Invincible Powers Chapter 1308: A void


Yu Yuan looked confused.

He didn’t know where this old priest from the Dark Spirit Clan had the confidence and confidence to ask him for the Dragon-Slaying Platform.

Moreover, he acted so naturally…

Let’s not talk about myself first. Is it possible that Diggs, Her Majesty the Queen, and Brissette are dead?

With this thought, time and space suddenly changed in strange ways. The Yingling Realm he was familiar with, the place where he stood, and the entire galaxy became unfamiliar.

He seemed to be pulled into another world in an instant!

Chen Qinghuang, Brisette, Yan Qiling high in the sky in the Yingling Realm, and Beilu and others were all missing.

What shocked him even more was that he had also lost contact with Dinghun Yu Yiyi and the Evil Demon Cauldron.

Under his and Diggs’ feet, there were only circles of colorful ripples, and each circle of ripples spread out and seemed to extend to different time and space.

Yu Yuan turned pale in shock.

His sudden disappearance, even Chen Qinghuang couldn’t stop him, shows that it is definitely not a trivial matter!

Then, he was frightened and felt that the whole world was filled with nothingness, silence, coldness and darkness.

Circles of colorful ripples start from Diggs’ feet and ripple outward. Diggs seems to be the center of the world, he is the immovable point.

Under the feet of myself and Diggs, the depths of the colorful ripples seemed to be endless darkness.

Bloomingly, there seemed to be unimaginably huge mysterious creatures moving in the darkness under the colorful ripples, as if they were violently hitting the ripples, trying to rush out.

The Yingling World disappeared, and the Shulin Star Territory no longer existed. He was completely in a strange world.

Yu Yuan’s heart was trembling.

Diggs, who was not far away from him, had a distant, ancient, mysterious and unfathomable strange atmosphere all over his body, as if coming from under the colorful ripples.

That strange, unknown aura is not unfamiliar to Yu Yuan…

He took a deep breath and found that this strange, perhaps just illusion, or some projected foreign place had no air that could enter his lungs.

He just made such an action to ease his turbulent emotions and keep his mind clear.

“Source World, Abyss and Mixed Cave…”

He murmured in his heart, feeling as if he was standing at the entrance of the “Abyss Cave”.

Diggs, who was descended by the will of the “God of the Source World”, seemed to be a mysterious existence in the dark and unknown place under the colorful ripples.

Could it be that the endless darkness under the ripples is the abyss, the so-called “source world”?

According to legend, flesh and blood creatures cannot enter the “Source Realm” and can only abandon their bodies and soar with their souls.

What about me?

Yu Yuan sticks to his soul and maintains a close connection with the Dragon Slaying Platform and his body!

His Yin Shen never leaves the small world of Consciousness Sea. Not only does it not fly out of the body, it also does not sink to the Dragon Slaying Platform!

He is afraid…

I am afraid that as soon as his soul leaves the body, it will be taken into the unknown and mysterious realm under the colorful ripples.

It is not a peaceful and peaceful place.

“Bring it.”

Diggs spoke again.


The power that affects thinking and consciousness suddenly enveloped Yu Yuan, wanting him to obediently hand over the Dragon Slaying Platform.

And Yu Yuan did indeed walk towards Diggs, who seemed to be the heart of the world.

However, the first-life self hidden deep in the main soul seemed to be touched by the mysterious and unpredictable aura.

Then, deep in his main soul, there was a huge virtual soul, stretching out a huge soul shadow, slowly waking up from the dormant state…

Yu Yuan, who was walking, suddenly stood still, as if he had become another center of the entire world!

Use yourself as the foundation and the Dragon Slaying Platform as the starting point to resist the master of this world!

Diggs suddenly fell silent.

At this moment, Yu Yuan deeply felt that the huge virtual soul hiding the main soul was just a soul mark, imprinted with traces of his original soul.

But it was the appearance of such a soul mark that caused the Dragon Slaying Platform he held in both hands to bloom with infinite light!

It is countless times stronger than the previous turbid brilliance released in the spirit world!

Click! Click!

The world centered on “Diggs” suddenly heard a crisp and strange sound, and began to rotate around Diggs.

Every time it rotates, the world here is shattered into pieces.

The colorful ripples where Yu Yuan and Diggs stood were originally rippling from the immovable point where Diggs was. Now they are in the shape of a spiral, and they are rushing towards the point under his feet.

