Invincible Powers Chapter 1263: Yingling Realm



Pei Yuling and the skinny old man from the Dark Spirit Tribe were scattered on both sides of the strange “Source World Gate”. They looked at the strangely shaped “Source World Gate” with different expressions.

The skinny old man looked deep in thought, as if he was secretly comparing and weighing something.

Pei Yuling was trembling with excitement and breathing heavily. Looking at his posture, he wanted to shove a head into the open “Gate to the Source Realm” and get a good look inside.

The novel “Gate to the Origin World” is like a huge colorful butterfly, suspended in the underground space.

The streams of light gathered together, making the colorful butterfly’s strange figure appear gorgeous and unreal, and it looked extremely unreal.

The two wings of the colorful butterfly are the “gates to the source world”, which contain amazing spatial powers.

Both wings can lead to the mysterious source world. With the eyes of Pei Yuling and the old man from the Dark Spirit Tribe, they can only see countless intertwined lights.

From it, they sensed two different consciousnesses.

In the depths, there is the hidden, elusive God of the Source Realm.

What they can clearly perceive on the surface is the more intuitive soul. That soul… seems to belong to a strange and colorful butterfly.

Pei Yuling trembled slightly, and finally couldn’t help but ask, “The one who is closer to us just showed his magic, but?”

He looked extremely excited, his mouth was shaking when he spoke, and he looked directly at the old Dark Elf clan monster named Diggs, “Is it really it? Even it…is one of us?”

Diggs nodded slowly.

He had already known the truth, so he was not surprised at all and looked down upon the excited Pei Yuling.

“Old God!”

Pei Yuling took a deep breath, but still couldn’t suppress the excitement in her heart.

He has not been in contact with the “Gate of the Source World” for a long time. From the time he began to believe in the one inside, until today, this is the first time he has known such a shocking secret.

Void Spirit Charm is actually in the “Gate of the Source World” and believes in the “God of the Source World” like them!

What does this mean?

It means that the entire ethnic group it created, all the void spirits with superb space power, can be used by them to provide them with convenience and help!

Pei Yuling suddenly felt that the “God of the Source Realm” he believed in was simply an existence beyond the laws.


A small meteorite, attracted by an inexplicable attraction, bordered the huge meteorite they were on, driven by a force, and gradually bonded together.

“Here we go.”

In Diggs’ dark green eyes, there was a crazy light flashing, “The shattered world of spirits will be integrated again and resound in the vast starry sky!”

One after another, the meteorites scattered and floating nearby really flew by on their own initiative.

Many years ago, the Yingling Realm was the center of the Shulin Star Territory, and it was also the place where Diggs worshiped the “God of the Source Realm” and communicated with the “God of the Source Realm”.

Today, the shattered world of Yingling,

It seems to be on the road to recasting!


“Not long ago, the other person besides Pei Yuling who appeared at the secret door should be Diggs from the Dark Spirit Tribe.”

Yan Qiling was distracted and drove the silver-white meteorite under everyone’s feet towards the center of the battlefield outside the sky while explaining to everyone.

Chen Qinghuang sat quietly in a corner, closed his eyes, and fell asleep with even breathing.

Everyone knows that in this way, she consumes the great demons and strange beasts she swallowed, integrates the messy memories from a hundred thousand years ago, and recalls the ultimate secret she once understood.

Everyone kept a proper distance from her and no one disturbed her.


The expression of the old demon from the Extreme Cold Demon Clan changed, with shock and surprise in his eyes, “Isn’t he dead?”

Including Concubine Han, everyone’s eyes fell on him.

“He is my Uncle Moore.” Concubine Han introduced casually.

“How much do you know?” Yan Qiling asked.

“Diggs, once was the high priest of the Dark Spirit Tribe.” Moore said solemnly.

At this time, Concubine Han added, “Master, the traces of this Diggs’ existence were in front of Wen Lu’s parents. They were the previous, earlier generation of high priests.”

Yu Yuan nodded to express his understanding.

“The Suilin Star Territory belonged to him before. It is said that it was once extremely prosperous and was the second largest star territory of the Dark Spirit Tribe.”

The old Extreme Cold Demon hesitated and explained to everyone: “I heard that he accidentally communicated with an unknown mysterious evil spirit during a certain sacrificial ceremony. Because of this, Diggs fell into a state of madness. Bewitched by a mysterious evil spirit, he became a believer in that evil god.”

