Invincible Powers Chapter 1259: Fight back


 When the heaven and earth first opened, there were giant beasts in the starry sky gestating and forming together with the sun, moon and stars, naturally imprinting the mystery of the great road.

 The starry sky beast is the earliest known species of life.

 Following on, all living beings and alien beasts in the outer world have a blood connection with the starry sky beast.

 Hark Elf Tribe, Light Tribe, Banshees, many powerful ethnic groups, and most of them are somewhat involved with the giant beasts that once soared across the galaxy.

 Just like the mighty Titan Spinosaurus, he created the Titan Spirit in the outer galaxy, and when he was seriously injured and dying, he secretly sneaked into the vast world of Annihilation and created another giant dragon.

 Just like this, every adult starry sky beast has a natural bloodline overpowering the tyrannical creatures of flesh and blood.

 Unless one is like the Great Demon God Gleik, with a bloodline reaching level ten, one can ignore the influence of the giant beast in the starry sky.

 The masses of blood souls in the “Blood Prison” of the Demon Sword come from the seven previous masters of the Demon Sword, and are formed from the purest blood essence and soul.

 Those who once wielded the demon sword were either great demons from the Demon Palace, or those from the Demon Palace or the Ancient Desolate Sect who were also good at beating flesh and blood.

 Otherwise, he may be a strong man from the outside world who is as brave and good at fighting as Shura.

 Without exception, they all have great energy and blood, and their physical combat prowess is astonishing.

 They will naturally be penetrated by the power of the starry sky beast. Under the secret actions of the Void Spirit Charm, seven huge groups of blood souls are each injected with a ray of soul thought of the Void Spirit Charm.

 As a result, there were seven bright red butterflies, plus countless tiny butterflies, flying inside Yu Yuan’s body.

 The **** butterflies are also arranged in a manner similar to blood refining according to the array engraved in the demon knife, forming a terrifying force field that absorbs all the blood essence of Yu Yuan.

 The small world of qi and blood.

 Yu Yuan’s blood-crystal-like body, which is a fusion of the Heavenly Soul and the “Altar of Life”, is floating in the thick blood mist. This novel and unique Yang God has a ray of light that can be vaguely seen in its smooth, mirror-like skin. The bundle of crystal chains is like a blood-colored lightning knot, showing many alternative and mysterious bloodline talents.

 Obviously he is the Yang God of human cultivators, but he gives the impression that he is the most powerful demon!

 His Yang Shen breathed evenly, and two long red mist dragons went in and out of his nostrils.

 Suddenly, hundreds of tiny colorful butterflies flapped their wings and broke into the small world of Qi and blood in his chest.

 Yang Shen, who was undergoing transformation, did not move at all, but the dense blood mist that enveloped him filled the air silently.

 The colorful butterfly was submerged in the dense blood mist, and turned into part of the blood mist after just one encounter.

 And then…

 Thick blood mist, like a cruel beast smelling the smell of blood, flew out from Yu Yuan’s small world of Qi and blood, starting from his heart and seeping into his limbs and bones.

 Wherever the blood mist passed, the colorful butterflies were melted and quickly turned into pieces of blood mist


 Shenque point.

 The colorful butterflies that collided with the Dragon-Slaying Platform were killed by evil spirits all over the sky. After three times, they turned into rain of light.

At this moment, a thick mist of blood suddenly poured in, and following Yu Yuan’s sinister thoughts, the remaining colorful butterflies were submerged one by one.

 All colorful butterflies die!

 The outside world.

Yu Yuan spat out a mouthful of blood, his face flushed, and he held the handle of the demon sword.

 He slowly drew his sword!

 The blade left the flesh and blood in his chest little by little under his gaze.

 The thick blood mist originating from the small world of qi and blood converged on the wound from all sides, as if there were many invisible tailors, quickly sewing up the gaping wound.

 When the demon sword left his body, the damage to his internal organs was even difficult to detect with his mind and body.

 In the depths of a thick mist of blood in the chest area, seven colorful butterflies flapped their wings, gradually changing.

 Transformed into seven groups of blood souls again…

 The Void Spirit Charm in the blood soul was cleared away, and the blood soul, which had regained its spiritual awareness slightly, trembled and silently prayed for his forgiveness.

 Blood Soul knows his mystery and what kind of terrifying power is buried in his body.

 I also saw what would happen after that kind of power exploded in the Deep Dark Star Territory.