Under the colorful ripples, or in the abyss of the sea, the behemoths struggled to support the feet of “Diggs”.

As for Diggs, although his feet were fixed, his body was swaying violently.

Crack! Click!

The exploding fragments of heaven and earth, distorted light and shadow, nothingness and darkness, all tangible and intangible things sank together.

After sinking into the colorful ripples, they disappeared instantly, as if they all flowed into the abyss and darkness.

Suddenly in a trance, Yu Yuan broke away from the strange world, and then found that he was holding the dragon-slaying platform and standing on top of a fragmented meteorite the size of a millstone.

And the Yingling World actually no longer exists!

On top of a smaller meteorite, there is a strange green tree rooted. On the tree, Chen Qinghuang’s momentum is slightly decayed and gray, but still unmoving.

The leader of the Dark Spirit Clan, whose bloodline plummeted from level nine, turned into an eighth-level bloodline warrior.

At this moment, he looked even older than Diggs before.

Yu Yuan was a little panicked and quickly continued his search. He soon saw the filthy “Ruoxun Sacred Tree” rooted on the largest meteorite.

The giant ancestral tree that blocked out the sky and sun has now shrunk tens of millions of times, and is only a hundred meters high.

However, it appears to have lush branches and leaves, exuding extremely powerful evil vitality!

Under the tree, standing in the form of Benin, the Void Spirit Charm, and Diggs, who was clearly decades younger!

Diggs, who has become younger, looks handsome and exudes a free and uninhibited aura, as if he has just eaten some fruit and is still chewing and swallowing hard, but his face is filled with extreme satisfaction and enjoyment.

Yu Yuan was shocked.

He looked into the distance again, and was horrified to find that the fragmented Shulin Starfield and the floating meteorites everywhere seemed to have all turned into dust and disappeared completely.

The feeling of emptiness, silence, cold darkness, fills the entire starry sky!

A dead silence…

It was exactly the same as the strange world he had just entered while holding the Dragon Slaying Platform.

He has never felt this kind of deathly silence and emptiness anywhere else. Whether inside Hao Anni or in the desolate Annihilation Galaxy outside, there are all kinds of complex galactic powers.

It may be rich or light, but it must be there!

But now, he can’t feel the flow of energy…

There is no wind, no power of filth, not even light, in fact, the world is dark.

“How could this be?”

Yu Yuan murmured, but he didn’t react for a while, still wondering what happened.

If Chen Qinghuang hadn’t appeared, Brisette had aged, and the Void Spirit Charm and the shrunken “Ruoxun Sacred Tree” were also there, he would have doubted that he had yet to break free.

What happened in just that moment?

“Yu Yuan, you are finally back. Unfortunately, it’s too late…”

Blissette, under the strange green tree, looked at Yu Yuan, another broken meteorite appearing in the distance, with a complex expression on his face, and his voice revealed a deep sense of exhaustion and depression.

“Too late?” Yu Yuan was confused.

“The Shattered Star Territory is gone, and the abilities hidden in the meteorites from all directions have been sucked out by…. It has successfully blossomed and bear fruit. The fruits of filth have created Diggs’ infinite life. Moreover, Digs Gus will advance to level 10 bloodline warrior soon and replace my position in the Dark Spirit Clan.”

Brissette stated the established facts that had already happened.

Yu Yuan was as dumb as a wooden chicken.

In just an instant, the Silin Star Territory became a land of death and silence, and all supernatural powers were swallowed up by the “Ruoxun Divine Tree”. Did the evil giant tree bear fruit?

He couldn’t imagine it!

Also, where are Yan Qilingnei, Beilu, Yuan Lianyao, and Wei Zhuo?

Why can’t any of the many onlookers before be seen? Are they all dead?

“I’m not dead, I’m just too far away from here for you to sense.”

Her Majesty the Queen gave a rare sigh and seemed quite helpless.

Her ice mirror-like eyes looked at the fallen sacred tree that had fully grown, and she shook her head gently, “At least, I helped you save a little bit of life, and also let this guy survive. ”

Brissette could not say anything except a wry smile.


Pei Yuling released the “Xu Tianjian” on the top of the new and truly grown sacred tree, opening a gorgeous space passage.

Immediately bowed slightly, making a respectful gesture, “Please.”

The fallen sacred tree, the Void Spirit Charm in the form of Benin, and that Diggs, escaped into it one after another.



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