yuans have the same soul and thoughts, and are one integrated body.


Yang Shen condensed into a red blood light, which followed his middle Dantian acupuncture point and reached the small world of Qi and blood.

His real body shook slightly.

The moment Yang Shen returned, streaks of crimson blood emerged from within his small world of energy and blood, instantly covering all his limbs and bones.

He tried to slowly make a fist…


Bunches of refined blood light flew into the fist like lightning. The clenched fist suddenly possessed majestic blood energy.

“The demon is wild and powerful!”

Many acupuncture points opened by the “essence of Yin Kui” were filled with vast blood energy in an instant. In his internal organs and deep within his bones, shocking blood energy erupted at the same time.

Countless red lightning flashed across his skin, and he stood up from his sitting position.

Globs of extremely refined blood turned into many **** vortices, appearing in different acupoints, like numerous blood energy springs, supplying energy for his body.

Suddenly, he seemed to have dozens of hearts.

However, when he tried to transform like the Yang God, he found that this true body could not transform into a Platinum Shura, nor could it become a warrior of the Silver Scale Clan.

The secret method of the Ancient Desolate Sect that he understood from Yang Shen, and the bloodline magical power of the Shocking Sky Ape, cannot be used by the main body either.

The only thing that the real body can use is the Sha Demon Sect’s body refining technique that he has practiced for many years.

However, the return of Yang Shen has raised the Demon Art of the Demon Sect he practiced by one or two levels.

With a slight thought in his mind, a sharp dagger appeared in the Qiankun Ring. He held the dagger in his left hand and drew it on his right arm without using his own strength.

Not even a trace was left.

The dagger is also an earth-level spiritual weapon. It is a trophy from his previous killing of enemies. Without the additional power given by him, the sharpness of the weapon alone can no longer cause any harm to him now.


When the spiritual power was injected, the dagger bloomed with golden luster, and he drew it to his right arm again.


The skin and flesh were finally turned into a golden dagger, and a medium-deep wound was made.

But the wound was just formed. As the blood that escaped from the small world of Qi and Blood and Yang Shen’s body penetrated, the long and narrow wound healed quickly.

His arms became as smooth as jade again, and no matter how hard he looked, he could not find any cracks.

“Look at it another way…”

His Yang Shen separated from his true body, and along with it, the majestic blood energy in the numerous acupoints, and the **** vortices, became part of the Yang Shen again.

He slashed his arm with the dagger again, again without injecting additional spiritual power. There was still a shallow wound on the arm.

Moreover, after a wound is formed, it does not heal instantly.

He could imagine that if this earth-level spiritual weapon was infused with spiritual power and soul thoughts in the hands of a practitioner of his level, it would be able to break through flesh and slash the flesh without him being prepared. His arm bones.

The arm bones that have been tempered for a long time and are engraved with sword marks will certainly not break.

But the scar on the arm must be extremely deep, and it cannot be recovered in a short time.

“With Yang Shen in the body, the physical body is several times stronger and tougher. The terrifying self-repair ability is even more abnormal.” Yu Yuan quickly came to such a conclusion.

When the Yang God returned, vast blood energy poured into the many opened acupoints, and he seemed to have many sources of blood in an instant.

There are so many more “hearts”…

In this state, he has an incredible amount of blood energy to use, his body is ferocious and powerful, and his self-healing power is terrifying.

Even if he cannot transform into a foreign race or a great demon like the Yang God, the combat power of his true body can still be greatly improved.

“You still have to adapt slowly, get used to it slowly, and hope to find the best way to fight before entering the Dark Wing Star Territory.” He muttered, no longer rushing to the Wing Clan’s place as quickly as possible. starry sky.

In the emptiness of the Shulin Star Territory, it is just like when I first understood the Yin God and the mystery of the “Great Yin Soul Technique”.

He tried again and again, pondering the strangeness of this Yang God, and tried to combine it with his body and the demon sword to exert the power of the alternative Yang God.

Time flies.

As he gets closer and closer to the Dark Wing Star Territory, he becomes more and more skilled in the many changes of Yang Shen.

He clearly realized that his Yang Shen’s combat effectiveness seemed to be the strongest when it transformed into the blood demon form.

After transforming into a demon **** from the Blood Demon Clan, the many red blood crystal chains in his body did not undergo any fundamental mutation.

He can also continue to use the blood secrets of the Shura Clan and the Silver Scale Clan in the form of a Blood Demon Clan, and even some of the blood mysteries of the Shocking Ape can be used by him.

In addition, in the blood demon state, he can also… perform the magic technique of the Demon Palace Free Realm Overhaul!

“Is it because of the tempering of the Yang God that the blood-colored crystal block of Grayk exists? In other words, Grayk’s altar of life is similar to Mingchaun Kun’s!”

The more Yu Yuan thought about it, the more surprised he became.

Incarnated as a blood demon, he seems to have become a member of the Haoji Blood God Cult. He seems to be able to steal the blood of all living beings for his own use, becoming a special form that the Blood God Cult dreams of.

“The most special blood demons of the Outland Heavenly Demon Clan are born with flesh and blood entities. In the Origin Blood Continent of the Blood Demon Clan, there is hidden the source of the Yang Vein, the so-called source of blood.”

Yu Yuan muttered secretly.

Vaguely, he felt that the miraculous talents of the Blood Demon clan members were closely related to the source of Yang Vein.

The body and blood of the Blood Demon Clan should be the best choice for the new generation of living beings in this era.



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