Invincible Powers Chapter 1310: Sitting quietly and meditating


There is nothing to miss, Chen Qinghuang left as soon as he said it, without any delay.

Yu Yuan watched as the gray goose gracefully unfolded its broad gray wings and headed towards the originally planned star field of the Wing Clan under her gentle whistle.

Brissette, who was sitting on the huge scepter, after cheering up a little, also followed with the scepter.

The gray goose is in front, and the “Tianmu Scepter” is behind, and they are drifting away.

This scene was imprinted in the depths of Yu Yuan’s soul, giving him a strange realization.

From now on, the status of the Dark Spirit Clan and the Wing Clan will be reversed once again.

In the future, the Wing Clan will once again be in a dominant position and will rise unstoppably, while the Dark Spirit Clan may be slightly dormant.

Then, just like how the Dark Spirit Clan had protected the Wing Clan for many years, the Wing Clan was replaced by the Wing Clan to protect the Dark Spirit Clan.

Chen Qinghuang’s awakening, gathering strength, return after 100,000 years, and the appearance of the three old men who looked like they were dying, are destined to bring the Wing Clan to a whole new level.

Perhaps, the three old men have already fallen in love with some great figure in the Yi clan, and as soon as Chen Qinghuang returns, they will help him achieve the tenth level of the supreme bloodline.

Once a tenth-level strongest warrior appears in the Wing Clan, many ninth-level warriors will spring up like mushrooms because of Chen Qinghuang…

Then, naturally, the Wing Clan will return to the first level.

“Obviously, she has her own responsibilities and mission.”

After a while, Yu Yuan nodded slightly and smiled in relief.

The tentacles of the “God of the Source Realm” have officially extended to the vast galaxy here, and the first battle has begun in the Sulin Star Territory.

The surrender of the Void Spirit, the creation of the fallen sacred tree, and the immortal life of Diggs, all kinds of strange things that happened here will eventually spread quickly.

There are many intelligent groups outside the world, such as demons, Mingguang tribe, Shura, and banshees.

The vast human race, the great demon, the Shenhun Sect, and even the giant beast in the starry sky like Ming Chaos Kun…

Without thinking deeply, Yu Yuan knew that all ethnic groups and powerful forces would really pay attention to the “God of the Origin World” and would take this matter extremely seriously.

Being welcomed back by three elderly men from the Wing Clan, Chen Qinghuang should have a lot of things to deal with.

There is nothingness, silence, and Yu Yuan is alone in the cold and dark starry sky.

He sat down slowly on the small meteorite, then combed it quietly, thinking…

When he was pulled into that strange world, faced with the “God of the Source” whose will came to Diggs, did that person… see the mystery of his soul, and did he know that he had a past of three lives?

Especially in the first life, was the “God of the Origin Realm” aware of it?

If you know it, what will the “God of the Origin Realm” do next?

The Void Spirit Charm, the Fallen Divine Tree and Diggs can all be used by it. Is it possible that I will be secretly attacked and killed by them later?

“What kind of alien is the God of the Origin World?”

Yu Yuan’s heart gradually became heavy, and he silently reviewed the setbacks he suffered in the Shulin Star Territory.

The Dragon-Slaying Platform no longer releases infinite light and sinks back into the acupoint. After sensing it secretly, he felt that if it weren’t for the most critical moment, the soul mark of his first life self would slowly wake up in the main soul. , thereby stimulating the shocking power of Dragon Slaying Platform, he could not return to the current world.

Perhaps, he and Diggs, as well as the Void Spirit Charm and the Fallen Divine Tree, were also eroded by the “God of the Origin World”.

Thereby, become its loyal believer and serve it with all your heart.

If that were the case, in the real world of the outside world, Chen Qinghuang would most likely suffer much more serious injuries!

The “Tianmu Scepter” will also reintegrate into the mature fallen sacred tree after being shattered, and Brisette will die…

A more extreme disaster may happen. This side will turn into a sea of ​​​​empty stars, and the speed of explosion will be faster.

Get there quickly, so that the gray goose, the cold snow bear, Yan Qiling, Beilu and the others won’t even have time to escape.

In that case, all living beings will be destroyed.

“Source World…”

Yu Yuan, who was completely cold, subconsciously looked underneath him.

Fortunately, it’s just empty space, not colorful ripples like the sea.

Underneath him, there is no endless darkness like an abyss, hiding huge unknown creatures that want to break out.

After he laughed self-deprecatingly, he summoned the Dragon Slaying Platform, the scabbard of the Sky Sword, and the demon sword “Blood Prison” one after another.

He stroked and felt them one by one, and then flew the Yin Shen away, realizing whether there was anything in the empty space here.

There is no sound, no wind, no light source, no power that can be touched or felt.

He couldn’t feel the dragon-slaying platform, the scabbard and the demon sword, nor could he gather the smallest energy from the existing void world.

“It is rumored that the Abyss Lizard among the giant beasts in the starry sky is the only foreign object that can touch the abyss. It began to explore the boundaries of the starry sky a long time ago and wandered on the other side. There is a saying that the most edge of the starry sky, It is the eternal silence and nothingness. It is also said that the “remnant” of the Shenhun Sect in its early years was to open up that piece of nothingness and operate in that deserted place.”

Yu Yuan thought hard.

“Could the Abyss Lizard come from under the colorful ripples? It’s like inside, constantly hitting the ripples of space, trying to break some mysterious boundary wall, a huge unknown creature appearing in our universe?”


