Invincible Powers Chapter 1149: Phoenix


  As soon as Chen Qinghuang said this, the death lair suddenly began to expand rapidly.

  The lair is surrounded by gray-white death energy that is so thick that it can’t be melted away, but where Yu Yuan and the others are standing, another burst of vitality is quietly growing, and it is growing rapidly!

  The mighty vitality, revealing the ability of regeneration, radiates divine light.

  Another world-destroying energy suddenly emerged from the outside of the lair, slowly enveloping the lair of death.

  Death, destruction, rebirth, circulating inside and outside the lair, miraculously blending and deriving three kinds of great truths, seeming to inform all living beings, all the subtleties of these three rules of heaven and earth!

  Chen Qinghuang’s expression was indifferent, and the emotions that humans should have in his eyes were gradually being covered up and disappeared.

  Everyone in the lair, as well as the elders of the Blood Demon clan outside, could see that some kind of change seemed to be taking place in her.

  However, conceited and arrogant people like Grek and Monk have a look of indifference, with a smile that is not a smile, waiting expectantly for her transformation to complete.

  This is the Origin Blood Continent, the holy land where they were bred, and the source of the Yang Meridian has also awakened.

  Chen Qinghuang is miraculous, so what?

  But Yu Yuan was shocked.

  He keenly sensed that this lair of death, which was repaired later, seemed to be infused with the power of destruction and regeneration! Obviously it’s just a nest of death, but it took into account the two abilities of destruction and regeneration, so in an instant, the power and supernatural power of the nest were doubled!

  Any phoenix nest actually contains three powers of death, destruction and regeneration, but two of them must be very weak, and the three cannot be balanced.

  Ninety-nine percent of the hidden death abilities in the lair of the Lord’s death, and the rest is destruction and regeneration.

  The same is true for the other two.

  But at this moment, this death lair unexpectedly included two abilities of destruction and regeneration, and the three were equally majestic and vast, as if they were endless.


  Chen Qinghuang’s three-headed and six-armed magic figure was finally sacrificed in the Origin Blood Continent. After this huge magic figure landed in the death lair, it appeared differently from the past.

  The three faces of her Dharma form seem to be constantly changing.

  Every face and breath revealed are no longer fixed.

  Death, regeneration and destruction power, the three forms represented by the three powers, will appear alternately.

  Chen Qinghuang’s awe-inspiring figure seems to be filled with the power of destruction, regeneration and death in every piece. She seems to have integrated the three distinct forces all of a sudden.

  As soon as she thinks about it, she can change and change at will, with different supernatural powers and subtleties.


  Munch stared deeply at the death lair, feeling inexplicably uneasy in his heart. This blood who lived for tens of thousands of years

  The old monster of the demon race suddenly darkened as if recalling some terrible rumors.

  He was no longer so calm, but was thinking hard in his heart, trying to catch clues.

  He felt that Chen Qinghuang in front of him was changing in the direction of threatening them, but he didn’t know the details.

  The titan giant spirit possessed by the Great Demon God Grek walked rumblingly, and suddenly ran towards the lair of death.

  Two arms that stretched like mountains, grabbed towards the death lair, and looked like they were going to drag the lair, pulling Chen Qinghuang, who appeared inside, as well as Tan Junshan, Yu Yuan and others together. Luo, like entering a lake by the ancient gods of the golden elephant, dealt with them in the same way.

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  ”Destroy Empress Qingluan with all my strength!”

  Munch roared suddenly.

  At this moment, he finally understood something, and his expression changed drastically.

  Three terrifying blood slaves, as well as Afodia, including Knox, Quarry, and even Cao Yi who had just been refined into a blood slave, because of his roar, because of the great demon Grek’s attack The command immediately turned into streaks of blood-colored lightning, and violent beams of blood-colored light came towards the lair one by one.

  ”One hundred thousand years ago, the phoenix that died in the Annihilation Star Field is being resurrected with her body!”

  When Munch yelled this, his body trembled and trembled.

  ”Phoenix, use her to resurrect?”

  ”Isn’t it?”

  The blood demon clansmen present who knew the rumors about the phoenix seemed to recall the gloomy nightmare recorded in the ancient classics that all living beings do not want to recall.

