Invincible Hero of Necromancer Chapter 2676: Fighting at the booth



Ji Jia wiped the weapon, grasping the very light but unusually sharp battle axe in her hand.


The battle is about to begin, and she and the seriously wounded Warg Voss will face the group of high-ranking wingmen warriors.


In order to unleash Ji Jia’s full power and make the winged warriors more favored by nearby flying creatures, the winged man elemental envoy once asked Ji Jia and said that he could give her the most needed thing, so Ji Jia wanted to come there. Tomahawk.


Ji Jia doesn’t like Wingmen’s weapons. Their weapons are light and fluttering, and they don’t have the power to kill the enemy at all. She prefers tomahawks that are very heavy and have to be swung with all their strength.


“The Arrival of Heaven”


The cage outside the booth was opened. At her feet, the bruised Voss stood up and wanted to fight with her. Ji Jia just patted Voss on the back. .


Stepping into the ring booth, the winged warriors are already lined up. In Ji Jia’s field of vision, dozens of high-level winged warriors formed a phalanx on the ground, holding bright scimitars.


Some winged warriors with a lot of fleshy skin can glide in the air just by puffing up the fleshy skin around their bodies and matching their already light bones. Unfortunately, not all winged warriors can have this ability. More winged warriors can only meet the enemy on the ground.


A strong threat spreads in Ji Jia’s heart. According to the formation of the winged warriors, if they try their best to cooperate, I am afraid that even the Beamon behemoth will end up with hatred. Ji Jia must find a way to find the The breakthrough of the battle.


With the arrival of Ji Jia, the flying creatures nearby also cheered loudly. Ji Jia could see their beaks that were opened in excitement, as well as the bodies of the elementals that were flying up and down, impatient to wait. .


Ji Jia swung her battle axe with a look of disdain on her face. These flying creatures, apart from having more wings that facilitated flight, didn’t look as good as the barbarians she remembered. No matter what kind of creature it is, there is a passion for fighting in its bones.


“For the grace of the air elemental monarch, the battle begins!”


Outside the arena, the wingman elementalist announced loudly that it would not join the battle, it was a stage for warriors.


Following its order, the winged warriors in the air took the lead. They clamped their spears under their ribs and rushed towards Ji Jia from the air. For a time, Ji Jia was surrounded by sharp spear blades.


Ji Jia ignored those attacks and rushed towards the square formation on the ground.


The flesh on the winged man’s body is not comparable to real wings. If a real angel is here, I am afraid that it will only take one round of thrusting. Even if Ji Jia is not dead, he will be seriously injured. The speed of coming out is extremely limited, and Ji Jia easily found the flaw, they can only stab the afterimage left by Ji Jia.


“Be careful!”


The winged warriors who formed a phalanx felt the speed of Ji Jia’s explosion, and couldn’t help but reminded loudly, and in the next moment, Ji Jia’s face had appeared in front of them.


The battle axe swept across, bringing with it a **** storm. Occasionally, there was the sound of the collision of weapons, and it all ended with the weapons of the winged warriors shattering. Ji Jia rushed into the flock like a tiger, and instantly broke through the winged men who were trying to close the encirclement. Array, every time the battle axe swept, it will inevitably take the life of a soldier.


The power belonging to the legendary barbarian erupted most vividly in Ji Jia. In the face of these winged warriors whose strength and physique were far inferior to her own, Ji Jia would not be soft-hearted. Even if she was attacked in multiple directions, she would not retreat. Instead, choose an attack that takes less damage.


Just when the nearby flying creatures failed to react, they only saw scarlet red, and there were not a dozen wingmen warriors who could still stand. Green creatures disintegrate. Only a few large birds with amazing dynamic vision can see what is going on in the field.


Ji Jia was also injured, especially at the back. The winged warrior’s machete left several bloodstains on her back. The most serious one was the left shoulder that was pierced by the spear thrown from the air.


Ji Jia prioritizes dealing with the enemies on the ground, precisely to avoid the dilemma of being pinched. She has only one person, but those enemies are dozens of times her number. She only suffered so many injuries. In addition to Ji Jia’s good luck, she also It was related to the fact that many flying wingmen were stunned by the tragic battle in front of them, and the tragic death of their companions made them unable to move.


However, these trained winged warriors reacted quickly. If they failed to kill Ji Jia, they would be killed by then, and they quickly organized a counterattack.


With a crisp sound, the battle axe in Ji Jia’s hand shattered. The light battle axe was not durable. The blade of the axe was embedded in the chest of a winged warrior, but it shattered into several This also prevented Ji Jia from hacking the enemy in front of him.


Facing the flying warriors attacking from behind and the spear that stabbed at him, Ji Jia simply grabbed the hand of the winged warrior and swung the already light-boned winged human as a special weapon , smashed hard at the flying warriors behind.


After smashing down several flying fighters, Ji Jia only felt light in her hand. The winged fighter she was talking about now had only one arm left, so she simply threw it aside and picked up another Without taking advantage of the machete, he continued to fight with the remaining flying warriors.


When she was on the rise, Ji Jia exerted force on her feet. Amid the exclamations of the birds, her figure shot up to the sky. Relying on the light gravity of the upper level of the air element plane, she had no wings, nor those Flesh skin, but still able to glide in the air, even more agile than those winged people.


The birds watching nearby, who had never seen such a situation, exclaimed in surprise, shocked by the unique battle in front of them, and even the winged elementalists opened their mouths wide, unable to believe that their warriors were like this slaughtered.


The few flying warriors who were shot down by Ji Jia, but were lucky enough to survive, were also bitten by the timely arrival of Voss. This is the only place where the wounded Warg can help Ji Jia. Looking at Ji Jia, a long and loud wolf howl came out of his mouth.


When the last flying wingman was also shot down from the air by Ji Jia, the entire ring booth was silent. After a short silence, the flying creatures cheered loudly.


In the center of the booth, Ji Jia was covered in blood. The blood was both from the winged warriors and her own. Her green skin was now completely dyed red. The roar of filial piety was only exchanged for louder cheers.


At this moment, the winged man elementalist who originally presided over the battle also re-entered the blood-splattered arena and silently came to Ji Jia.


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