Invincible Powers Chapter 1107: Three gods come together!


Beyond Chidori Realm.

It is also in the Annihilation Star Field, an inconspicuous square continent, with a gray-brown mountain peak that burst open suddenly.

The rubble rumbled and rolled down, and without warning, the landslides and ground cracks began to begin on this side of the continent, as if it was about to explode.

Thousand Zhang Mountain Peak, because of the peeling of the gravel, a huge stone statue was exposed.

The stone statue has two sides, one side is benevolent, friendly and gentle.

On the other hand, it is full of destructive violence.

This evil **** statue, which fell into the realm passage together with the Soul Transformation Pond and disappeared without a trace, has now become as high as a giant mountain, and it seems that there are creatures stationed inside, flowing out mightily, crushing the world of flesh and blood.

Boom! Boom!

Accompanied by the shattering of the continent, the statue of the evil **** stepped into the cold and dark galaxy, like an ancient god, coming through layers of time and space.

The long distance between the galaxies is shortened by hundreds of millions of miles after a few flashes.

The land, one of the seven “cold abyss mouths”, annihilated the cold energy of the star field, turned into a thick cold mist, and continued to gather in this world, and escaped into the depths of the sea again.

Lin Zhuyun once relied on a piece of ice crystal to reach the deep sea here.

An abnormal movement set off a huge tsunami, causing the thin ice layer on the sea surface to burst instantly.


Not long after, a huge beam of light broke through the deep sea and directly hit the star sea in the outer domain.

In the beam of light, a figure could be vaguely seen, surrounded by countless currents of divine light, carrying power that would make all the gods tremble.

In a strange land like the sea of ​​stars and embers, the Chaos Kun in the shape of a skinny old man, with one red and one white pupils, simultaneously appeared a strange scene.

The Yin Corpse King next to him looked at the giant evil stone statues that appeared in his two eyes, as well as the mighty beam of divine light, his expression changed again and again.


When the Yin Corpse King opened his mouth, he found that his tongue seemed to be trembling.

Ming Chaokun didn’t respond immediately, but secretly perceived it with his strength and the talent he had mastered.

After a long time, the strange sight in his eyes disappeared, he took a deep breath, and sighed: “Shenhunzong is so generous.”

“There are two more?” Yin Corpse King asked tentatively.

Ming Dunkun nodded, hesitated for a while, then opened his mouth and muttered something towards Qianniaojie.

The Infernal King didn’t even hear his grunt clearly.

However, in the inner world of Chidori Realm, the existences like Chairman Li, Zhou You, and Junchen all heard the bargaining between him and Taishi.

“Tai Shi, I really admire the methods and layout of your Soul Sect. Fortunately, I know you too well. I refused to enter the Chidiao Realm, so I was not put together by you.”

“Now, you also know that I want to leave with all my heart, no one can stop me, right?”

“Then girl, leave it to me? I will leave the Annihilation Starfield right now. Moreover, I promise that there will be no more calculations, and I will not attack anyone else.”

“Everyone, let’s pretend that we have never met before, so how about ending this?”


Ming Dunkun spoke to the owner of the huge bronze coffin in a negotiating tone.


The melodious sound of Taishi resounded in the sea of ​​stars outside the boundary.

A group of blue-black rays of light turned into a strange flower, wrapped in Lin Zhuyun who fell to the ground and was ignored by no one, and directly broke through the boundary wall of Chiniao Realm.


A blue-black faint light shines in the sea of ​​stars outside, spanning layers of space.

Not long after, the green and black light wrapped Lin Zhuyun, sent it to the island where Ming Chaokun was, and landed at his feet.

Lin Zhuyun, who had passed out, was filled with flesh and blood by the tiny cold crystals.

The emaciated Ming Chaokun lowered his head, looked at her, and put her on the recliner, then turned to Qiandiaojie, grinned, and bowed his hands: “Thank you, thank you, I won’t disturb you.” Let’s meet again some other day.”

As soon as the sound fell, the huge meteorite left without a sound.