   I remembered the fear of being dominated by phoenixes among the many intelligent races outside the sky.


  In the lakes and rivers of the Origin Blood Continent, the pure blood energy soars to the sky one after another. The strange power in the mountains and rivers seems to be stimulated by the source of the Yang Meridian, turning into countless blood-colored lights and storms.

  In the dark red boundary wall, blood rained down, but it was extremely concentrated, and fell towards Chen Qinghuang’s lair one after another.


  Chen Qinghuang’s strange trinity is like an ancient god, speaking a strange language that no one has heard before but knows its meaning.

  The raging black flames brewed under the death lair and scattered in all directions.

  Afodia, who turned into a blood bat, cut the two rivers of blood pulled out by the bat wings like a light blade, and was the first to touch the black flame that implied the truth of destruction.

  Afodia’s bat wings instantly burned, and his screams followed.

  Black flames sputtered out, instantly burning many eighth-level and seventh-level blood demon clansmen who were close to the death lair to ashes.

  The scorched corpses of the blood demon clan fell to the ground piece by piece like coal balls.

  ”Chen girl!”

  Tan Junshan was shocked, looking at Empress Qingluan at this moment, as if meeting her for the first time.

  Yu Yuan took a deep breath, held the scabbard of the Sword that Supported the Sky in one hand, and held the demon knife “Blood Prison” drawn from the acupuncture point in the other hand. Looking up at the towering Empress Qingluan, he said: “Everyone protect yourselves first, I have a hunch that she might lead us out of the Origin Blood Continent!”

  The top of the head, like a dragon-slaying platform with a prism-shaped mountain, is shining with crystal light at this moment.

  By connecting with the meaning of Zhanlongtai, he felt an unusual space flow gushing out from the depths of Chen Qinghuang’s death lair.

  Death lair, such as ignoring the blockade of the source blood continent, has established a connection with the other two lairs.

  In addition to the destruction lair that had secretly gone to the vast world long ago, there is also the regeneration lair that all forces and all intelligent races have been searching for, but it has always been fruitless!

  The two nests of destruction and regeneration are all responding to the nest of death, responding to Queen Qingluan!

  Empress Qingluan, whom he accidentally rescued when he was Hong Qi, seemed to have just undergone a mysterious transformation, miraculously integrating the power of death, regeneration and destruction she had comprehended.

   Because of this, the combat power has skyrocketed to a height that even Tan Junshan is shocked!


  Thousands of gray-white lightning bolts shot out from the death lair where everyone was, and from Chen Qingyan’s dharma, like a hedgehog shooting out sharp thorns, to the outer space.

  The gray-white lightning and the crimson lightning from the Origin Blood Continent collided with each other according to the law, splashing out a flash of light that would instantly kill the Gorefiend.

  The three blood slaves who made the golden elephant ancient **** suffer, were suddenly shot into a hornet’s nest by the gray-white death lightning.

  The extreme death intent fermented in the blood slaves, spreading wildly, eating away their vitality, and strengthening the death ability.

  The Blood Slave, who was not much weaker than Monk in combat power before his death, suddenly froze in the void, unable to get rid of the death intent in his body, and couldn’t even take a step closer to Chen Qinghuang’s trinity.


  Chen Qinghuang’s majestic figure, with three faces and three mouths, simultaneously spits out strange words that everyone can understand.

  A torrential rain of death fell from the sky, the raindrops were gray and white, and the death penetrated into the sky and the ground of the Origin Blood Continent, and flew down to the numerous blood-colored lakes and streams.

  Countless weak gorefiends, who had just been conceived, died instantly.

  In every corner of this world, blood demon clansmen died instantly because of this. No matter whether those blood demon clansmen were hiding in caves on the mountainside or deep in the earth, they were affected one after another.

  Chen Qinghuang at this moment is like the phoenix that made star fields and countless heavens and earth die one hundred thousand years ago.

  She spread destruction and death, and the intelligent races in the major star fields were wiped out one by one.

  Everyone knows that where the phoenix passes by, all living beings disappear and all living beings are extinct.



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