Moore paused, his eyes cold and his face full of disgust.

“After that, he secretly began to carry out many evil sacrifices in other realms of the Suilin Star Region one after another. This resulted in many realms of the Dark Spirit Clan, as well as the Moon Night Clan, Silver Scale Clan and The small world of the cave tribe is devastated. What he sacrifices are the souls of intelligent beings!”

“Due to the widespread death of many creatures in the realm, something is wrong within the Dark Spirit Clan.”

“So, the leader of the Dark Spirit Clan at that time led many powerful men in the clan to quietly arrive at the Silin Star Territory. After some investigation, he was executed in the Yingling World where the Diggs family lived and took back him. All rights.”

“It is said that before Diggs died, he launched another evil sacrifice. The result was that the Yingling World exploded and several of the powerful Dark Spirit tribesmen who executed him also died.”

“His believers, those who were loyal to him, responded to him in other places in the Suilin Star Territory and launched sacrificial activities. This caused the heaven, earth, and stars in those realms to explode directly.”

“It can be said that the destruction of the Shulin Star Territory was caused by Diggs.”

“When the Dark Spirit Clan abandoned the Silin Star Territory, the exploding stars caused other realms to collapse. The Human Race later discovered this place and saw that there were many remaining scarce spiritual materials

, come and explore. Strong men from other ethnic groups came again to kill the killing tribe. Over time, the Sheilin Star Territory became a famous battlefield outside the sky. ”

Moore explained the situation in great detail.

Yan Qiling nodded frequently, and after he finished what he said, he added: “Diggs is the earliest believer of the God of the Source World. The so-called mysterious evil spirits are the God of the Source World. 1 The various sacrificial rituals that started were to create the gate to the source world and to connect it to the source world.”

After a pause, he spoke again: “The God of the Source World at that time seemed far less powerful than it is now. The influence and penetration of the Source World had just begun. Diggs…should not have been there at that time. Death, I infer that he escaped to the source world with his soul. This time, he should return in spirit and work with Pei Yuling to do something big in the Suilin Star Territory.”

“The Void Spirit Charm has also become a part of the other party?” Moore was surprised.

Yan Qiling said “hmm” and said: “It is not the **** of the source world, it is just the soul integrated into the source world, or it takes orders from the **** of the source world, or cooperates with the other party, and has common ideas and thoughts. ”

“Then the God of the Source Realm is too scary, isn’t it?” Moore was horrified.

“I think so too.” Yan Qiling smiled bitterly.

Yu Yuan, Yan Ziyang and Yu Yiyi felt as if they were sitting on a mountain when they thought about what level of power the Void Spirit Charm represented, and when they thought that the “God of the Source World” could actually convince it to do what it was told.

“Tongchuan Shenhun Sect, Tongtian Chamber of Commerce, and other ethnic groups.” Yu Yiyi pouted, “We can also let the five supreme forces of Haojie know, because what will happen in the Yingling World, Under the guidance of the God of the Source World, the God of the Source World is the public enemy of all parties.”

Secretly, she looked at Chen Qinghuang coldly, as if she thought it was Her Majesty the Queen who was troublesome.

The “God of the Source Realm” who can even be persuaded by the Void Spirit Charm wants to do something in the Yingling Realm, why bother to get involved?

Can’t we just leave it to the strong people from all sides to face it?

She kept complaining.

A flash of red lightning suddenly cut across the galaxy in front of him, and then stopped suddenly.

Qi Hong, Qiao Yuling and Qi Hong of Lei Zong, appeared in the lightning and looked back in surprise.

“Master Yu?!”

Qi Hong ignored Qiao Yuling, turned around in mid-air, and stepped on a series of dense lightnings to quickly reach their side, “Why are you on the battlefield outside the sky? Listen to me, you’d better evacuate quickly. A lot of things happened inside. Terrible thing, many people died.”

He was sincerely thinking of Yu Yuan, and as soon as he stopped, he would add words to his story as if he were pouring beans out of a bamboo tube.

It was also about the Yingling World that had undergone strange changes. It was said that many alien races, driven by some force, all gathered in the center of the battlefield.

Those in the past will die quickly and miserably as soon as they fall into the former world of spirits.

“That’s where we are going.” Yu Yuan said.

“What do you all know?” Qiao Yuling came over bravely.



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