Not too long…


The “Nest of Death” wrapped in the “Fortress of Destruction”, with many creatures, also broke through the boundary wall of Chidori Realm and appeared in the galaxy.

At this moment, Ming Chaokun and Yu Yuan in the fortress had a reaction almost at the same time.

Yu Yuan changed the direction and stared at another star river across the Chidori Realm. In fact, he couldn’t see anything, but the dragon-slaying platform in his hand made him shorten the space distance and let him Perceived, Ming Chaokun’s gaze on him.

Yu Yuan smiled dumbly, and shook his head with a strange expression.

“What are you laughing at?” Chen Qinghuang’s face under the pearl curtain was covered again, “Ming Chaokun, I won’t dare to do anything to you in the Annihilation Starfield.”

“No, what I’m laughing at is that his attention to me is not what it used to be. When I was in Chidori Realm and in the Annihilation Star Field, I always had the feeling of being secretly watched and silently watched from time to time. “Yu Yuan thought for a while, and explained: “I always thought it was this giant starry sky beast. Now I know, maybe it’s not him, but Taishi.”

“Taishi, the moment I set foot in the Starfield of Annihilation, she was watching me and observing my actions.”

Yu Yuan said in a sleepy voice.

Deep in my heart, many thoughts also emerged one after another, the huge virtual soul that is rooted in the main soul, and wants to wake up.

Taishi’s words, the attitude of Tianzang and the others, Yu Yiyi’s piety, and the feeling that they fit more and more together when they started with Dragon Zhantai…

Hoo! Hoo hoo!

A gigantic **** statue suddenly emerged from the depths of the cold and dark galaxy.

In the fortress, all the powerful alien races, as well as many practitioners like copper old money, Qi Yunhong, and Wen Lu, all screamed when they saw the statue.

Because, many of them have seen this statue in the Forbidden Moonfall.

Yu Yuan himself was taken aback, “It is it!”

After escaping into the Milky Way, the evil **** statue, which has grown in size many times, came from the direction of the fortress, and it seemed that it went straight to Chidori Realm.

When others looked at the statue, the statue didn’t freeze at all, and continued to soar through the galaxy.

However, when Yu Yuan noticed it, it seemed that it also discovered Yu Yuan who was in the crowd in the fortress.

The statue of the evil **** stopped for a while because of this.

Its ferocious and terrifying side, which is extremely evil and evil, has been reversed in an instant, becoming a kind and friendly side.

The evil **** statue on this side has two hands. It faces the direction of the fortress, while smiling, while shaking its arms slightly, it greets friends from afar.

The next moment, this evil statue with two faces flew towards Chidori Realm again.

Gathering in the fortress, strong men from various races, as well as people like Hu Caiyun, Ghost King Qianjie, and Luo Yue, all looked at Yu Yuan blankly with puzzled expressions.

“That’s another divine king of the Soul Sect.”

Beru of Star Clan hesitated for a long time before uttering such a sentence.

“God King!”

“The second **** king!”

“Whether it is Taishi or it, why do you attach so much importance to Yu Yuan?”

Everyone in the “Fortress of Destruction” felt great surprise and suspicion in their hearts, and they were all thinking, what makes Yu Yuan able to gain the unreserved trust of the Soul Sect from the beginning to the end?

Those who are as clear-minded as Beru, Mia, and Hu Caiyun feel that Taishi did not attack Chen Qinghuang, and allowing Chen Qinghuang to pick up and lead everyone to leave the Thousand Bird Realm together is also for Yu Yuan face.

But Yu Yuan, why does he have a bigger face than the sky?

Because in his previous life, Hong Qi of the God of Medicine Sect was a god-level pharmacist?

When the Divine Soul Sect shook the heavens slightly and made all the clans in the starry sky tremble, there was no such sect as the Divine Medicine Sect, right? It is impossible for a **** king like Taishi to get to know Hong Qi in the new era?

Everyone is puzzled.

“Shenhunzong, what do you rely on?”

Madam Peach Blossom couldn’t bear it any longer, she stared at Yu Yuan left and right, as if she wanted to penetrate his eyebrows, enter the small world of his sea of ​​consciousness and find out the hidden truth.


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