 The reason why the Seven Blood Souls became well-behaved and docile is that they knew that Yu Yuan had the most powerful combat power in his first life and did not want to provoke Yu Yuan anymore.

 “Okay, it has nothing to do with you.”

Yu Yuan snorted and secretly applied his determination. The thick blood mist that escaped from the small world of Qi and Blood quietly returned and once again wrapped his Yang Shen, protecting it well.

 Whoosh! Whizzing!

 Seven groups of obviously shrunk blood souls flew into the demon sword, and the light of the “blood prison” seemed much dimmer.

 It is dim because there is a lot of blood-colored light that has been swallowed up and refined by the blood mist.

 The demon knife was quickly thrown into another acupuncture point in Yu Yuan’s body. He sealed it secretly, and then carefully checked the situation inside the body and found that all the colorful butterflies had been cleared away.

 Including those who entered the Shenque Cave and rushed towards the Dragon Slaying Platform crazily.

 ”The blood mist surrounding Yangshen is so magical and has such power. The scattered power of the void spirit charm, the colorful butterfly that penetrates the condensed blood soul, can also be eliminated and dissolved in an instant.”

Yu Yuan was greatly surprised.

  He had a hunch that once his transforming Yang Shen was successfully cast and able to leave the body and join the battle, it would definitely give him a big surprise.

 With the body of the Yang God in charge of the demon sword “Blood Prison”, I am afraid it can kill all directions, and it will be invincible.


 The cave where Concubine Han and Yan Ziyang were hiding suddenly collapsed and shattered. Pieces of white ice rock smashed Yan Li in the Demon Palace dizzy.

  Even the ice meteorite suddenly disintegrated and completely exploded.


 The black-oil bull suddenly plunged into the icy river amid the raging black demonic fire, with its drop of tender green blood.

 This dark evil bull from the Demon Palace is sane and has not been bewitched by the spirit of the void, nor has it been affected by Her Majesty’s evil thoughts.

 He just instinctively wanted to swallow that drop of blood and take it for himself.


 Old Demon sneered, a skinny ice hand reached into the cold river, grabbed the cold veins, and pulled it out.

 The cold veins suddenly condensed into a long silver-white chain, crackling on the body of the black-oiled bull.

 With each stroke of the whip, the Black Oil Barbarian Bull’s demonic body froze, large swaths of black demonic fire were extinguished, and even the black oil secreted from his body gradually solidified and froze.

 The broken meteorites and numerous ice rocks fell like a rain of meteorites following the movements of the old devil.

 Falling into the demonic body of the black-oiled bull, it smashed into the huge colorful demonic fish, making it impossible for the two ninth-level demons of the Demon Palace to do anything.

 There are also many ice edges, ice rays and gravel, piercing through the eighth-level Golden Rock Beast, Dark Flame Beast and Sky Star Beast.


 Concubine Han, who looked like an ice goddess, hugged the sleeping Queen with a pair of cold arms.

Hold on her chest, Concubine Han looked at Yu Yuan with her cold eyes, waiting for Yu Yuan’s instructions.

 “Well done, you protected her and stayed away from the herd.”

Yu Yuan breathed a sigh of relief, smiled, nodded and said.

 “Thank you for the compliment, master.”

  There seemed to be a rare smile on Concubine Han’s lips. She hugged Her Majesty the Queen and left from the group of shattered meteorites. She didn’t care that the old demon was using his own power to stop Yanli and Black Oil Manniu. .

 ”Master, break down the secret door! The power of the void spirit infiltrates from the secret door!”

 At the other end, Yu Yiyi did not even use the Demonic Cauldron, but isolated Jin Li thousands of feet in front of Yan Qiling.

 She frequently looked back, looking at the gorgeous secret door formed by the black and white chess pieces, and reminded Yu Yuan.

Yu Yuan took advantage of the situation and glanced at the secret door, his mind was immediately filled with illusions.


 After a moment of excitement, Yu Yuan regained consciousness and held the scabbard of the Sky Sword with both hands.

 In the evil demon cauldron, thousands of evil demons settled in his opened acupoints due to the movement of his heart and soul, roaring in the small world where the “essence of Yin Kui” existed.

 Yu Yuan’s body of flesh and blood suddenly became eerie and terrifying, as if there were hundreds of millions of ghosts cooperating with him and screaming strangely.

 “Nine slashes to the sky, destroy the spirit!”



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