A series of thoughts flashed through my mind like lightning.

In this place of nothingness, there was no concept of time. Yu Yuan just sat like this for who knows how long.

After his Yin Shen flies away from his body, he can go from this empty and lonely land to nothingness thousands of miles away in a single thought.

However, it doesn’t make any sense.

After the Yin Shen flew away, the area where he appeared was still empty and silent.

Other than that, there is nothing…

A huge feeling of loneliness came to my mind from unknown time, as if he was the only living creature in this world, the boundless space, and only his consciousness existed.

In fact, this is indeed the case.

His Yin Shen is still flying freely and unfettered.

Out of boredom, he focused all his energy and attention on the Yin Shen in the spirit form, and tried to use some of the subtleties of the “Great Yin Soul Technique”.

He was surprised to find that in this empty and lonely place, the Yin God was moving around at will, with almost no consumption.

When he activates his soul power and transforms it into exquisite soul skills, his Yin Shen can also change in a thousand ways.

It may condense into a huge, demon-like image, or it may turn into mountains, rivers, seas and lakes, or it may turn into the image of many great monsters.

All of these changes seemed easy and not difficult at all.

In addition, the limit to which his Yinshen’s perception can be extended seems to have been greatly enhanced.


A bit of the “Yin Kui Essence” hidden deep in the secret acupoints quietly flew out and merged into the Yin Shen he was using the “Great Yin Soul Technique”, and actually began to cleanse and purify the tiny filth in his Yin Shen.

Then, more “Yin Kui Essence” flew out one after another, as if summoned by the Yin God.

There is not much left of the little bit of “Yin Kui Essence” that comes from the “Yin Vein Source” in the terrifying place.

This miraculous thing can often be combined with the “Qingtian Nine Slashes”, and it can often exert extremely terrifying power when killing strange souls and evil spirits.

Now, that little bit of “Yin Kui’s Essence” was suddenly pulled out by his Yin Shen.

He used the Yin God to smelt the “essence of Yin Kui” and purify the soul. His perception, intelligence, spirituality, and all kinds of wonders related to the soul were actually improved in all aspects.

He suddenly realized that even if his Yang God was not cast, his Yin God could continue to be refined and grow infinitely.

This is the profound magic of the “Great Shadow Technique”!

The dragon-slaying platform placed in front of him, as well as the blood soul in the demon sword, also breeds desire for that little bit of “Yin Kui essence”.

It seems that if the “Essence of Yin Kui” is integrated into them, the Dragon Slaying Platform and the Demon Sword can also gain some kind of increase.

This shocked Yu Yuan even more. He became more curious about the “Essence of Yin Kui” and had the desire to obtain more.

However, the “Essence of Yin Kui” seems to only exist in the fearful place, and seems to be always hidden at the source of the Yin Veins.

If he wants to get more “Essence of Yin Kui”, he can only go back to the great world of Haoji and go to that terrifying place.

Fortunately, now his ancestor of the Yu family has become the supreme ghost and **** in the land of terror. If he can return, he should really be able to gain new “Yin Kui Essence” to nourish his Yin God. Open up more small worlds in the acupoints.


Yu Yuan suddenly felt something.

I don’t know how far away from him, in the void on the other side, the strange demons Qiyan were lost and scurrying around like headless flies.

This is the picture glimpsed by the infinite perception of Yin Shen.

In just a moment, his spirit-like Yin Shen appeared in the direction of the strange demon Qi Yan.

Without his body, only seven poisonous streams remained. The strange demon Qiyan turned into pure liquid. Looking at the shadow of the illusory spirit body, he immediately wanted to run away in fear.

“It’s me.” Yu Yuan took the initiative to send the message.

The colorful Qi Yan was startled by his message and immediately solidified.

Ningwei, a crude human form, asked, “You, are you still alive?” Qi Yan opened his mouth to speak, his voice was very ethereal, as if it came from another time and space.

“What I’m curious about is that you are still alive.” Yu Yuan drank lightly with his pure spirit body.

For some reason, he looked at Qiyan in front of him and felt the strange liquid body refined by seven poisonous streams. He actually felt that if he wanted to, his Yin spirit could escape into it and eat up Qiyan’s body. Not a trace of soul thought or consciousness is left.

What the fallen sacred tree cannot do seems to be no difficulty for him in pure spiritual form.

What surprised him even more was that as soon as this thought came out, his Yinshen naturally changed accordingly, from the original spiritual figure to a swirling vortex.

The vortex seems to be a “soul prison” arranged by many evil demons in the evil demon cauldron.

Qiyan felt great terror, “Zhizhi” screamed, and kept retreating.

“Yu Yuan, I didn’t betray you! I don’t know why the Yingling World suddenly overflowed with mysterious powers, causing the evil sacred tree to suddenly grow wildly and pierce and extend infinitely to the outside world.”

“That woman only takes care of Brisette from the Dark Elf Tribe and doesn’t care about me at all!”

“You disappeared again, what can I do? I can only run away, just like Yan Qiling, Lei Zong’s Wei Zhuo, and the snow bear Gray Goose, they ran away as far away as possible.”


Qi Yan retreated, shouting and recounting his grievances.

He smelled the terrifying power from the strange form of Yu Yuan’s Yin God that could destroy him. He thought that Yu Yuan hated him for escaping from the battle, so he kept explaining.

His performance made Yu Yuan realize the wonder of the “Great Yin Soul Technique” again.



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